Can Starfield NPCs please stop making fun of me for wearing my spacesuit?

I dunno if you’ve heard of this game Starfield, but there’s a lot of talk about it at the moment. It is a roleplaying experience where the role you play is not “Viking-ish warrior who can shout with the power of a million metal frontmen” or “wasteland wanderer downing cans of irradiated coke” but “person in space following a broadly unexciting A-plot”. Much of the most interesting stuff in Starfield is on the periphery of the main story, as is the case with most Bethesda RPGs, but I find Starfield to be much less whimsical (something I won’t relitigate here). As an RPG, Starfield is taking itself seriously, and sometimes this collides with the design game systems and menus.

An example of this is that you are supposed to experience the vastness of space, but cannot do so without going through a lot of loading screens. Another is that you have two sets of clothes: a spacesuit for places that are hostile and have no breathable atmosphere, and street clothes for planets that do. And NPCs keep making fun of me for wearing my spacesuit when I don’t need to, and I hate them for it.

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