Red Dead Online has a new Halloween Outlaw Pass and zombie game mode

As it was leaked, so it shall come to pass. Red Dead Online has been updated with a Halloween-themed Outlaw Pass. The new Outlaw Pass has 20 ranks to climb with unlockable rewards and will run through November 16th. A new zombie game mode has been added as well and—wait, hold on. No, it isn’t a follow up to Undead Nightmare, the well-liked zombie expansion for the original Red Dead Redemption.

You can catch some of the rewards from the Outlaw Pass in the new trailer below. As ever, there are clothing items and other cosmetic effects. There’s a spooky knife, spooky eye bandages, and so on. Unlike past Outlaw Passes, the Halloween Pass is just 20 ranks, meaning you should have plenty of time to get through them before mid-November. It costs 15 gold bars, RDO’s premium currency.

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There are been some other free updates to the game for Halloween as well. Two new legendary animals, the Nightwalker Panther and Ghost Panther, have been added for you to track down. Collector role merchant Madam Nazar is selling Halloween masks this week too. You can catch the rest of the update details and store discounts in Rockstar’s post.

A new Dead Of Night game mode has been added, a PvPvE survival mode between four teams of players and a bunch of zombified locals. It sounds alright as game modes go, though I suspect plenty of folks were hoping for some surprise Undead Nightmare reveal and yeah, it ain’t that.

The Halloween Pass is available now and runs through Monday, November 16th.

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