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Minecraft Legends is still over a year away from release, but the anticipation around this action-strategy game is growing with each passing day. And to add fuel to the excitement, Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed mobs that will be available in-game and help you fight the Piglin enemies. So we are here with a complete list of mobs in Minecraft Legends. From new golems to a new class of Piglins, there are a lot of new mobs to look forward to, especially since they are friendly and won’t explode you to death. Some of the new entries even put vanilla Minecraft mobs to shame. Having said that, it’s time to dive in and explore the Minecraft Legends mob guide.

Minecraft Legends Mobs Revealed (2022)

Our list covers all the mobs announced and teased in the official interviews and teasers for its upcoming Minecraft Legends game. None of their designs or mechanics are final and are still being worked on, so we suggest you take them with a pinch of salt.

Table of Contents

Friendly Mobs of Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends takes place in a utopia-like world where all mobs are peaceful. So, all the hostile mobs from the overworld like zombies and creepers in vanilla Minecraft are supportive of the passive and natural mobs in the world of Minecraft Legends. They also support you (the protagonist) in fighting the Piglins and protecting the overworld against their assault. So let’s take a look at all of them:

1. Zombie

Zombie MC Legends

Similar to vanilla Minecraft, zombies are undead mobs that roam around the world at all times and attack in huge groups. They follow the players around and attack enemies when commanded. They act like foot soldiers of your army, the first layer of defense, and use hand-to-hand combat.

Compared to other mobs, they die much more easily. Fortunately, because of their hats, they do not burn in sunlight in Minecraft Legends, and they work alongside you during the night as well as the day.

2. Skeleton Mob

Skeleton MC Legends

As the name reveals, skeletons are another undead mob from vanilla Minecraft that have found their way into this game. They are made up of bones and shoot arrows at the enemies. Unlike zombies, they don’t use hand-to-hand combat and are best kept at a distance from the main area of impact. Moreover, they can only shoot one arrow at a time and take some time to load the arrow back into the bow.

3. Llama

Llamas MC Legends

Llamas are friendly mobs that like to spit on their enemies. This spit has a good knockback but very low damage. At the moment, we are not sure how Minecraft legends will utilize this mob in action. But we expect llamas to be a portable storage option alongside combat animals.

4. Horse Mob

Horses MC Legends

Horses are the primary vehicle in the world of Minecraft Legends. They are much faster than any other mob in-game and are a great way to explore the world. In terms of combat, the horse has to rely on you, the rider, for all the action. Based on the trailers so far, the horses don’t have any fighting instincts in place.

5. Creeper

Creeper MC Legends

Much like vanilla Minecraft, creepers are exploding mobs in Minecraft Legends that can destroy enemy structures and kill those in its blast radius. But unfortunately, every creeper also kills itself with the explosion. So, even though creepers are a one-time-use mob, they can take down many in a single go, making them highly useful in killing grunters and runts (more on them below).

6. Emerald Cavalry Golem

Emerald Cavalry Golem

If horses feel too old school for a new Minecraft game, the cavalry golems have your back. They carry you around on their back and rush towards the enemies. They have extremely high movement speed but aren’t as strong. So, if they get too close to an enemy, most enemies can kill the cavalry golems in a few hits. Though, their charging and stunning ability do help delay the attack.

7. Mossy Golem

Mossy Golems Mob in Minecraft Legends

What looks like a greener baby version of Iron Golems, the mossy golems shoot water that heals allies and temporarily slows down the enemies. They are the perfect friend to get you out of a tricky situation or pull you back from the brink of death. The only drawback here is that the mossy golems take a long time to recharge, and they don’t have any way to protect themselves from attack.

8. Plank Golem

Plank Golems

Similar to skeletons, plank golems also shoot arrow-like projectiles (from their nose?) at their enemies. But, they are much faster and can shoot multiple arrows within a short span of time. In a way, the plank golems act like a mobile turret that moves around the battlefield and shoots down enemies and structures.

9. Cobblestone Golem

Cobblestone Golem Mob in Minecraft Legends

Cobblestone golems are combat mobs that like to stay at the frontline. They are strong and rely heavily on melee combat. When you compare them to zombies, the cobblestone golems have higher HP, but they are also much slower. You can use them like termites to slowly but surely clear a small structure or eliminate a stronger enemy.

10. Grindstone Golem

Grindstone Golem Mob in Minecraft Legends

At times, you will have to deal with a swarm of enemies in Minecraft legends. That’s where the grindstone golems will come in handy. They are powerful mobs that deal a strong knockback and push multiple enemies at once. You can use them to clear areas and delay a strong push from the enemy army.

Hostile Mobs in Minecraft Legends

The villains of Minecraft Legends are the mobs from the Nether dimension. As per the plot, the Piglin army uses a Nether portal to travel to the overworld and then tries to corrupt the area around the portal. All of these hostile mobs are based on pigs and vanilla Minecraft’s Piglin mobs. So let’s take a look at them:

11. Piggo

Piggo Mob in Minecraft Legends

Piggos are small boars with helmets and strong horns. They tend to run toward their enemies and bash their heads in them. The damage dealt by a Piggo won’t be huge, but they can push you into lethal situations. Moreover, a group of Piggos won’t be easy to escape in the middle of combat. The enemies can also load them with magma cube firing catapults, which sure sounds scary.

12. Portal Guard

Portal Guard

With an extendable hammer for the left hand, the portal guard is one of the strongest Piglins in Minecraft Legends. This mob is heavily armored and hard to kill. On top of that, it uses an extendable hammer as a weapon. This hammer shoots out and deals deadly damage along with strong pushback. It is perfect to destroy groups of enemies and defensive structures.

13. Grunter Mob

Grunters Mob in Minecraft Legends

Grunters are the smallest and weakest Piglins in Minecraft Legends. They are disposable mobs that act as foot soldiers to bait out the opponent’s best utility. All grunters are low on health and die easily. Though, in a large group, they can overpower weaker enemies with the help of tiny blaze rods they carry with them.

14. Runts


Similar to the grunters, the Piglin army also has runts, which are small in size but hold weapons almost as big as themselves. Grunters have terrible balance and struggle to walk without almost falling. They’re also easy to kill due to low health but, if given a chance, they can deal good damage, thanks to their oversized weapons.

15. Bruiser

Bruiser Mob in Minecraft Legends

Bruisers are scary-looking Piglin mobs that wield a blade in Minecraft Legends. They are extremely dangerous and should be able to kill weaker mobs in a single hit. We are yet to see the bruiser in action, but its appearance is definitely daunting.

Complete List of Minecraft Legends Mob Characters

Now that you know all about the new mobs of Minecraft Legends, it’s time to venture further. We already have a Minecraft Legends guide in place covering its gameplay and release speculations. And in case you’re not looking for a new Minecraft game, as history would have it, the vanilla Minecraft might still receive features from this action-strategy game. Some of them might get announced in the Minecraft Live event. Having said that, which of the MC Legends mobs do you want to see in the original game? Tell us in the comments below!

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