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The first Seasonal Adventure set to release in Minecraft Dungeons, Cloudy Climb, will arrive for heroes on December 14, 2021, and will bring tons of new challenges and rewards.

As Season 1 of Minecraft Dungeons’ new Seasonal Adventures, Cloudy Climb will provide players with more than enough to accomplish and plenty of rewards as a result. Thanks to these new features, players who may have cleared the game’s story and traversed its myriad difficulties can now be met with new objectives and plenty of content thanks to the incoming Adventure Pass.

A new location is even unlocked, providing several more hours of replayability for even veteran Minecraft Dungeons players.

Minecraft Dungeons: Major features in Cloudy Climb

The Tower, a new multi-floor location, will present players with a fresh roguelike experience (Image via Mojang)flairs, and much more. It is unclear how these rewards will be distributed among the Adventure Pass tiers, but players that enjoy customizing their character will likely want to give the pass a shot.

Cloudy Climb will be just the tip of the Seasonal Adventures iceberg, and dedicated Minecraft Dungeons players won’t want to miss a second of the season.

Knowing how Battle Passes operate in other games such as Fortnite, there are likely several tiers to work through and collect Adventure Points for, so there’s no time to waste. The sooner heroes hop in and start completing challenges and even time-restricted goals, countless Adventure Points are up for the taking.

Dust off your armor, check your weapons, and head back into the various landscapes of Minecraft Dungeons. There’s more fighting and riches to be had.

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