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Category Archives: Fortnite

The best Fortnite backpacks available now – Gamesradar

It’s that time of year again and the kids are eyeing up new Fortnite backpacks for the new school year. Whether back to school sales have you searching for the biggest discounts, or you’re simply after the most comfortable and spacious carrier for next semester, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re rounding up all the best Fortnite backpacks that we’ve found around the web. Not only that, but we’re keeping this search limited to officially licensed gear. There are a lot of fakes running around on the internet these days, so we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and brought you all the highest quality bags on the digital shelves. 

We’d recommend you start your search at Amazon. The retailer is currently offering Prime members a ‘try before you buy’ guarantee. That’s perfect for picking a kid’s backpack – you don’t pay anything until you test it out and find out if it’s the right fit or not. You’ll find a range of official Fortnite backpacks available at Amazon, but we’ve also found luck browsing Target’s shelves as well. 

How do you make sure you’re getting a solid backpack? It’s easy to make sure you’re choosing a bag with ample space, but we’d also recommend checking how comfortable and padded the straps are, and whether there’s any additional padding for more fragile items. Thankfully, the current line of official merch offers a separate pocket for a laptop or Chromebook, as well as thick, padded straps as well. If you’re after something a little more robust, we’d recommend looking into laptop backpacks specifically. 

You’ll find all our top picks just below. 

The best Fortnite backpacks

Fortnite fallen out of favor? We’re also rounding up all the best Pokemon backpacks as well. If you’re looking for more loot, you’ll find plenty of kit in our full Fortnite merchandise guide. 

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Fortnite Daily Bugle POI changes teased for next update – The Loadout

We know it’s been a busy week for Fortnite players, but there’s a lot going on this No Sweat Summer – and it’s going to stay that way next week, too. Tweeting via the Fortnite Competitive account, Epic Games has just confirmed that the Fortnite Daily Bugle POI changes we’ve all been talking about for weeks now are finally on the way. It looks like Fortnite Island’s Daily Bugle building will become the Daily Bloomgle building in update 21.40.

“Heads up competitors”, the Fortnite Competitive account began, “a northeast POI will be getting a major change in the next game update ahead of our Battle Royale Console Champions Cup. Make sure you have more than one drop spot you’re comfortable with.”

While it’s not a statement that directly confirms that the Daily Bugle POI will be changed in the 21.40 update coming to Fortnite next week, that information can be inferred from the reference to the upcoming Champions Cup and information shared online by reliable Fortnite leakers ‘HYPEX’ and ‘iFireMonkey’.

Looking at the upcoming schedule of competitive Fortnite events, it can be seen that the Battle Royale Console Champions Cup is due to start on Friday, August 19, just one week after the Zero Build version of this competition. When you couple this information with the fact that Epic Games almost always releases major title updates for Fortnite on a Tuesday, it’s clear that any major POI changes that are due to take place before the aforementioned competition should be released on August 16.

As for the fact that the Daily Bugle POI has been fingered as the one changing in the next update? Well, aside from the fact that both HYPEX and iFireMonkey are reliable sources, it’s really the only POI in Fortnite that you could confidently consider “northeast” – as per the Fortnite Competitive tweet.

The Daily Bugle isn’t the only Fortnite POI to be altered by the Reality Bloom in an update during Chapter 3 Season 3. Sleepy Sounds and Condo Canyon are just two examples of where this strange flora has had an impact. We don’t know what the new Daily Bloomgle will look like, but these constant updates are a good reminder that this is one of the best battle royale games on the market right now.

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Fortnite: 5 Facts About The Island You Need To Know – Cultured Vultures

A place to drink mushroom juice from shady corporations, to do tricks in boats and cars, and most importantly, to be yourself. Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Island has had a rich history since its creation in 2017, with the gaming industry forever changed by its innovation. A free-to-play oasis that, outside of its regular building and shooting, belongs to the players.

Destructible environments and community-focused live events help shape the stage where Fortnite takes place. Not only is it malleable through gameplay, with gas cans burning buildings to the ground, but the players’ opinion is just as impactful.

Here are 5 facts from the Fortnite Island’s many years of worldbuilding.

1. People Live There

Fortnite Island 1
Fortnite Island

Outside of Fortnite’s brutal gameplay, if a character is lucky enough to be the last one standing and in the exact center of the Storm, they are freed from fighting. Those circumstances are as rare as the chances of getting sent to the Island in the first place by the nefarious Imagined Order (IO). However, many have still managed this ordeal.

Glimpses of a civilization on the Island are sparse and usually revealed in summer events, serving as an explanation to how characters can be relaxing if all they do is fight to the death. The IO strips people of their memories and special abilities before throwing them into the Island’s Loop of battles, but if they manage to escape, all memories from before and after come flooding back.

As such, it’s very likely the society built in this battlefield helps heal the scars from those lucky enough to call it quits, as if they don’t have access to the mystical Zero Point, they’re stuck in there forever. With Bars propping up the economy,, businesses are made and people settle. Pizza and burgers are quite valued.

Fortnite island pizza
Fortnite island pizza

Some didn’t like this idea of life, and were fortunate enough to tip the scales in their favor by liberating and calibrating the Zero Point, still contained in the IO’s facilities under the Island — but going back home to their past life is nothing but a dream for most escapees.

On a brighter note, the Island and everything on it is beautiful. The countless flora and fauna from all over existence converging into this beautiful slice of hell is enhanced even further by the talent the so-called Loopers bring to it. And under that is an ecosystem that, although digital in reality, remains the most biodiverse in all realities.

2. It Was Developed Quickly

Fortnite: BR
Fortnite: BR

It’s no secret that the battle royale genre was a gigantic trend in 2017, with games finding success far quicker than usual thanks to this formula. Fortnite originally launched with its PvE campaign, Save the World, but as a response to the still-developing battle royale genre, Epic Games scrambled its teams for two months to develop the Island, and all the battling that would take place on it. In the gaming industry, two months for one of the biggest games of all time is certainly no ordinary feat.

There was plenty of thought put into every aspect of not only the mode itself, but the Island’s environments as well. Even though Fortnite takes great pride in its chokehold of players’ minds and wallets, there needed to be some fun and connection to the place that enabled it all. Points of Interest (POIs) quickly adapted to feedback, and some even rose to a legendary status, like Tilted Towers and Dusty Depot.

That affection from the community would have direct payoffs in the ongoing narrative, with Tilted Towers escaping meteors and Dusty Depot being torn apart by them. Recent iterations of the Island’s cities and gardens have yet to reach the same level of attention, but they will always matter the most to whoever joins the game at the time to see them standing. Fortnite is always evolving, but doesn’t shy away from some nostalgia every now and then.

3. A Tough Everything Sandwich

Fortnite Island
Fortnite Island

After Chapter 1 — Season X, the Island was gone. Only with the effort of The Seven — existence’s greatest heroes — did it come back to form, but now it had far more uncharted territory.

Previously, all that was shown was the Island surrounded by water and smaller pieces of itself, serving as the entire world of Fortnite. However, Chapter 2 introduced the concept of two Islands connected by the metal inside them. Season X caused a black hole that reorganized all of the atoms from the previous Island into something new, making them tough as bricks.

One of the leading theories of how the Island was made is accretion, that with every portal and manipulation of the Zero Point, the IO brought a residual amount of debris from the multiple realities they visited, causing dusty madness. And due to this soup of all existence, an everything sandwich was made in the form of the Island — and so was the toughest metal ever, the Chromium that composes it.

4. It Blew Up Once

Fortnite Black Hole
Fortnite Black Hole

As previously mentioned, a black hole has had an impact on the Island. It was the result of a last-minute effort to defeat the kaiju known as The Devourer, who had his eyes on eating the Zero Point for the sake of survival. However, not only would the infinite energy kill him, but it would also destabilize and cause the black hole anyway.

Singularity, now revealed to be a member of the Seven, took matters into her own hands and cracked the Zero Point for an upper hand against the beast, resulting in a more controlled destabilization over the other option.

During this chaos, the IO manipulated the Island to their own parameters to ensure a clean slate that fit their plans, but so did the Seven. Each of the new sides were split between the two rivaling groups, the Seven’s presence completely unknown to the IO until Chapter 3. Now, after the IO’s defeat in Chapter 3 — Season 2, the Island is at peace.

5. Its Past Is Mysterious

Fortnite Seven
Fortnite Seven

Ever since its first season, Fortnite’s only hints at a man behind the curtain were bunkers spread throughout the Island. Indestructible and shut tight, these were later revealed to be access points to the IO’s underground complex, watching Loopers from afar.

But with Chapter 3 giving more depth to the battles beyond the Loop, having immeasurable stakes — the salvation of every world and being — The Foundation revealed there was a past unknown to the Loopers. Their memories are suppressed by the IO until their escape from the Loop, so any previous recollection of battles against them were completely wiped.

It doesn’t take much of a catch-up to be convinced to fight people holding you in captivity, though. The Seven have been saving Loopers since the group was formed, under the IO’s watch with their own Island in Chapter 2, and they will continue to protect them until their freedom can be had.

As Fortnite transitions to a future that includes the player as a key part of the big battles, with the most recent event, Collision, giving the ability to pilot a giant Mecha, it will also shed light on its iconic cast of characters and what led them to call the Island their home.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

MORE FORTNITE: Best Fortnite Creative Deathrun Maps & Codes

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Fortnite: Does it have Skill Based Matchmaking? – RealSport101

In the world of multiplayer gaming, there are few phrases more controversial than Skill Based Matchmaking right now. With Fortnite being such a huge phenomenon within the FPS space, questions are often asked about the matchmaking tools that they use.

A tool used to balance games, Skill-Based matchmaking alters the pool of players that you will encounter in a game based on your performance and is controversial due to the difficulty walls players will eventually encounter.

Well, can SBMM be found in Fortnite? Here is everything you need to know.


Is There Skill Based Matchmaking in Fortnite?

Fortnite does include Skill Based Matchmaking

click to enlarge

Well the short answer, is yes. Fortnite does indeed have skill based matchmaking as a mechanic after it was introduced way back in 2019 during Season X.

It’s not just a simple “yes” and that’s it, however, with some changes having been made in 2020 after a large amount of backlash from fans of the battle royale. Now, skill based matchmaking is only available in solos, duos and trios. Squads now are free of skill based matchmaking so if you wish to avoid the mechanic for whatever reason, squads are the way forward.


For those who are dealing with skill based matchmaking, however, will find that the players they end up playing against will be altered based on the number of eliminations and victory royales they have. For duos and trios, the weakest member of the team will be the one most heavily factored when accounting for the skill based matchmaking mechanic

At lower levels, bots will be sprinkled into matches these will be replaced as players progress up the ranks.

This isn’t always the case for Mobile players and those playing on Nintendo Switch, however, with skill based matchmaking being far less common, often relying on bot and low-skill Fortnite lobbies to compensate for the more difficult controls.

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Iron Galaxy on how Rumbleverse isn’t just another battle royale Fortnite wannabe – VG247

Iron Galaxy is a developer with a lot of merit, in my book. Responsible for nearly 15 years of great contract work, the studio is also known for producing its own projects every now and again, all of which bears marks of its own brand of action. You may know them for the latter seasons of Killer Instinct, Divekick, and now Rumbleverse.

A venture into the battle royale genre – albeit with guns and firefights traded out for a vastly different gunshow packed with big muscles and wrestling – this is the first big in-house IP release from the studio for some time. To find out the origins of this game, as well as how the team at Iron Galaxy plans to differentiate its game in a saturated market, and its overall hopes for the title, I sat down and talked to co-CEO Chelsea Blasko about everything Rumbleverse.

Check out the Rumbleverse launch date trailer here!

It’s been widely reported that Blasko was the source of the original wrestling battle royale idea, stemming from their desire to recreate the fun of classic wrestling and the high-flying stars of the Macho Man era.

“I just wanted something to be fun. Who doesn’t remember wrestling with their siblings on the floor of the living room?” exclaims Blasko. “I have two sisters and a brother – we were wrestling all the time – I was wrestling people in college! It brings joy and silliness. Sure you’re working out some aggression but it’s just fun.”

It’s that borderline after-school-cartoon style of wrestling, with colourful characters and wacky hijinx, that is expressed in the Rumbleverse world and characters. “Definitely a goal of ours is to make it fun and accessible. The art style is kinda cartoony – it’s colourful. We harken back to characters, things squash a little, it’s a little exaggerated. It’s not realistic and it’s meant to be funny, to harken back to the early cartoon days and that fun that was ever present back then. Things like bouncing on cars and scurrying up the side of buildings all play into that over the top silliness.”

Someone slamming another player from very high up in Rumbleverse
Where else can you chokeslam someone from the top of a skyscrapper?

So with all this emphasis on wrestling, why hasn’t it been marketed as a fighting game battle royale? Well, this seems to have been a conscious choice, done to remove any perceived barriers of entry. “I think fighting games can be intimidating for people. I love them because I like jumping in and beating someone’s butt, but they can be very technical with a lot of practice required in order to become a proficient player. We wanted to make this title a lot more accessible, to bring some depth, but also be something you can pick up without having to remember too many combos, or things like that.

“So that’s really why we say a ‘brawler royale’. We also add this sense of verticality which in turns brings another layer of strategy to the game. The idea is that – even though we have this combat system which does have a lot of depth in it – anyone can pick up Rumbleverse and have a good time.”

That desire for accessibility – or more accurately, inclusivity – extends to one of the most popular tools in the live service tool kit: customisation through cosmetics. Rumbleverse features costumes that come in pieces, which means you can either match each slot together or mix and match to create your own unique wrestler.

“We really wanted the title to be inclusive as possible and allow players to make a character that’s really special to them! Also, when you’re running around, having a lot of customization points lets you tell the difference between different players at a glance. One thing I’m really proud of is the fact that we have 14 different slots for customisation on our characters, I don’t think I’ve seen that in another game. Even if everyone seems to wear the cat head, which seems to be very popular, there are plenty of ways to differentiate players in-game”.

Customisation is important, of course, but the future of Rumbleverse comes in more forms than cool drip for your character. With launch just around the corner, future seasons are being planned out.

“We definitely have a lot of ideas for season 1.5 and season 2 where you can interact with players and have a coop experience, whether that’s through duos or quads. We’ll continue to provide tonnes of customisation. We’ll introduce different places to fight in, new environments, new things to interact with, and a few other ideas that we’ll add too.”

Wrestler being shot from a cannon in Rumbleverse
The idea is that any player can make a character that suits them.

Chelsea Blasko headshot from Iron Galaxy
Iron Galaxy co-ceo Chelsea Blasko

All in all, this is set up to be a major stepping stone for Iron Galaxy, bringing in learned lessons from previous projectiles into this vibrant twist on the BR genre. Blasko explains: “I look at everything we do at Iron Galaxy as different stepping stones. We’ve had the honour of working on several different fighting games. It started with Street Fighter 3: Online Edition where we cut our teeth and Killer Instinct Seasons 2 and 3 where we were able to show off our creative chops. We learn so much with everyone we work with and every project we’re on.”

But can it cut through the competition? As zesty as Rumbleverse seems to be the battle royale genre – as well as the wider live service market – seems unable to fit in more and more great games these days like a past-their-prime wrestler struggling to fit into their spandex leotard.

In spite of the odds, Blasko doesn’t seem to know for sure, but remains with high hopes. “You know what, I have no idea! I don’t know! It’s really up to the fans. Hopefully what we’ve created is very fun for them, and accessible to a lot of people. We hope they get the joy of wrestling, the costumes, and colour we’ve poured into the game. We’re crossing our fingers that people love them game once it releases, and that it’s received positively too! So far, during play tests, people seem to really enjoy it. We hope that carries through, we’re really proud of it.”

“We hope with RumbleVerse people see that Iron Galaxy can make great triple-A games, and that it leads us into creating more big games in the future. We still love doing our work with our partners – the port work and tech fire-fighting – but we want a part of our business to continue creating and developing our own IP.”

Wrestler falling to their death in Rumbleverse.
Whether Rumbleverse can win the belt, or fail to grab player interest, is the big question.

As a final light-hearted question, I had to ask whether other co-CEO Adam Boyes legendary fried chicken has him reigning as the best cook at Iron Galaxy. It turns out that the studio is stuffed with talented cooks, punching up at the studio founder.

Chelsea Blasko fills me in: “I’ve not had the pleasure of eating everyone’s food at Iron Galaxy. I would have said Alex Boyes. He was on a Canadian cooking show, and he can crack 20 eggs in a row off each other. But we have a lot of great chefs – before we released an Iron Galaxy Cookbook last year we were doing cooking shows, and one guy, Micheal Metts, did a fantastic dish on video. It all originated from our Hispanic / LATANX ERG (employee resource group) put together their own cookbook.”

“I do have to say we have a former chief on staff now – Cleastus Friedman. He was a chief here in Chicago for many years. I would be failing if I didn’t mention them. We used to do a Chili cooking contest – Chad Simpson makes the best biscuits, for sure. Aside from the Cookbook, we made an iron skillet with our logo and gave it to everyone on staff.”

Rumbleverse is launching on August 11 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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Fortnite fans can watch the Rocket League World Championship in-game – PCGamesN

Fortnite has held a few really cool live events in the past, with the battle royale game playing host to concerts and TV previews, but now it’s teaming up with multiplayer car football Rocket League to offer a live stream of the Rocket League World Championship.

As with so many crossovers, there are a few items to unlock like a Rocket League Trophy Back Bling and a Regal Rocket Glider, if you happen to complete some quests while playing on Rocket League Live Island. It’s not just the loot that makes this worthwhile, though, as the way it’ll all play out sounds like a right rumble too.

If you watch the Rocket League championships in Fortnite, not only will you get to choose a team to support before each match, but you’ll then get a buff every time that team scores, which will help make you stronger for the Team Rumble match that’ll follow each Rocket League game. It’s an incredibly cool fusion of the two titans of free-to-play games, and also a rare chance to experience two games at once.

If you’re more into Rocket League than you are Fortnite, you’ll be glad to know you don’t even have to do challenges to unlock items — you can just enter the code “RocketLeagueLive” in the extra section of the settings to gain a new banner, topper, some wheels, and a new anthem too. It’s a good time to be an esports fan, no matter how you spell it.

If you’d like to try and go pro yourself, then you’ll need our list of the best Fortnite tips and tricks. After all, nobody gets better all on their own.

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Fortnite update 21.40 release date delay: Fans face longer wait for big NEW patch – Express

Fortnite developer Epic Games will wait another week to release the new Battle Royale and Creative update. While Fortnite updates typically release every two weeks, the gap between the most recent update and its successor has been much bigger. Indeed, update 21.40 – which is likely to be one of the final downloads of the season – will be available to download on the morning of August 16. 

As a numbered update, version 21.40 will launch alongside a period of server downtime, which means the game will be offline for at least a couple of hours.

The news of the impending update was revealed by Fortnite insider Hypex on Twitter: “”The 21.40 Update is CONFIRMED to be released next Tuesday!”

The same source believes the upcoming update will add the final set of Dragon Ball skins, items and challenges.

The new update is also likely to lay the foundations for the end of season event, which should take place in the coming weeks.

Needless to say, Epic Games will fix a number of bugs and make various gameplay tweaks as part of the update.

This includes an issue with chest loot appearing several meters away from the location of the chest itself.

Epic acknowledged the problem on Twitter: “We’re aware of an issue where chest loot may appear several meters away when opened at certain locations, and this will be resolved in our next game update.”

The company is also working on a fix for the recently released Fortnite x Rocket League challenges, which aren’t showing correctly in the game.

“We’re aware of an issue where the Rocket League x Fortnite challenges don’t show the proper numbers in the game,” Epic explains.

“Correct quests descriptions: Deal 250 Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch. Deal 1500 Damage to 7 Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch. Eliminate 3 Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch. Eliminate 7 Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch.”

With the Rocket League missions ending before the release of the next update, fans can expect a hotfix before the end of the week.

As fans count down to the release of the next major update, Epic has quietly unvaulted a popular item in Battle Royale.

As part of the latest Fortnite content drop, Epic Games has unvaulted the Junk Rift item. The powerful item opens up a rift in the sky, which teleports random items into the path of an opponent.

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Fortnite: How to enter a Bot lobby in the game – GamingonPhone

The first few games in every game are always simple to win because the games are designed to introduce the player to all of its features in the beginning, hence the opponents are always bots. Bot lobbies are the name given to these game rooms where players battle computer programs. Playing in a bot lobby in Fortnite is entertaining and useful for getting started. With each new season of Fortnite, player levels are reset, resulting in everyone playing against bots in the first few games.

However, as time passes in the game, fewer and fewer bots appear until eventually, you don’t see a single one. To advance in the big leagues, you must level up and compete against actual people, however, some gamers prefer to hone their talents in bot lobbies. Fortnite’s bots are better than those in other games since some of them can complete sophisticated routines, giving players a chance to train against them.

How to get into a Bot Lobby in Fortnite

1. The New Account method

By making a new account or adding a level one account player to your party, you can access the bot lobby the quickest. The only problem with this strategy is that you’ll need to play Fortnite on two different devices, or you’ll have to log out every time you want to swap accounts.

Another option is to make a second account on a different device and then invite yourself to the lobby of your primary account. In this case, more bots will join the game because you are playing with a player who has a level 1 account.

2. Join the game with a new player or low-ranked player

You can either discover another person who is a new player and team up with him, which is similar to the technique of creating a new account outlined above. You may confront a lot of bots now that your team has a player of the beginner level. This strategy won’t be as effective, though, as the other player’s account will eventually start to level up as well.

Fortnite Bot Lobby
Image via Bot Lobby

You can also enter the bot lobby for a longer period of time by choosing the refer-a-friend option. Simply make an alternate account, play a duo match with yourself, and log out using your alternate account. This is a fantastic technique to remain in the bot.

3. The Limited Pool method

The player level is taken into account by the limited pool strategy. Bots are added to Fortnite matches whenever there aren’t enough players available, but this isn’t the case the majority of the time. Therefore, in order to participate in such a match, players must modify their matchmaking preferences such that their system places them in matches against bots.

In a circumstance where genuine gamers are not available, settings like changing the region’s time zone can assist you to get there. Or cross-platform interoperability may make it easier for you to participate in limited pool matches.

After making the necessary adjustments, go to the mode menu and hover over each mode. The ones with fewer people will have yellow wiring that says “restricted pool.” You can now play these modes because they will have a large number of bots.

4. Try to play matches on a Creative map

Fortnite Bot Lobby
Image via Epic Games

Bots are a common component in Fortnite’s unique maps, where players can hone all of their skills. The creative map in Fortnite explains everything once you get there. Additionally, a few creative maps offer matchmaking capabilities, allowing you to engage in combat with other players who are using the same creative map.

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Chest loot in Fortnite is disappearing because of this pesky bug – Dot Esports

Fortnite is a live-service game, meaning that it is constantly evolving into something new with each content update. Because of this, the developers are constantly having to solve bugs that the new updates can create. These errors can limit the player’s ability and even cost someone the match. Right now, a chest bug is preventing players from getting loot from certain chests.

The bug happens when the player opens a random chest and the loot doesn’t appear outside of the chest as it should. Some report that the loot will appear above the player or a distance away, but this only adds an extra hassle of looking for the loot that should’ve been yours.

A user posted about this issue on Reddit, with many in the comments saying that they had been running into similar errors while playing in every battle royale mode. This seems to be an issue that affects Fortnite as a whole, not just one specific game mode or instance. No one’s quite sure what causes the bug, but there has been some speculation on social media.

Some in the Reddit thread pointed to the mirrors in the room being the reason that the bug occurred. If this is the cause, then it likely has something to do with the quest that was put into the game a few weeks ago that asked players to find a mirror in the game. If the mirror has some form of radius to activate, that could potentially be interfering with the chests.

If the mirrors are the cause, you should be able to destroy them in the room before you open the chest, and this is supposed to make the loot spawn beside the chest.

All of this is just speculation besides the fact that this bug is in the game and it’s very apparent. There’s likely nothing worse than running into a room as soon as you land only to find a chest without any loot in it. If the player is landing around a lot of other people, they’re pretty much dead if they can’t get their loot quickly.

Epic Games has yet to put out a notice that it is aware of this new bug. According to the community, it has been persisting for weeks, so Epic should be working on it. If the mirrors are causing the bug and Epic does nothing, it could be until the end of that quest’s availability before this issue stops happening in games.

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Marvel x Fortnite collaboration saga is far from over, confirms Donald Mustard – Sportskeeda

It’s no secret that Epic Games and Disney have an outstanding partnership when it comes to Fortnite. It goes without saying that it was one of the best in the game, and the positive feedback has been far greater than anyone could have anticipated.

With Fortnite currently in Chapter 3 Season 3, loopers are now wondering if Epic is done with Marvel on a grand scale. Well, according to Donald Mustard, things are just getting started.

Since the start of Chapter 3, multiple characters that are owned by Disney have been featured in the game via the Battle Pass. However, the crowning jewel is their ongoing collaboration with Marvel.

Given how popular the MCU has become, the demand for cosmetics has increased in-game over time. All of this can be traced back to one singular event in the metaverse known as the Nexus War. Everything in this season was Marvel-themed as well.

The Marvel saga seems to be endless in Fortnite

Back in 2020, during an interview with This Week in Marvel, Donald Mustard hinted at his grand plans to fill the metaverse with content from the MCU. Over the course of the conversation, he had this to say:

“We call this season (Chapter 2 Season 4) Nexus War because this is just the start. This is the start of a lot of stuff that we have planned for many years in this Marvel integration. This is not the end. This is just the beginning.”

As promised, the Nexus War was indeed the beginning of things being set in motion in Fortnite. Over the following months, more and more MCU assets were brought into the game. As of now, there are 52 characters from Marvel that are within the metaverse. According to leaks and theories, many more are on the way.

Mustard continued by saying:

“Even now, we’re plotting out what are some of the big, cool things that we’re doing next year and the year after that. I have so many favorite characters and it’s going to take years to get them into this world. “

Given that the characters and scenarios have to be brought in organically, the build-up will take some time. Having said that, things are coming to fruition this year.

By the end of September 2022, all six issues of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War would have been released. Based on speculation, the Zero War is a continuation of sorts from the original Nexus War.

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Here’s some information about Fortnite/Marvel: Zero War Issue #3 that I could already read 👀❗️ THIS CONTAINS A BIG STORY SPOILER, DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW IT ❗️

While this may not seem to hold any significance at first, the comic’s storyline runs parallel to the game. According to leaker iFireMonkey, major backstories are being showcased in the comics to help build narratives. If rumors are true, another full-blown Marvel season is just beyond the horizon.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Based on how Epic functions, roughly a dozen new Marvel outfits are likely to be added to the game in the coming months. The first of which has already been added via Crew. More can be expected to be seen when Chapter 3 Season 4 goes live.

Is having so many Marvel tie-ups good for Fortnite?

While good or bad is subjective, what can be said with surety is the hype factor. With the MCU building towards its next phase, there’s a lot of anticipation and expectation from the franchise. If some of that can be transitioned into the game and showcased correctly, it will bring a lot of revenue and new players as well.

What if fortnite announced their seasons like MARVEL

What if fortnite announced their seasons like MARVEL

On that note, Fortnite is becoming more reliant on collaborations to tell the story with each passing season, which has led to some originality being diluted. Then again, given how endless and open-ended the metaverse is, who’s to say if the MCU is not part of Fortnite in the grand scheme of things?

All said and done, while Epic Games has taken time with the crossovers and done things in an orderly manner, not everyone is happy with so many crossovers. Many feel that it’s time Epic Games gives things a break and focuses on bonafide original content that doesn’t involve collaborations.

Given how things have progressed since the Nexus War, Marvel has become a staple feature in-game. Like it or not, for as long as MCU exists, it will be featured in Fortnite time and time again.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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