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Fortnite Player Creates Rocket League in Fortnite
Fortnite Player Creates Rocket League in Fortnite | Epic Games

A creative Fortnite player has recreated Rocket League within Fortnite. A Reddit user named ADeliciousN030B uploaded a clip Friday on the Fortnite Reddit page that has accrued over 1,000 upvotes. In the video, the Rocket League ball has been replaced with the massive tennis ball from Ant Manor, and the player then created an arena.

The Reddit user posted the clip with the title, “After finding out about the movable tennis balls, I knew I had to make scuffed Rocket League… had nobody to play against tho :(.” In the clip, you can see another car in the self-made area, but nobody is piloting it. This seems like a really fun game that has a lot of potential if you can get a friend to play around with.

Although the post was somewhat sad by the creator of the Rocket League minigame having nobody to play with, there are tons of comments on the Reddit post assuring the poster that they would play with them. I suggest you try this with your friends, as it seems like a great time to queue up for a game of Fornite, and then ignore killing each other to play some good ol’ fashioned Rocket League.

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