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What’s Behind FFXIV’s All Saints’ Wake’s Delay? & What will be new Release Date?

Halloween-themed All Saints’ Wake occurs every year in late October or early November in Final Fantasy XIV, and is one of numerous annual events that take place in the game all year long. Prior to this edition, players could engage in FFXIV to obtain mounts, furniture, and other Halloween-themed items. A touring circus known as “The Continental Circus” has previously visited Eorzea during All Saints’ Wake, and players have been able to participate in an instance named “The Haunted Manor.” The event’s quests and awards change each year, so participants know what to expect.

The inaugural All Saints’ Wake event took place in 2011, back when Final Fantasy XIV was still in development before A Realm Reborn. Following the resuscitation of the game, the next event was held in 2013. As a result of its enduring popularity, All Saints’ Wake has returned year after year. There has been no shortage of recurrences of “The Haunted Manor” since its debut in 2016. Haukke Manor has been transformed into a Halloween wonderland for this spooky task. Random chores, such as gathering cookies, looking for pumpkins, or lighting jack-o-lanterns, are assigned to players. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, All Saints’ Wake would not take place in 2020 as originally planned, which disappointed many of the show’s fans.

Not only did the epidemic postpone All Saints’ Wake last year, but it has also delayed the release of the new Endwalker expansion. After announcing that FFXIV: Endwalker will be delayed, game director Naoki Yoshida was overcome with emotion. This is the first expansion to miss its scheduled release date. As a result of this hiccup, All Saints’ Day will now take place later than usual. As mentioned in The Lodestone, this annual occurrence is expected to occur toward the end of January 2022. It’s to be hoped that the extra time would allow the creative team to come up with new material for All Saints’ Wake.

The All Saints’ Wake Event for Final Fantasy XIV will take place in January 2022.

Even after eight years of celebration, there are still new ideas for awards in FFXIV. When it comes to Halloween, it’s not unusual for the game’s production team to include some eerie elements. Previous prizes have included Halloween costumes such as witch and wolf outfits and ghost, vampire and pumpkin outfits. Adding a Frankenstein’s monster costume to the forthcoming event would be a great idea. A black cat minion in honour of Halloween would be an excellent addition. It is possible to celebrate Halloween all year long if you have a special costume or companion.

All Saints’ Wake’s new gifts are eagerly anticipated by players each October. Final Fantasy 14 is known for its storey, but it’s not just in the main plot. A lot of effort is put in by the scriptwriters to make sure that every line of dialogue serves a purpose. There is something distinctively Final Fantasy about the design of the characters in “The Continental Circus” and “The Haunted Manor”. This has always been a fun way to celebrate Halloween with friends. Final Fantasy XIV’s All Saints’ Wake has been postponed to January 2022, giving the developers more time to polish the content.

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