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If it’s a thing, you want to collect it. This is the basic philosophy underpinning my experience with Fortnite, and why I have a massive locker stacked with dozens of skins and styles that I will, if I’m being honest, never use. It also underpins my career and life, but we don’t need to get into that now. The point is: there are alien artifacts in Fortnite season 7, and they definitely qualify as things. It’s a new currency for this season, which you use to upgrade the Kymera skin. But that’s besides the point: the point is that they are things, and we are here to collect them. Let’s take a look at the locations for Season 7, Week 2.

Each new week seems to bring 5 artifacts with it. So let’s take a look at what we’ve got this week:

These are all pretty easy to spot, particularly because they sort of hang in the air and collect as soon as you walk through them. So head to the locations marked on the map and pick them up so you can get to further customizing your Kymera skin, making your perfect weird alien thing to keep with you for the rest of this season and into eternity, keeping you warm on cold nights.

These are dropping every week, again, so it’s a fun little ritual to make sure you’re up to speed as you rank up the rest of your battle pass, keeping current and working your way ever upwards. So far it’s been a good season, and general sentiment seems to agree: there have been some missed opportunities in the past, but most people seem pretty well on board with what Epic has been doing in recent days.

That’s all for now, but there’s plenty more coming. Check back for guides and analysis as we move forward.

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