I don’t need Baldur’s Gate 3’s physical Deluxe Edition but, gods, do I want it

Look, I’m fairly certain you’ve played Baldur’s Gate 3 already. In fact, you’ve probably played a bunch of it, whether you’ve spent that time killing goblins, shagging bears or smooching the internet’s favourite vampire husband. So, like me, there’s no real reason you’d need another copy of the game. And yet.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 devs Larian have unveiled a swanky physical Deluxe Edition of the D&D RPG that packs in the game itself along with a load of physical bits and bobs. Rather than overpriced tat like a naff statue you’ll never put on a shelf in fear that friends/family/nosy neighbours might see it or that crappy miniature arm I got in MGSV’s special edition, the Deluxe Edition for Baldur’s Gate 3 seems fairly restrained. Tasteful, even.

In the box you’ll get the game on disc – although technically it’s just a custom downloader with a Steam key for PC, which is one shame about the set, as I love the idea of having a properly physical version of the game you can play without the internet once our modern infrastructure inevitably collapses. Still, I imagine you’d have to include a whole lot of DVDs for the four people who still have a drive in their PC, so I get why that’s not the case.

What is properly contained on good ol’ physical discs is the game’s original soundtrack, spread across three CDs. Stick those in your Vauxhall Astra and blast Down by The River in the middle of Luton town centre, why don’tcha.

Baldur's Gate 3 character Astarion about to kiss a bear.
Image credit: Larian

For those looking to add a bit of decor to their next D&D night, there’s also a nice double-sided map printed on bookbinding cloth, 32 stickers, two fabric patches for the Flaming Fist and Mark of the Absolute, and a poster of a Mind Flayer with some lovely-looking artwork on chalk paper.

Most excitingly, for me at least, the whole lot is contained in a box styled after the packaging for the original Baldur’s Gate and its sequel, which brought me right back to playing Throne of Bhaal on a fuzzy CRT in the early noughties.

You might be thinking that none of that sounds overly outlandish, and you’d be right. One of the best things about the Deluxe Edition is that the whole set is €79.99 (£70), just over a tenner more than buying the game – and its Digital Deluxe Edition DLC, which is also included here – on Steam. That seems very reasonable, if you don’t already own it. Even if you do – which you probably do! – it’s a neat little set. It won’t arrive until the start of 2024 anyway, so maybe give that spare key to a friend and treat yourself for your generosity.

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