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The new Free Fire character Patroa was created as a result of the collaboration between Free Fire and Larissa de Macedo Machado: Anitta. The singer will now appear in Free Fire as a character through a login event, and her character A Patroa will be made freely available (if players reach the user objective in the game). In addition to playing her well-known song, the event will have a fresh theme. Her physical presence has energized the Free Fire community.

Anitta abilities in Free Fire

Anitta, through her Free Fire character called  A Patroa, has an unprecedented skill that gives players the chance to equip any skill in her doll. Anitta will therefore lack a unique skill of her own (an active skill), but players may still utilize other skills (both active and passive) on her. Simply, she has the active capacity to transform into any character of your choice. After using Anitta, gamers will also be able to obtain all of her slots unlocked for free.

The extra slot available in this character’s special ability can be equipped with any ability on the account being automatically unlocked upon getting the character


Anitta can then be given the skill of any character that is accessible on the player’s account, such as the active characters Chrono and Alok.

List of rewards available in the Free Fire x Anitta collaboration

There are many random exclusive rewards awaiting the Free Fire players to claim during this event time period. There are 13 Anitta-themed items that will be available on Free Fire:

  • The Mistress Set (Character)
  • The Mighty Set (Skin)
  • AK47 – Burst
  • SVD – Bang Bang
  • Baton – On the Beat
  • Estate – Perfect Rhythm
  • Backpack – Sound of the Heart
  • Gel Wall – Surrounding Wall
  • Grenada – Sweet and Abused
  • Jeep – Turbocharged
  • Hair – Queen of Honor
  • Hair – Zen Girl
  • Shirt – Let Him Suffer
  • Emote – Patroa’s Square

Also, there are several other events that can be completed by the players to get rewards:

  1. Spin the Music Disk Event: In this event, players will have to spin the music disc to get the rewards available namely, Pet food, Jeep skin, and the Wig.
  2. Login Event: Like any other event, players can avail themselves of the character just by logging into the game on the specific date mentioned. Also, there are other items too which they’ll get after logging in.
  3. The Patroa’s emote: Players will get the Patroa’s emote during this event but for a limited time period only.
  4. Exchange token for reward: There is an exchange token for a rewarding event in which players will have to collect the heart tokens to get the exclusive gun skin and other rewards available.
Free Fire Anitta collaboration
Image via Garena

Along with the playable character, fans will also be able to purchase a number of themed products, all of which were created by the singer Anitta herself. These themed things include vehicle skins, weaponry, and even sets of skins for characters.

Moreover, it’s crucial to note that this event is now exclusive to the Brazilian Server. You may easily switch your server using any VPN available in the play store if you want to take advantage of the following benefits.

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