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The popularity curve of Garena Free Fire has witnessed a gradual rise over the years, courtesy to the frequent updates and new features introduced by the developers. This game offers a plethora of attractive outfits and skins, and one of the best ways to obtain them is via the Elite Pass. 

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With every new season of the Elite Pass, new outfits and skins are added in Garena Free Fire. Season 28 of the Elite Pass is about to end, and the Free Fire Season 29 The Anubis Legends II Elite Pass is around the corner.

Players will have to complete missions — Daily, Veteran, and Elite — each of which will reward them with a specific number of badges. They will be able to claim these rewards once they reach the required number of badges.

The developers have also officially revealed several rewards and outfits.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 29: All revealed rewards

  • Pan Anubis Legend II (Unlocks at 10 badges)
  • Royal’s Ride (Unlocks at 15 badges)
  • The Relic Monarch Bundle (Unlocks at 50 badges)
  • G18 Anubis Legend II (Unlocks at 80 badges)
  • Pharaoh’ Ride (Unlocks at 100 badges)
  • Grenade Anubis Legend II (Unlocks at 125 badges)
  • Pharaoh Hound Loot Crate (Unlocks at 150 badges)
  • Anubis Legend II Backpack (Unlocks at 200 badges)
  • Cursed Serpent Backpack (Unlocks at 200 badges)
  • The Relic Guardian Bundle (Unlocks at 225 badges)

Users can watch the video given below to get a look at the rewards:


[embedded content]

Like always, players will be able to upgrade to the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds and Elite Bundle for 999 diamonds. They can also avail the opportunity of pre-ordering the pass for 999 diamonds to get the exclusive Pharaoh Cat loot crate. 

Gamers can follow the steps given below to pre-order the pass.

Step 1: Click on the Elite Pass icon.

Step 2: Press on the pre-order icon and click on the pre-order button.

Step 3: Click the purchase button.

The players can also use the subscription option to get the pre-order reward.

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Published 30 Sep 2020, 16:29 IST

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