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Epic Games are working on some exciting new additions coming to Fortnite, including a Slurp Bazooka!

Epic working on a Slurp Bazooka

Hypex have revealed that “Epic are working on a Slurp Bazooka”.

They didn’t share any further details on the item, but we can make an educated guess on how it would work.

fortnite slurp bazooka leak

It is likely that a Slurp Bazooka would function in a similar way to the current Bandage Bazooka.

This would mean it takes up two inventory slots, allowing players to shoot themselves and teammates, and having a rechargeable number of uses.

The fact that the name mentions “Slurp” rather than “Shield” suggests that the Bazooka will heal for both white health and shield depending on a player’s effective HP.

The big question is how much HP will each usage grant? Could it provide a 15 HP boost like the Bandage Bazooka? Regardless, this has the potential to be an incredibly overpowered bit of kit.

New unreleased Fire Extinguisher item

There is also an unreleased Fire Extinguisher item which intercelluar say is “coming soon”.

fortnite fire extinguisher leak

It will supposedly use its own “CO2” ammo type and work a bit like a Gas Can.

With Firefly Jars and Gas Can explosions regularly settings your wooden builds alight in Season Four, a Fire Extinguisher could certainly come in handy.

However, unless it also doubles up as a weapon, it doesn’t seem like something that many players would want to sacrifice an inventory slot to carry.

Potential Snowman NPC

Finally, Hypex mentioned that we may see a “Snowman NPC” introduced later in the year.

fortnite chapter two season four 1

This character would grant you quests, have conversations and possibly explode and/or spawn loot.

This Snowman NPC probably won’t arrive until closer to the holidays, but with two more content updates still scheduled for Season 4, we could well see something new before then.

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