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The players get a lot of space to show off their skills in Minecraft. The company has a tendency to feature new blocks and items in every update, this gives the players a plethora of options and a vast palette to choose from. There are many players who started their journey by surviving their initial days in some hobbit hole. With time players are making better and luxurious homes in Minecraft.

It takes a lot of time to build mega bases, sometimes it takes many days to complete a mega base. We have listed some of the brilliant mega bases built in Minecraft, so read this story till the end.

ImpulseSV futuristic pyramid

ImpulseSV has built a massive pyramid which has multiple farms hidden inside. Building the interior takes more time than the exterior, so ImpulseSV built a huge pyramid and used the free space inside it to make small farms.

Omega tree

In the Hermitcraft Season 7, Iskall made a huge Omega tree by using thousands of logs and leaf blocks. The Omega tree has a trading hall, a pile of diamonds, an item sorter, a nether pole inside it. Building a tree like Iskall’s Omega tree can be a tough challenge for any other player.

Mega guardian farm

The structure surrounding the guardian farm is excellent. The base is symmetrical and has eight pillars supporting drills at the center. Vesko has uploaded a guide for building massive pillars on his YouTube channel. Players can refer to the guide to make excellent mega bases.

Mega temple

A player built a massive desert temple that has crossed the limits of everybody’s imaginations. This mega temple was built by covering thousands of blocks and took over a year for its completion. There are beautiful lightings inside the temple.

Desert temple transformation

TrixyBlox is one of the best Minecraft builders of all time. He is known for transforming several bases of famous YouTubers like DanTDM, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and more.

TrixyBlox has transformed Minecraft structures in huge numbers. The recent desert temple transformation by TrixyBlox is magnificent. 

These are some mind blowing mega bases in Minecraft. You can take some inspiration and build your own mega bases if you are a Minecraft player. For more tech related news subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you haven’t done it yet.

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