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Minecraft is a game that can be creative and relaxing, but it can also be intense and difficult in the right situations. While things like Hardcore Mode can provide a challenge, the right modpack can convert the game into a demanding but rewarding experience.


Modpacks are essentially a collection of Minecraft mods that have been combined and allow for the installation of multiple mods all at once. Thanks to modpacks, Minecraft players won’t need to search for independent mods one-by-one and download them unless they’d like to do so to customize their gameplay.

For challenge-seekers in the world’s most popular sandbox game, there’s certainly no shortage of captivating modpacks that will push their skills to the limit.

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Ranking the top challenging Minecraft modpacks in 2022

7) Forever Stranded

Forever Stranded is a modpack for hardcore Minecraft survivalists (Image via GWSheridan/CurseForge)traditional Minecraft, there are creatures in the night that will hunt you down if you’re not careful.

All is not lost, however. There is indeed a way off-world, you need to find it, and you’ll receive extra lives as you progress.

6) Divine Journey 2

A Flux Condenser for Minecraft players in Divine Journey 2 (Image via AtricosHU/CurseForge)fully automated to progress, and the pack won’t hold your hand to figure things out.


This modpack is more about challenging Minecraft players with ingenuity and innovation rather than combat or survival skills, but the progress made is incredibly rewarding regardless.

5) Shattered Ring

Enjoy an Elden Ring-style experience in Minecraft with Shattered Ring (Image via AsianHalfSquat/CurseForge)open world, and challenging combat. However, players looking for a similar experience may want to try Shattered Ring.

The in-game combat has been revamped to emulate the Souls series, the world generation has been improved to provide gorgeous vistas and locations, and much of the modpack’s loot is unique and incredibly beneficial in various ways.

This isn’t the only modpack that follows the foundation that Elden Ring established, but it’s certainly one of the best.

4) Last Days of Humanity


A modpack designed specifically with Hardcore Mode in mind, Last Days of Humanity may seem like a zombie survival pack, but it’s much more intense than that.

Players have 100 days of survival to accomplish. They’ll need all the knowledge they can get to build defenses, recruit survivors, and overcome the eventual arrival of an army of parasitic monsters.

As the days pass, enemies will become more aggressive and powerful. Enemies also have quite a complex AI capable of destroying your structures, calling for support, and even pillaring. Hordes of monsters aren’t even the only danger you’ll face, as hostile survivors will attempt to kill you and take your resources.

3) Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

The Aether dimension in the Minecraft modpack is known as R.A.D. (Image via dreams01/CurseForge)dimensions, improving their RPG-style skills and their weapons and armor before tackling more difficult areas and challenges.

The core gameplay loop is addictive, and it can be quite fun to customize your build for optimal performance.

2) SkyFactory 4

The Minecraft main menu replaced by that of SkyFactory 4 (Image via darkosto/CurseForge)Skyblock has long been one of the community’s most popular and challenging game types, and SkyFactory 4 ratchets Skyblock gameplay in incredibly creative and satisfying ways. This modpack includes ways to fully automate many Skyblock tasks and introduce a healthy dose of tech and magic.

Resource gathering is completely made in this modpack, and it’ll take some time to learn the pack’s new approach to traditional Skyblock gameplay.


Be that as it may, the pack is a must-try for Skyblock enthusiasts.

1) RLCraft

RLCraft is designed for a challenging Minecraft experience through and through (Image via Shivaxi/CurseForge)RPG elements.

However, as immersive and enthralling as it can be, RLCraft is a modpack that will kill you time and time again as you learn the ropes. It’s certainly not intended to be a casual experience, but fans of hardcore gameplay should revel in what they can accomplish.

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