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League of Legends Attack

In a bold attempt, a hacker that acquired the source code for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and the “legacy anticheat platform” from Riot Games during a cyberattack last week is now looking for ransom payments. The company updated fans via Twitter today about the request and stated they would not pay the infiltrator.

While the hacker won’t get what they wanted from this, their attack could potentially cause some issues. Riot says the attack disrupted their “build environment” and may affect development in the future. However, they’re “confident” no player data or personal information got compromised during the attack.

As for what the hacker got away with, the source code for each game contains “experimental” features that Riot wasn’t ready to share with the public. Whatever players may see sifting around the internet if the hacker spreads the source code is prototype work of “game modes” and “other changes” not guaranteed to release officially.

Another massive concern over the stolen source code is the creation of new cheats. To prepare, Riot has been assessing the impact on its current anticheat and will “deploy fixes as quickly as possible if needed.” The company will work with its security team, consultants, and law enforcement to investigate the cyberattack.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, News Editor
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