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A very common goal for many Minecraft players is to try and complete each and every achievement or advancement in the game. For Java Edition players, this is substantially more difficult due to the sheer number of advancements, compared to the 114 achievements on Bedrock, but regardless of which version you’re playing, you’ll need to unlock Whatever Floats Your Goat. Those playing on Bedrock will earn a sweet 20 Gamerscore from this achievement, while Java players will find themselves one step closer to advancement perfection.

The description of this achievement makes it pretty clear what needs to be done to unlock it: you need to get in a boat and float with a goat. Now while these steps are pretty clearly laid out, they aren’t exactly accurate. The goal is to share a boat with a goat, however you do not need to float, meaning this can be done on land to be made so much easier. Begin by crafting a boat using five wooden planks and a wooden shovel.

Now, you’ll want to find some goats, which spawn exclusively in mountain biomes. Specifically, you’ll want to find an adult goat, as players have reported that baby goats don’t work for the achievement. An adult goat is 0.9 blocks high and 1.3 blocks wide, so look for one of that size. Once you have located some goats, simply place the boat directly on the ground beside it and nudge the goat toward it. Don’t punch the goat, just bump it towards the boat.

This will put the goat into the boat, so now you just need to interact with the boat to get in yourself. Once you’re in the boat with the goat, simply hold forward to glide along the ground. You will need to be moving in order for the achievement or advancement to register, so once you’re moving, Whatever Floats Your Goat should unlock for you.

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