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It’s Fortnitemares season in Fortnite, time to let a spooky purple pall fall over the island and go about the business of fighting to the death in a creepier fashion. We’ve got the usual suite of new skins and decorations, but also a few new items to go along with our challenges: one of the most interesting is a new item, the Witch Broom, which you can use to blast around the island with surprising speed. It’s also one of the challenges, so you’ll need to know where to find it: luckily, we’re here to help.

Witch Brooms are found in barrels at Witch’s shacks, not unlike how fishing poles are also found in barrels. They’re mythic rarity and fun to play with, but not all that common. Here’s where you’ll want to look for a Witch’s shack: they’re peaked little huts that sort of look like how I imagine Baba Yaga, but with no chicken legs. If that…helps.

So go to one of those locations and hope nobody else is there before you, because there aren’t necessarily going to be enough brooms to go around. Once you activate a broom, it shoots you up the air and then you ride it like a rideable glider with some more propulsion behind it. The challenge here is that it constantly loses altitude, so the trick to travelling 100 uninterrupted meters is going to find some place high with a steep enough drop off that you’ll be able to go a good long distance before hitting the ground. I’m actually not sure if you can do this in increments, because I did it all in one shot.

Not the trickiest challenge out there, but it can be if you don’t know where to find a Witch Broom. Once you’ve got one, however, they’re a lot of fun to mess around with, and can move you around the map very quickly so long as you’re good about your angles and don’t whonk into the ground in a few seconds. Not that I’ve ever done that. check back for more challenges tomorrow, one of which will likely send you back to these shacks.

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