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Published: 2023-01-24T19:36:22

Updated: 2023-01-24T19:36:31

Developer Mojang has teased another new addition for the Minecraft 1.20 update, which will introduce the ability to create armor trims out of various ingredients.

Mojang unveiled cursory details about 1.20 during Minecraft Live 2022. The studio has shared new information piecemeal over the last several months, but one thing’s for certain – this particular update emphasizes player creativity and self-expression.

As such, upcoming blocks will revolve around personalizing buildings, with hanging signs and chiseled bookshelves already announced.

Players can look forward to a few new mobs as well, including a mountable camel and the community-voted sniffer.

The latest news from Mojang offers even more insight into the next major update’s customization options. Notably, “fashionable” armor trims will come to the game via 1.20 as patterns for personalization purposes.

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Trimming armor will require players to find a smithing template, a new type of ingredient scattered around the worlds of Minecraft. Some trims will even match the locale in which users find their respective templates.

From there, customization simply becomes a matter of crafting trims at a smithing table, then dyeing them “using gems and ingots like diamonds, copper, and netherite.”

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Minecraft armor trims

As noted by Windows Central, armor customization will feature 11 types of designs and 10 colors. Each armor trim boasts two different properties – patterns and materials.

The patterns represent the visual look of an armor trim based on the smithing template used. Meanwhile, materials are defined by ingredients and apply the trim’s overall color. The ingredients used for colors are listed as follows: copper, diamond, iron, gold, lapis, emerald, quartz, netherite, redstone, and amethyst.

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Testing for the feature is currently taking place in Minecraft’s Java Edition with snapshot 23w04a. As of now, Mojang has yet to set a release date for its Minecraft 1.20 update.

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