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Mojang is hosting its own Black Friday sale on Minecraft Marketplace in Bedrock Edition, funnily called the ‘Block Friday Sale.’ Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving when people go on a shopping spree due to the high discounts offered by supermarkets and online retailers.

Mojang has been following this custom for some time now, as the Swedish developer recently announced the fifth edition of its annual Block Friday Sale on its popular marketplace. Thousands of Bedrock Edition players will be jumping on the marketplace to hoard all kinds of skins, worlds, and other goodies during this time. They must know everything about the sale event to get the most out of it.

Everything to know about Minecraft Marketplace Block Friday Sale

Duration of the Minecraft Marketplace Block Friday Sale

The Block Friday Sale will be active from November 22 to 28* on Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)Marketplace Block Friday Sale began on November 22 and will end on November 29 at 10 am PST. Players living in different time zones can easily convert the time and determine when the sale will end.

What will be given for free?

During the sale event, players can grab a paid skin pack of seven skins for free (Image via Mojang)skin pack called ‘Quakers’ by Odyssey Builds, free of charge. The pack features seven duck skins. Anyone who wants to claim the giveaway must log into their account and find them on the latest version of the Bedrock Edition game.

This skin pack will offer seven new skins and other unique outfits to try as well. On regular days, this skin pack costs 310 Minecoins; however, it is completely free of charge this week.

Discounts on select products

There are a select number of goodies on the Minecraft Marketplace that are up for sale (Image via Mojang)

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