Rain World is getting a new DLC starring the mysterious Nightcat

I still think of Rain World as the beautiful, brutally hard game about accidentally going down tunnels butt-first and being crushed to death by weather, but it’s grown and expanded a lot since its release almost seven years ago. It’s about to grow again with a new DLC: The Watcher.

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Cover image for YouTube videoRain World: The Watcher | Reveal Trailer

Rain World: The Watcher teaser trailer.

“Journey beyond to something, somewhere only ever glimpsed. When the world beneath your feet cracks and crumbles, will you hold on to all you once knew? Or dive into the unknown?” says the Steam page. It seems like the DLC will feature new creatures and breeds of creature, to hunt and be hunted by.

“The Watcher” refers to a type of Slugcat, the game’s fluffy protagonist, and seemingly based on ‘Nightcat’, a fourth type of slugcat with no particular abilities added for the sake of the four-player arena mode in the Downpour DLC. It seems likely that The Watcher will flesh t he character out with its own set of distinct abilities.

The original Rain World is atmospheric, truly alien, and a wonderful game just to observe if you get a moment of safety thanks to the physically-simualted way its strange creatures move. It’s also a game in which you will die a lot – at least outside of its safari mode added in the Downpour DLC. That frequent death creates a definte vibe, which Brendy enjoyed enough in his Rain World review.

There’s no release date for The Watcher yet; Steam just says that it’s “coming soon”.

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