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Rocket League. Football, with cars. It’s a game people can’t stop playing, but it’s also a game a lot of people suck at. So here are some beginner’s tips which might help you suck a little less.

They key to getting better at Rocket League (at least until you get real good, and can master walls and flying) is to realise that, yes, even though there are cars, this is still at its heart a game of football. The Beautiful Game. If you know the fundamentals of actual football, you’ll be in a better position to master the fundamentals of Rocket League, because they’re often the same.

Do The Tutorial

In this day and age, game tutorials are usually a lot more trouble than they’re worth. While skipping through the basics may sound really appealing, I highly recommend you give the training tutorial for Rocket League a serious go. Follow this up with goalie, striker and aerial training.

Learn Your Controls

Mind the phrasing. Veterans of Rocket League have often lamented on becoming too comfortable with the game’s default controls. If you want to really “git gud” at Rocket League, I would suggest doing some research on how to remap your controller for best results. The earlier you do this, the less problems you’ll have when you have to learn to do a barrel roll and boost your car at the same time.

Work Those Camera Angles

While playing Rocket League, try toggling the camera angles to see what feels best for you. While most beginners find the ball camera to be most comfortable, once you up the ante in Rocket League and start pitting against more serious players, adjusting your camera settings will definitely give you an upper hand.

Watch The Ball, Don’t Chase The Ball

One of the things that makes this such a bonkers game is the size and speed of the ball. The way it floats makes keeping track of the ball (and controlling it) difficult, but it’s never harder than when you’re in close quarters with other cars trying to get a touch. One thing I’ve noticed is that 90% of players are driving around in the ball’s shadow, which is a fruitless pursuit; the smarter thing to do is to pull back (or pause) and see where the ball is actually going to land, then make sure your car is in the right position to get it when it does. Kinda like dogfighting in a plane/space game.

Boost Management

Managing your boost throughout the game is very important. You want to become very familiar with where all the small boost pads are that give you 12% boost. You can quickly get up to a very useable amount just by driving in the right area. Plus, going for the large 100% boosts in the corner or middle can sometimes put you out of position compared to just grabbing a few small ones and having less boost but being in the right spot at the right time for a pass or clear. At lower levels, it seems like everyone needs to go for the big boosts and I would recommend breaking that habit as soon as possible and learn how to still be effective with low boost and picking up the smaller boosts that are available.

I’ve seen many goals be scored because the defender goes out of their way to grab the corner boost leaving a wide open net and an easy shot. Their typical response is they needed boost. However, if they would have just waited, even with no boost, they would have made the person shooting the ball have to actually aim instead of getting a free open net. Also, with no boost you can still jump and flip, so you can still get in the way and get a save without any boost. Just be mindful not to chase boost to put you out of position.

Know Your Role

As The Rock would say, know your role. If your starting position is all the way in the back, don’t rush for the ball. Instead, take on the role of defense and help guard the goal. If your starting position is closer to the ball, try to initiate the kick-off and help drive that baby home.

Oh, and make sure you know which goal is yours because you can absolutely make scores against your own team.

Play Against Bots

Rocket League physics are nonsensical at best so before throwing yourself to the wolves of online multiplayer, give yourself a chance to get a solid handle on gameplay. Implement these tips and tricks into your play style. Play against bots and give yourself opportunities to find workarounds that work for you. Once you’re comfortable going 3v3 with some bots, test your newfound skills online.

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