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The Minecraft Championship is back with a bang as the event hosts gear up for the last tournament of the year. This will be the 28th tournament where several top Minecraft content creators will participate and compete against each other. As always, millions of fans will be tuning in for the event to watch and cheer on their favorite players.

This is a tournament where 40 well-known Minecraft content creators and streamers are divided into 10 teams. They then compete against each other through a host of custom minigame maps made by the event hosts. The top two teams on the leaderboard enter the final to win the tournament. The winners of the tournament get a special MCC coin as a trophy.

Date and time announced for Minecraft Championship (MCC) 28


The 28th MCC tournament will essentially be the last one of 2022 and will mark the end of Season two as well. Noxcrew recently posted a video about the end of Season two, explaining how the team will still be working on the MCC Island server and gearing up for Season three next year.

Additionally, the event hosts also have a small surprise for the fans at the end of the year, which they will release soon.

Date and time for the Minecraft Championship (MCC) 28

A VERY important announcement!👑We return to the Decision Dome one last time for Season 2 on December 3rd 8pm GMT! 🎉youtube.com/watch?v=LzaKsO…

As always, the official Twitter handle of MCC posted the date and time for the tournament, along with a YouTube video. The Minecraft Championship 28 will be held on December 3, at 8 pm GMT.

There are still two weeks to go until the upcoming tournament, giving fans ample time to plan out how they can watch it. Since people will be watching MCC from around the globe, they can simply take the time mentioned and convert it according to their time zone.

When will the teams be announced?

Winners of the last MCC underdogs tournament, Purple Pandas (Image via Twitter / MCChampionship_)Fans can watch their favorite streamers and content creators in MCC through their streams (Image via Twitch / Nihachu)streamers themselves, they livestream the entire event from different perspectives.

This is a brilliant way to watch the Minecraft Championship as fans do not stick to one livestream curated by the event hosts. Rather, they can switch between different participants and see the championship from various perspectives.

Though not all 40 players stream MCC, most of them will stream this next MCC as well. Content creators and streamers can be found on both Twitch and YouTube.

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