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Updated 9/14/2020 at 2:01 PM

Free fire is the game of the moment on mobiles. The developer Garena, therefore, has plans to take advantage of this popular with microtractions, specifically the sale of diamonds (the currency of the Battle Royale).

Fortunately, and since not everything in life is about money, the players of Free fire They have three ways to acquire these diamonds without the need to open your wallet. Attention with what we are about to tell you.

The easiest way is to redeem codes at Free fire. You must make sure they are legitimate and then access the official Garena page to make the exchange. You can get outfits, extra gear, and diamonds.

Another alternative in Free fire is fulfilling missions. When you finish one of the challenges imposed by the game, you will get a pack of diamonds. Keep in mind that not all missions offer this award, so you will have to differentiate them.

Finally, the diamonds of Free fire they can be obtained through Gamehag, a portal where players can obtain « Soul Gems » by completing various tasks. Once we have the power, you can exchange the investment for money that will accumulate in the Google account and thus buy the diamonds directly in the store.

FREE FIRE | Upgrade

Waiting for new material from Free fire? The Battle Royale developed by Garena has everything scheduled for the launch of OB24, the update that will bring elements inspired by Halloween. We tell you everything that this patch will offer for the fun of thousands.

Updating Free fire It will arrive on September 23, and will be available for the Google Play Store and Apple Store platforms. Please note that the servers will not be available to players for a few hours.

Together with OB24, Free fire will offer the Gold Royale and the LCPD Special Diamond Royale will be replaced by a new skin pack. It is estimated that the weight of the update will be around 600MB, so it will require around 800MB of free storage space.


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