Play the first official tournament of Fortnite Season 8 this weekend – Fortnite Tracker

The Fortnite Preseason Warmup starts this Friday and occurs across four rounds.

Sure, new content is great and we’re all having a lot of fun with Season 8, but it’s time to get down to business. Grab a trio and strap in for the Fortnite Preseason Warmup Test tournament.

The action begins Friday September 24 for all regions except the Middle East, and will simulate a single FNCS qualifier weekend. As this is just a practice event there is no prizing on the line, only bragging rights.


There will be four rounds in total, with two taking place on Saturday. Take a look at the structure below to see how many teams progress from each round:

Round 1 – September 24

Open to all Champion Ranked trios

Round 2 – September 25

EU, NA, BR: Top 1,500 trios from Round 1

ASIA, ME: Top 700 trios from Round 1

OCE: Top 300 trios from Round 1

Round 3 – September 25

EU, NAE: Top 300 trios from Round 2

NAW, BR: Top 200 trios from Round 2

ASIA, OCE, ME: Top 125 trios from Round 2

Round 4 – September 26

All regions: Top 33 trios from Round 3

Scoring System

Victory Royale +5

Reach Top 2 +4

Reach Top 3 +2

Reach Top 4 +1

Reach Top 5 +1

Reach Top 6 +1

Reach Top 7 +1

Reach Top 8 +1

Reach Top 9 +1

Reach Top 10 +1

Reach Top 11 +1

Reach Top 12 +1

Reach Top 13 +1

Reach Top 14 +1

Reach Top 15 +1

Reach Top 16 +1

Reach Top 17 +1

Each Elimination +1

To take part, each member of your team must be at Champion League in Arena and have Two-Factor Authentication enabled. After the tournament, all Arena Hype will be reset with the v18.10 patch on Tuesday, September 28.

These Preseason Warmup events did feature earlier on in Chapter 2, but have been absent from recent seasons. They can be an interesting first look at the new competitive meta and provide an early indicator of which trios to watch out for going forward.

Epic is yet to publish an official ruleset so keep an eye on for updates. You can however track your team’s performance on our live Preseason Warmup Test leaderboards.

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