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Minecraft Education Edition has many features that Minecraft players can’t find in the original game and usually focus on some kind of learning. Like the Chemistry update, which added the compound creator and the ability to work with elements and create chemicals. There are also current event items and NPCs which highlight coding.

NPCs can only be used in Education Edition, so regular Minecraft players will have to settle for interacting with villagers and wandering traders for their “NPCs”. Here’s how to spawn them in Minecraft Education Edition.

Spawning NPCs in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft players need to open their inventory (usually the E key on the keyboard) and add a spawn egg (or multiple) to it to create NPCs. They can then be used to place an NPC in a given location.

To program it, the creator will need to right-click on the NPC to open up the customization options. Players can now customize their NPC’s name, color, displayed text and more.

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Then, Minecraft players can add URLs to outside places and other special commands. This can be done in the NPC’s advanced settings. This menu can be accessed as many times as necessary by the creator to continue editing the NPC.

After that, the newly spawned NPC‘s name (which is assigned by the player) will remain visible from pretty far away (even if walls are in the way), like in most games and like how other player tags show up when nearby.

Education Edition allows Minecraft players to experience a ton of new things (Image via Minecraft)Minecraft: Education Edition or any other version of the game (without mods). They are available as an educational option for players who are interested in learning more about coding.

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