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Chorus fruit in Minecraft is found inside the end in the game. Players should be prepared before entering the end to obtain these fruits. The end can be hard to access for some players, and it can also be dangerous.

Players can access the end by locating the stronghold and activating the end portal using ender eyes. Players will then need to stand on the portal to enter it. Players will be teleported to the end, where they can also spawn the ender dragon.

Chorus fruit are little purple items that can be obtained by breaking one of the chorus plants in the end cities. Players will need to get to end cities by throwing an ender pearl into one of the mini floating portals around the end.

Chorus plants in Minecraft look like tall purple trees, and breaking these will drop chorus fruit on the ground for players to place into their inventory. Chorus fruit can disappear off the ground if the player does not pick it up in time, so players should grab it before it’s too late!

Chorus fruit can be used for a variety of cool things within the Minecraft world. In this article, players will be informed on what chorus fruit is used for in Minecraft!

Uses for chorus fruit in Minecraft


(Image via bugs.mojang)blocks in any direction when the player eats one. Players should note that they can be teleported in any direction, and not always the one that they wish to go in.

These items can be used as a fast method of transportation if the player is trying to dodge an attack from a mob or dodge a creeper. There is a small chance that these items can teleport the player closer to the creeper, but it’s a risk they have to take.


Consuming these fruits gives players the same effect as the Minecraft enderman mob in the game. This mob can teleport around the player a few blocks at a time, but never too far of a distance. The chorus fruit has the same effect.

Popped Chorus Fruit

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