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Fortnite is doing another skin concept survey, where they are asking certain players what they think of a large slate of potential upcoming skins, and whether or not they would be likely to buy them.

There are a couple of dozen never-before-seen, non-licensed skins here, including brand new ones and variants of existing ones. These come from @VenomLeaks, and you can see them below (probably best viewed through Twitter):

I’d say anywhere from 30-50% of these are different styles for existing skins, some of which could be offered for free, while others may end up being “sold separate” like ice or animated Peely. A lot of these are winter-themed, as you can see, so it’s likely that many of these would hit by December or so ahead of the holidays.

Epic has done surveys like these in the past, and when they’ve done so, nearly all the skins featured ended up coming to Fortnite eventually, so this really is a window into the future store. I am probably most interested in the brand new skins, as there are quite a few standouts there.


My favorites include:

  • The murderous clown with daggers.
  • The larger model women, as Fortnite has barely experimented with different female body types.
  • The guy who looks like a Cyberpunk mummy.
  • The girl with the ultra-poofy jacket who sort of looks like Jubilee.

Anyway, there are a lot of good ones in there, and you might want to check your email for the survey, which would offer you a closer look at these. Previously, Epic has already sent out a “brand” survey, asking which licensed IPs they’d like to see cross over with Fortnite in the future, even though they didn’t show specific skins. A number of those have already come to life, and more are on the way in the future as Epic continues to do licensed deals to expand its roster of metaverse options. But a large amount of players still like Epic’s all-original skins, and they are clearly not going to stop making those anytime soon, as it’s kind of a core part of the game’s DNA, even if it’s getting taken over by superheroes a lot of the time these days.

We’ll see when these actually make their way to the store, but I would expect most of them will, eventually.

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