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Minecraft players always come up with interesting inventions, and many take to social media to share their creations. One such player, who goes by the Reddit username u/CapitalAd3212, recently shared a long-range TNT cannon of their own design.

Although TNT cannons have been a part of the game for years, players are constantly refining and improving existing designs to create cannons with longer ranges and more powerful damage potential. The build provided in the video by u/CapitalAd3212 appears to have a considerable range, as the video’s perspective flies over hundreds of blocks, displaying the long-range potential of the cannon.

As one might expect, Minecraft players on Reddit sounded off in the comments, providing their views on the TNT cannon build.

Minecraft Redditors react to long-range TNT Cannon

TNT cannons are quite popular, particularly on Minecraft PvP servers (Image via Electronicz/Instructables)TNT blocks to detonate a large number of blocks. These constructs are incredibly helpful at tearing down enemy bases or causing a little mayhem. A well-placed TNT shot can even devastate players who get caught in the blast radius, which is certainly something to consider when building a TNT cannon in Minecraft.

In the official Minecraft subreddit where the video was posted, players remarked that the TNT cannon was less of a cannon and more akin to a rail gun or mass accelerated cannon (MAC). Other fans chimed in requesting a tutorial video on how to construct the build, while others simply wished for a world download so they could tinker with the cannon and see how it was constructed.

For the time being, it’s unclear if u/CapitalAd3212 is willing or able to share their design for their TNT cannon. However, it would certainly go a long way in assisting players with recreating the cannon’s design or even making their own improvements. It’s a fairly common practice among builders to swap schematics and tutorials, enriching the community as a whole. This process can also assist newer Minecraft players who hope to learn more about redstone machinery.

Perhaps at the very least, some players may be able to take a closer look at u/CapitalAd3212’s video and deduce the major functions of the build in order to recreate it. The Redditor may also provide a world download or tutorial in time, which would certainly be something to look forward to as well. While this TNT cannon certainly isn’t the first of its kind, it won’t be the last either, and other members of the community may come along and find ways to make a new and improved cannon that covers longer distances.

Regardless, this build by u/CapitalAd3212 stands as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the community as a whole. New creations and redstone machinery are being posted all the time on Reddit and other social media outlets, feeding into the loop of creation, improvement, and inspiration. It’s one of the core upsides of the game and its players, and it will likely continue as long as Minecraft remains popular.

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