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How much HP does Wolverine have in Fortnite
How much HP does Wolverine have in Fortnite | Epic Games

How much HP Wolverine has in Fortnite may make it difficult for some Epic Games players to take him down.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 saw the debut of several fan-favorite Marvel heroes from the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk to Thor and Wolverine. The update to v.14.10 allowed players to take on these characters in combat and, upon defeat, claim their abilities to use against other players. Wolverine is one such spawn—located primarily in the Weeping Woods upon update v.14.20

Wolverine has a total of 600 hit points, according to several players. Unfortunately, there is no concrete data to confirm or deny this theory. Epic Games has yet to release any stats for their newly dropped heroes.

Players can find Wolverine in the Weeping Woods. He has free roam of the place, so those seeking him out should be wary of exactly who is hunting who.

In combat, Wolverine specializes in close combat attacks. His claws can deal intense damage if players allow him to get within range. The best strategy would be to keep him at a distance and dodge his lunges when necessary.

His famous adamantium claws can be picked up after his defeat, allowing victorious players access to some of these melee abilities.

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