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Minecraft likes to help its new players by guiding them through the early stages of their journey. The game accomplishes this by using the Achievements system. Achievements are a set of challenges provided to newer players to take them through the basics of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has 114 achievements in total, and many of these are beginner friendly.

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The best beginner-friendly achievements in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

5) Taking Inventory

The inventory screen in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)Every type of Wood in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)weapons. To achieve this, the player must first walk up to a tree and chop down wood by hitting the tree with their fists, which will prompt a block of wood to drop. Picking up that block will give the player the achievement.

3) Benchmaking

A crafting table in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)armor and other items. For this achievement, the player must use four wooden planks in their in-hand crafting grid to craft a crafting table.

2) Hot Topic

One of the most important items players can make using a crafting table is a furnace. A furnace can be used to smelt or “cook” raw metals and food in order to increase their efficiency. To get this achievement, players must place eight blocks of Cobblestone in a crafting table to create a furnace and acquire it.

1) Bake Bread

Food is one of the most important resources in Minecraft. Among the many sources of food in the game, wheat is the most commonly found item. It can be grown by planting wheat seeds, which are available in almost every biome. This achievement can be earned by placing three pieces of wheat horizontally in a crafting bench, and obtaining bread.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the only edition of Minecraft that makes use of achievements and not advancements. The whopping 114 achievements in this version can be tricky to earn, but many of them are suitable for beginners, and will set them on course to gain knowledge and experience, letting them acquire the rest of the achievements as well.

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