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There would have been no competition in games if there was some strategy to win all the matches. The gamers have to keep innovating their approach in every match because practically, it is not possible to win all the matches. The gamers should make plans according to the flight routes, maps and landing spots etc. inorder to win a Garena Free Fire match. And if somehow, they don’t win a match, they should follow the steps in the next match because after all it is a game, and winnings and losses are a part of the game. 

What is a Booyah:

A Booyah is a name given to celebrate victory in sport. When a team wins a match in a Garena Free Fire game then Booyah is used to symbolize victory.

How to get a Booyah in Free Fire:

  1. First of all the gamers should land safely and try to survive at least in the first half of the match. This is only possible when the players land on places that are not crowded or they should try and hide from the opponents either by crawling or crouching. This game plan is very useful for beginners but should be followed by everyone. The gamers need to make sure that they have plenty of medical kits and grenades so that they can survive without attacking for a longer period of time.
  2. The gamers should have a good amount of knowledge about the maps. They should know the safe zones and the crowded places. It is very tricky to camp in battle royale games because the number of kills is also counted at the end. So the best way to camp is that the gamers should know the map.
  3. Another way of getting a Booyah in Fee Fire is to land at hot drops and start attacking to gain kills. These areas are very crowded and a gamer who is expert in fighting a close range battle can only survive here and gain kills. If the gamers are able to dominate at a crowded place then it becomes very easy to get a Booyah.
  4. The first thing to do after landing is to take a car and keep moving. The gamers should keep collecting a good amount of  loot while moving. Hence, movement of players is very important for survival till the end.
  5. The most important thing is to assign roles to the team members. For example, a team should have a sniper guy, an assaulter, an IGL, etc. This can help the team to get a Booyah in Free Fire

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