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Rocket League Season 4 released on Aug. 11

Rocket League Season 4 released on Aug. 11 / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

In the midst of all the new content part of Season 4, Psyonix introduced a rank disparity change to 3v3 competitive and tournament play. Here’s everything players need to know about the new rank restrictions and how the rules could affect them:

The days of playing as a two-stack in competitive 3v3 standard or in 3v3 tournaments are over for some. Rocket League’s newest season came with changes to “undersized parties” for 3v3 competitive play and 3v3 tournaments. Stacks of two players wishing to enter into these game modes must now meet certain rank disparity restrictions to enter the queue. The pair must be within three ranks of each other to be able to play together.

From Season 4 on, Gold 3 and Silver 2 players can longer queue as a duo in 3v3 competitve games and tournaments, as they are four ranks apart. On the other hand, Platinum 2 and Diamond 1 players will still be able to stick together because the two players are only two ranks apart.

In their Patch Notes V2.01 post on Rocket League’s official website, Psyonix notes the reason for the introduction of this restriction is “to help preserve balanced competitive play.”

Players should keep in mind that this change only affects 3v3 standard competitive play and 3v3 tournament play. Casual and Extra Mode playlists remain unaffected by this change.

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  1. jesse b says:

    me and my buddy are both diamond and get the rank disparity bug, weve gotten around it a couple times by passing lead, but its not consistant

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