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The most-played game Garena Free Fire has gained many players every week to create a big family of gamers. We have shared many details of the player in our previous articles and through this one, we are again going to tell about one more amazing player of the game. Well, many people have heard about Aghori Gaming on Youtube and many social media sites. He is also known for his name SRV Aghori, which is a popular name in Free Fire gaming. Along with this, he is a leader of the famous team SURVIVORS guild. Mainly, the gamer creates videos related to their gameplay and posts on their Youtube channel.

Aghori Gaming Free Fire ID

As per the recent sources, the player regularly uploading their content videos related to the Battle Royale title, and also, they just boast 463K subscribers in the last few days. Well, we have many things about the player to share with you so, keep reading this article and get to know that where you can check all the important details of the player like Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly-Yearly Earnings, and many more things.

Free Fire ID of Aghori Gaming

Many new players want to play such popular players but it is not easy for everyone because they always play with some known people and their friends but sometimes they play randomly and get connected with known people around the world. If you are lucky one so, also get a chance to play with such a popular player. Here is a Free Fire ID of the player:- 46454168.

Lifetime Stats

The content creator has appeared in the 8667 squad matches where he won just 2102 matches and took the lead of winning % of 24.25%. He has killed 20997 enemies and going to close 21000 kills. He has reached a K/D ratio of 3.20.

On the other side, the player has also played 2325 games where he won just 357 matches and reached the winning rate of 15.35%. In these matches, he has killed 5473 frags and maintained his K/D ratio of 2.78.

At the last, Aghori Gaming has won 293 solo matches out of 2593 solo matches and retained its winning rate of 11.29% with kills 6552 enemies and also, maintained its K/D ratio of 2.85.

Ranked Stats

In the ranked season, the gamer has got the victory in 77 squad matches and played a total of 427 matches. He changed his winning rate to 18.03%. In these matches, he has killed 1044 enemies and achieved the K/D ratio of 2.98.

The Youtuber has also played 197 solo matches and stayed unbeaten in 9 matches and changed his winning rate of 4.56%. He has killed 349 opponents and achieved the K/D ratio of 1.86.

Along with this, the player has also seen in 25 solo matches and got the victory in 3 matches with the result of 12.00% winning %. He has a K/D ratio of 3.73 with the killing tag of 82 enemies.

Earning From Youtube

According to the sources, the Free Fire gamer has a monthly earning of between $325 to $5.2K and also, has yearly earnings of between $3.9K to $62.6K.

Youtube Channel & Rank

For the last many days, the content creator is creating gaming videos and also uploading them on his channel for the last two years. We can not say clearly that when the first video of the player was uploaded but the creator has uploaded around 127 videos on his channel and comes on the position of 8266 in India.

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