Logitech’s legendary MX Master 3S office mouse has dropped to £82 at Amazon UK

Logitech’s MX Master series of office mice are incredible for getting stuff done, thanks to their iconic wide shapes, multiple scroll wheels and powerful software. Today the newest version, the Master 3S, has dropped from an RRP of £120 to £82 at Amazon UK, a historic low price.

This latest edition is ideal for writing, programming, content creation and surfing the web, thanks to quiet button clicks, a fast and accurate ‘magspeed’ scroll wheel (and a secondary thumb wheel), and a high-end 8K laser sensor that allows for accurate tracking on any surface, even glass.

The Master 3S connects via a 2.4GHz wireless Logi Bolt dongle or Bluetooth, with compatibility with all major desktop and mobile operating systems. Battery life is strong too, with the 500mAh Li-Po battery providing three hours of use from one minute of quick charging via USB-C, with up to 70 days of battery life when used in Bluetooth mode.

These mice are absolutely adored by basically everyone I’ve ever talked to that’s used one, so why not give it a go? Amazon are offering returns until January 31st, so you have plenty of time to try it out and see whether it’s worth picking up.

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