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This coming October 31, Epic Games and J Balvin together will give a concert to celebrate the date. Of horror!

Halloween, Fortnite y concierto de J Balvin, excelente combinación(INSTAGRAM)

J Balvin shows that Latinos do not stop, and are at the level of any other international celebrity, because, he will be the first Latin American to give a concert within the iconic Batlle royal video game “Fortnite”.

This was announced by the developer of the popular video game, Epic Games; The Colombian will lead the virtual Halloween party that will be held on October 31, at 7:00 pm, Central Mexico time, on the occasion of the event “Fortnitemares 2020: La Venganza de Midas”, which began from last October 21.

“He arrived a few hundred years before the party. All Party Trooper owners who attend the Afterlife Party on Friday October 31st will unlock the exclusive J Balvin style, ”reads the message posted from the company’s official Twitter account.

The presentation of the now winner of four Latin Grammy Awards will be broadcast in the same way on “Houseparty”, the social network of the video game company, in addition, Balvin will have as a guest the also Panamanian producer: Sech, to sing the new single “La luz “.

The concert will take place, where the other concerts that have been seen within the game have been held previously, that is, in the “Fortnite Fiesta Campal” mode, the game’s non-combat social space in which players they can get together with their friends to watch concerts, movies or just have a good time without having to fight to get to the top spot.

“Fortnitemares” will be the show that leads this year’s event, an annual celebration within the game that began this past Wednesday within the popular game and that will bring, as announced by the company Epic Games in its statement, a “new gameplay, challenges and in-game rewards. ”


For his part, the greatest exponent of reggaeton has made a statement showing himself very excited and grateful for the opportunity to appear in a concert that will be broadcast internationally.

“I’m always looking for innovative ways to connect with fans who have incredibly supported my career and music, as well as gain exposure with future fans,” Balvin said, continuing to say, “Partnering with Fortnite is an out-of-this-world way to to perform in concert in 2020 “, showing his happiness about it.

But, some people have no idea how these events happen, so we explain in detail below: J Balvin and Epic Games will bring this show to life using innovative XR (cross reality) technology with LED walls and tracking cameras.

So fans, both the video game and the singer, will not want to miss this unique presentation on the big screen of “Fiesta Campal”, where J Balvin will perform, for the first time, in a completely virtual world created exclusively for this event.

So yes, the event promises to have a high epic level, both with the celebration and the other activities involved, as well as with the concert that the Colombian will give.

This modality of virtual events is due to the global health contingency, since it totally prohibits people from gathering together and in this way, thousands and thousands of people can be present at a concert.

And, the costumes and sweets will have to stay at home, since avoiding crowds and an increase in infections is one of the main strategies to cope with the current health situation.

Although, it is necessary to mention that, once the concert is over, users will be able to see the event on November 1, at 11 am and later at 4:00 pm, in the same way at CDMX hours.

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