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Seeds are codes that Minecraft players can enter when creating worlds to generate specific world types of their liking. Each seed is different from the other, and each has its own unique appearance.

Players should be careful when entering seeds in Minecraft. Even a single number or letter entered wrongly can change the whole entire world generation. Players should be attentive when entering Minecraft seeds.

Players can make up seeds of their own, or they can locate a seed with specific features in it such as: Netherite, Ice biomes, Ravines, nearby broken portals, etc. Players can even use the Minecraft Java free trial seed code “North Carolina.”

Players can enter seeds to generate worlds with huge ravines. Ravines have a lot of loot that players will find resourceful later in the game. Ravines can include rare items such as diamonds, emeralds, and flint.

Players should be careful when dropping into a ravine though. Ravines are really long and deep trenches, and if the player is not paying attention when dropping into one, they will die and lose all of their items.

In this article, players can find the top five seeds for generating ravines in Minecraft 2021!

Top 5 ravine seeds for Minecraft (Java)

Savanna Ravine

Seed: 97016321


(Image via MinecraftseedHQ)Minecraft. Players can enter this village to gather materials to loot the ravine.

Directly under the savanna village, players will spot a ravine that is around 60 – 70 blocks deep. Players can find loot like diamonds, gold, and even a mineshaft full of chests.

Blacksmith Ravine

Seed: 105899026

(Image via Minecraftseeds)


Seed: -934547900

(Image via Reddit) seed will spawn with a ravine right behind them. Players should be careful when first spawning, because if they back up too far or not pay attention, they can fall into it.

Inside the ravine, players will find multiple waterfalls, gold, and maybe even some diamonds at the bottom. Players will also find plenty of coal around the area as well.

Woodland Mansion

Seed: 113560767

(Image via Minecraftseedhq)Minecraft world, and players can find a lot of useful loot inside.

These mansions are full of evokers which drop the totems of undying. On top of that, there is a ravine running right next to this woodland mansion. Players can go straight from the mansion into this ravine already equipped with loot from the mansion.

Desert Ravines

Seed: -7255571058704538969


(Image via reddit) Published 04 May 2021, 02:20 IST

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