Noxcrew confirms next Minecraft Championships (MCC) for Dec. 11 – Dot Esports

Noxcrew took another small detour away from the traditional Minecraft Championships (MCC) format that fans have grown accustomed to, running MCC All-Stars earlier this month. 

All-Stars brought together previous MCC winners to compete against each other in one big showcase of the biggest names the event has offered over its lifespan, with the combination of Dream, Subpoena, BadBoyHalo, and GeorgeNotFound taking the crown and the MCC Coin. 

Now, players and fans will return to the usual Decision Dome on Dec. 11 as whatever this next MCC event brings 2021 to a close for the series—at least as far as we know right now. Teams will be announced this weekend, with the usual shuffle likely already taking place between competitors who will be returning to compete. 

Even though the official announcement didn’t list the new event as MCC 19, it is likely that it will be a normal event, as Noxcrew doesn’t typically run specials back-to-back. There could still be additional changes made to make things a little more festive for the holiday season, even if those end up being purely cosmetic similar to last year’s MCC 13 during the same period, which had Christmas-themed visual changes and saw the players all wearing festive skins on their characters.

Until we know more about the specific format, fans can likely expect 10 teams, made up of four content creators each, competing in a series of eight different mini-games to earn coins. The two teams that have the most coins at the end of those eight competitions will battle in a final event to see who will walk away as MCC Champion. 

The next MCC event will be live on Dec. 11, likely around the usual 2pm CT timeslot that Noxcrew tends to use for all of its activations.

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