‘Fortnite’ Graffiti-Covered Wall Locations: Where To Find Them At Hydro 16 Or Catty Corner – Forbes

Fortnite is now putting Epic challenges and new Alien Artifacts live on Tuesdays, it seems, with Legendaries coming tomorrow. And one of today’s challenges is asking players to find graffiti-covered walls at Hydro 16 or Catty Corner.


You only need one of these two complete the challenge, but I’ve found at least three across the two locations, and you can see where they are in the map below:

So, to recap we have:

  • One graffiti wall at the north west part of the building to the left of the dam at Hydro 16.
  • One graffiti wall on the bottom left of the dam wall itself to the east.
  • A pair of pieces of graffiti on the wall near the giant metal door south east of Catty Corner.

Again, you should only need one of these to complete the challenge, so any of these will do for your discovery purposes.

Go here to see where to collect spray cans from Dirty Docks or Pleasant Park.


You will notice that these pieces of graffiti are presumably alien-supporting humans covering up the logo of the IO organization, the humans that are here to fight the aliens and also us, if we get in their way. Their battles are in the “hot zones” of the map that you will come across frequently. There’s also a mission to find spray cans around the map this week, implying that we might be the ones actually doing this graffiti, which I suppose makes sense.

Over the course of this season, we are supposed to be seeing the alien mothership move over the map and more and more of an alien presence as a result. I expect big things for the rest of this season as Epic in particular has been hyping it up, and I am still waiting for Loki and Star Trek skins, which have already been teased.

Alright, go find that graffiti and I will see you there.

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