Fortnite will soon let you shoot Solid Snake in his beautiful butt as Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, it seems

Fortnite’s devouring of all pop culture into its gigantic maw continues apace, as leaks suggest that next on the menu for the IP-gobbling battle royale shooter is Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake and Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. (Don’t worry, The Maw is safe from the maw, for now.)

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As Fortnite’s current season, the condensed throwback Season OG, prepares to wrap up its trip back through Fortnite updates of yesteryear on December 2nd – with the help of Eminem, no less – it looks like its upcoming next Chapter 5: Season 1 has leaked a few days early.

As shared by Fortnite news poster ShiinaBR, it seems that advertising for the next Fortnite season went live on the Xbox store, revealing that Chapter 5: Season 1 will be called Underground and will feature – among others – the sneaky stealth-action video game hero and the talkative animated character as new Fortnite skins. Also visible in the image are what appear to be new characters for Fortnite itself, including a buff tiger-person.

While Snake appears to be his classic Metal Gear Solid appearance in the skintight sneaking suit (notable for having such a powerful arse it had to be nerfed), Family Guy’s Peter Griffin is notably dressed-up from his trademark white shirt and green slacks, shown in a tuxedo with bowtie and blazer and his chest puffed out.

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Snake, of course, is no stranger to video game cameos, having popped up as a fighter in Super Smash Bros a number of years ago. Family Guy would be a natural crossover for Fortnite too, following the addition of other animated characters from Futurama, Rick and Morty, and anime such as My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. Other Fortnite crossovers have added characters and unique gameplay inspired by Star Wars, Batman, Marvel and The Witcher.

Along with the rumoured new characters, the next season of Fortnite will bring a new collaboration with brick-toy Lego. It’ll all kick off on December 2nd after the Big Bang live event headlined by Slim Shady himself. Perhaps the combined power of Peter Griffin and Snake’s posterior might even top the recent record player count set by the latest season.

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