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When exploring the world of Minecraft, players will come across beautiful biomes and items. One such example of these items is coral that can be found in the depths of the ocean.

It is arguably one of the most beautiful structures in the game and is often used by players as decoration pieces. Along with all the blocks and fan variants, coral was added to Minecraft with the 1.13 Update Aquatic that came out on July 18, 2018.

All about coral in Minecraft

Coral is not a common item as it does not generate in every ocean biome. When exploring the oceans, players will find coral only in warm oceans. To identify a warm ocean, players need to observe the color of the water. Water in warm ocean has a light green color, and the floor is made of sand.

How to mine coral

An enchanted pickaxe can be used to mine coral (Image via Minecraft)Silk Touch can be obtained from librarians or directly from the enchanting table.

If the player is planning on mining a lot of coral, it is recommended that they use a helmet with Aqua Affinity and Respiration enchantment. Aqua Affinity will help them mine at the same speed underwater as they would on the surface, and Respiration will help them breathe longer when submerged.

Bedrock Edition players can also create a semi-automatic farm of coral. This is only possible in Bedrock Edition because coral can sometimes grow in any ocean biome if the player uses bonemeal on dirt, red sand, coarse dirt, gravel, clay, and sand in that edition.

Using coral in Minecraft

Coral is great for decoration (Image via Minecraft)ALSO READArticle Continues below

When using coral for decoration, players need to ensure it is in direct contact with water, or else the coral will turn into dead coral. Once it has been converted into dead coral, players cannot revert it to its previous state.

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