When Does the ‘Fortnite’ Season End? Here’s What to Expect – Distractify

The island has been going through a lot of craziness even after the Mothership was banished from it. Bits of the alien vessel are still littered all over the game’s map, and there are cubes that keep popping up all over the place.

Not to mention the super scary monsters coming from Fortnite Sideways that are making their way through the in-game universe’s rifts to attack players.

While Epic Games is usually pretty tight-lipped about what fans can expect in upcoming seasons, leaving most of the work up to talented leak-finders who don’t mind scanning through lines and lines of code for clues, you can probably bank on the fact that punchcards aren’t going anywhere in Season 9.

The feature was first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 8, remixing the way that XP was earned for Battle Pass members. Instead of a general group of challenges, specific missions were designed for each Fortnite character, giving players a lot more variety.

Gamers can still, of course, earn XP through more traditional methods, but it’d be pretty shocking if Epic Games decided to pull the plug on punchcards shortly after introducing the concept to the series.

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