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India’s biggest Free Fire eSports league, the Free Fire India Championship 2020, saw its league stage matches start yesterday. There is a total prize money of ₹50,00,000 up for grabs for the winning teams at the FFIC 2020.

Compared to the the first day, teams on Day 2 showcased a very open style of play and lots of aggression.

Day 2 of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 saw six rounds played between Groups B and C on different maps: BermudaPurgatory and Kalahari. At the day’s end, two teams topped the table: CRX Elite and Sixth Sense on 152 points each. CRX (66 kill points) got two Booyahs, while Sixth Sense finished off with a last-round Booyah to notch 72 kill points, displaying great understanding of the matches and strategically playing the rounds. 

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As we move on in the league stages of the Free Fire India Championship 2020, we will start noticing subtle changes in the players’ playstyles.

Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall Day 2 overall standings

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Here are the overall standings after Day 2 of the Free Fire India Championship 2020’s league stages:


#1 Team CRX Elite- 152 points (33 kills)

#2 Sixth Sence- 152 points (36 kills)

#3 Old Skool- 124 points (24 kills)

#4 Route Changers- 119 points (25 kills)

#5 TheMutantzz- 111 points (24 kills)

#6 Soar Silently- 95 points (21 kills)

#7 Team Lava- 94 points (20 kills)

#8 UG Empire- 70 points (8 kills)

#9 Team KS- 64 points (17 kills)

#10 United Nepal- 57 points (9 kills)

#11 IncomeTax- 40 points (12 kills)

#12 The Doctors- 22 points (7 kills)

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Published 10 Sep 2020, 21:53 IST

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