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Minecraft is a game that centers around a player’s house or base. It is where all of a player’s loot is stored, where all the building materials are kept, and where the player can take refuge from a long night of slaying monsters or a long spelunking session.

While a simple dirt hut can get the job done just fine, there is nothing wrong with building a base that draws influence from real-world architecture, especially since there are some incredibly detailed and intricate schools of design to draw from, historically speaking.

5 best vintage house designs that Minecraft players should try out

1) Traditional Dutch Townhouse


These houses, which can be seen all throughout the Netherlands and even Belgium, are unique and adorable. They are very tall, yet skinny, and are smushed together to cram as many people and residents into as small of an area as possible.

They are also often made quite colorful and spread out across the spectrum, with roofs just as unique, ranging from flat to pointed to curved, meaning they can be built to preference.

Due to the need for these townhouses to exist en masse to not look strange or out of place, they would make a great combination base with a villager trading hall. Each villager can have a unique townhouse in the block, designed and colored to match the profession’s esthetic and color palette.

2) Dutch colonial style


The Dutch colonial style is quite unique. These buildings are large-scale homes, meaning that this build would make for a good starter base, before the player would need to expand into a larger area.

They are characterized by frames that are almost very wide-footed A’s, or even a U or V shape. This gives ample loft space, which would work well for a decently sized storage area for the first few weeks of a new Minecraft world.

These houses are traditionally wooden which makes resource collection a breeze as well. The most annoying resource required to build these houses is the sand needed to make the windows for adorning the large sides of the building caused by the strangely shaped frame. However, players should not feel limited to wood, as brick, or even stone would look quite nice in this house.

3) Greek Revival


The esthetic of Greek revival architecture is characterized by beaming white buildings, often with very square silhouettes. Sometimes there is a single triangular roof over the main entrance, though that is not a requirement. The front entrance of Greek revival builds are often characterized by tall pillars, reminiscent of the columns holding up Greece’s Parthenon.

The best way to emulate this look in Minecraft would be by using quartz, diorite, polished diorite, white terracotta, concrete, and wool blocks.

Due to the large governmental building or temple vibes that Greek revival buildings can have, they would make a good mansion-style home for a player wanting to keep all of their Minecraft necessities, such as storage, enchanting, and crafting, areas all within one building, rather than having them spread out in a campus-style base structure.

4) Victorian Mansion


Victorian architecture is a refined extension of Gothic, with both embracing the Victorian idea that architecture, fashion, and even furnishings should emphasize beauty over practicality.

While Gothic is a more imposing and detailed style, Victorian takes the baseline established by Gothic and streamlines it. This does water the detailing down, but makes it more accessible and perfect for a large Minecraft mansion, as there are not as many little details to recreate.

Victorian buildings often feature bright colors with no real set palette, meaning that they are easily customizable to whatever blocks the player either has available in large amounts, or otherwise prefers.

5) Gothic Revival Mansion/Cathedral


Gothic, and by extension Gothic Revival, is one of the best architectural styles history has to offer. While these buildings can appear harsh and unwelcoming due to the spiked towers and roofs, that makes them perfect for Minecraft.

The darker vibes that these buildings give off, combined with their almost threatening appearance, make them wonderful bases, which almost seem to challenge the environment around them, as if their existence is one of sheer willpower and spite, ready to act a bulwark against the elements and mobs that call night a home.

Gothic has also been entwined with traditional catholic buildings, meaning that there is also a sense of reverence when looking at or being inside of them, as well as beautiful mosaics of stained glass. Stereotyped as being dark and brooding, in reality, these buildings can also be any number of vibrant colors, making this style very customizable.

These builds would push any Minecraft builder to their limits but would also encourage creativity and amazing critical building thinking. Also, massive spikes are always cool, so why not make a whole base of them?

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan

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