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Category Archives: Fortnite

Epic welcomes blockchain games but don’t expect any Fortnite NFTs – Cointelegraph

Gaming platforms are choosing sides on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) within their respective ecosystems. 

Following reports of Valve banning crypto and NFT-related games on Steam, its primary competitor, Epic Games Store showed a welcoming attitude for blockchain developers and the use of crypto in video games.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that the Epic Games Store would enable games using blockchain technology as long as the developers abide by the relevant laws and disclose their terms. The games need to be age-rated by an appropriate group, Sweeney wrote, adding:

“Though Epic’s not using crypto in our games, we welcome innovation in the areas of technology and finance.”

Sweeney told The Verge that when it comes to the use of NFTs in video games, Epic is willing to work with early developers in this field under some limitations as a platform provider. However, he previously made it clear that Epic Games, as a game developer, is not planning to use NFTs in its own products like Fortnite.

The CEO clarified that Epic will not support cryptocurrency transactions through its payment service, so the developers need to use another payment system. Epic Games Store also doesn’t have a plan to integrate blockchain into its client anytime soon.

Epic Games Store, developed by major video game publisher Epic Games, is a platform to purchase and download video games. Launched in 2018, the platform enables users to buy the digital version of a video game via a desktop client and then store it in a library to be downloaded and played whenever they want.

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Sweeney’s commentary follows a blockchain game ban on Steam, a prominent digital video game store. Steam’s updated guideline for game developers states that video games that use blockchain technology and “issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” are not allowed on the digital store.

Game developer SpacePirate claimed that “Steam’s point of view is that items have value and they don’t allow items that can have real-world value on their platform.”

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Fortnite Kaws Skin Brings The Renowned Artist To Battle Royale – GameSpot

The Fortnite Kaws skin is the latest crossover to come to the Item Shop, and with it comes a new category for Fortnite fans to consider when thinking up future crossovers. Here’s what you need to know about the latest Fortnitemares skin, Kaws.

Fortnite Kaws Skin

Brian Donnelly, the New Jersey-born artist professionally known as Kaws (or KAWS for the diehards), is a famed street artist who works with an assortment of media including 2D and 3D modeling for things like toys, sculptures, skateboard decks, and paintings. His most famous creation, a Golden Age-like cartoon character with skeletal parts and dead eyes, is Kaws’s way of bringing his work into Fortnite.

The Fortnite Kaws skin includes a number of colorways as you can see below. Though the character sometimes wears pants very much like those seen in Mickey Mouse’s wardrobe, their Fortnite skin is decked out as a full-body skeleton, save for the iconic headpiece which looks a bit like a Deadmau5 cousin.

Why might you buy this one, you ask? Just Kaws.
Why might you buy this one, you ask? Just Kaws.

Kaws should stick around in the Item Shop for at least a few days and perhaps straight through Halloween, as so far the Halloween skins that have appeared in the store lately have stayed there for every day thereafter.

Kaws comes as part of Fortnitemares 2021 and follows an already busy season of crossover content. Earlier this month, we saw Frankenstein’s Monster debut followed by The Walking Dead’s former leading man, Rick Grimes. Without a doubt, we expect more crossover characters to arrive from horror properties and spooky brands all month long.

In the meantime, don’t miss the Fortnite and Among Us collaboration that was recently teased.

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

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New Fortnite Update Greatly Improves the Game’s Cars –

Fortnite update 18.20 released a few days ago, but the game’s patch notes did not include an interesting change made to the game’s cars. As noted by Dexerto, the game’s latest update makes it possible for players to ride on the hood or on the top of a car while the vehicle is in motion, without sliding off. This means that players can use their own weaponry to make cars a speedy threat! It’s interesting that Epic Games did not specifically note this alteration, but it’s not difficult to imagine how players will use it to their advantage!

Given the size of Fortnite‘s player base, it won’t be long before we see a lot of new strategies evolve around the game’s cars! Epic Games is constantly tweaking Fortnite to make the game more enjoyable, but it remains to be seen how players will react to the changes. So far, feedback on the car update has been mostly positive online, but the feature has only been around for a few days now, so many players might not have even noticed the change!

Interestingly enough, it seems this won’t be the only change made to cars in the game. According to reliable Fortnite leaker @HYPEX, Epic Games is currently working on a self-destruct button that players will be able to use! It’s unclear exactly how it will work, or if any passenger will be able to use the feature. Regardless, the change is apparently coming later on this season, so fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to find out for themselves. As with any leak, readers are advised to take this one with a grain of salt until confirmed by the game’s publisher, in case things should change.

Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


What do you think of these changes to the cars in Fortnite? Have you tried riding on top of a car with a weapon out? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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Epic Open To Blockchain Games After Steam Ban, But No ‘Fortnite’ NFTs – Forbes

Epic seems to be courting a specific niche market in the wake of Steam banning blockchain games that allow the exchange of cryptocurrency from the platform.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney took a break from lambasting Apple on Twitter to comment on the situation, and had positive words to say about the blockchain in general, which he doesn’t believe is the issue Steam thinks it is:

However, there’s a difference between the blockchain as a concept, and something that uses the blockchain like NFTs, something Sweeney has a clear, opposite position about. In short, he thinks the market is too overly infected with scams:


The first thing your mind might leap to, as mine did, when you hear Epic potentially embracing blockchain gaming is something like say, Fortnite selling a unique character not as a widely purchasable skin, but as an NFT, a digital object with intrinsic, singular value. But Sweeney does not seem open to that, and I would not expect that to change any time soon, even if Epic isn’t banning blockchain-based stuff in the way Steam is.

It’s an interesting collision of two different visions of the Metaverse, which could of course merge to become one vision someday. Among the blockchain, crypto, NFT crowd, they constantly don themselves “the foundation of the Metaverse” or some other similarly grandiose term, while the other picture of the Metaverse doesn’t necessarily have to do with the blockchain at all, but rather just existing as a massive, shared digital world where you can do things like attend a virtual Ariana Grande concert while dressed as Batman, which is the Fortnite side of things. Companies like Epic or Roblox seem closer to the traditionally sci-fi vision of the Metaverse than what we see with crypto/blockchain stuff. Meanwhile, Facebook is in its own little corner, lost in VR ambitions.

In any case, it’s going to be interesting to see this market develop or…not develop. There is a contingent of people who believe that blockchain games/NFT offerings are the next big thing in gaming. And then there are those who are starting to see this crowd as…a bit cultish, with their 16-bit $20,000 NFT avatars and no significant, concrete offerings in the gaming space yet. But it’s hard to predict the future of all this, and it’s interesting to see Sweeney’s split reaction here as one of the current gatekeepers of the Metaverse and a significant digital playground in the form of Fortnite and the Epic ecosystem.

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Fortnite announces new skin to mark Batman/Fortnite: Foundation release on October 26 – Republic World

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 9 is going on and Epic Games has announced yet another crossover event between Fortnite and Batman. The event will begin on October 26, 2021, and marks the release of a standalone comic book called Batman/Fortnite: Foundation. During the event, Fortnite will be releasing an obtainable skin called Batman Who Laughs, which can be redeemed by getting the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic book as it contains a unique code. 

Fortnite is famous for crossovers and has been actively doing them. Most recently, players around the world saw Superman skin, Venom, and Batman in the game. Building upon the same, the upcoming Fortnite crossover event will accompany the new comic book, that is coming out after Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. While the event will start on October 26, 2021, the new comics will also be available in offline stores from the same day. Batman x Fortnite crossover event time is yet to be revealed. 

How to access the Batman Who Laughs outfit and other items during the event?

  • For accessing the items being released with the comic book, one needs to purchase the Batman/Fortnite comic book from their local comics shop.
  • The comic book shall contain one unique code that will unlock the outfit, Back Bling, and loading screen.
  • However, the outfit and other accessories have to the purchased from the Fortnite Item Shop with the in-game currency called V-Bucks.
  • In the Fortnite items shop, both the Batman Who Laughs Outfit and the Robin’s Perch Back Bling are included together and will be available for 1,500 V-Bucks.
  • On the official website, the price of the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic book is $4.99.For the premium variant, it is $5.99.  

However, the website also states that if a player redeems a code after purchasing the outfit in the game, it would not return V-Bucks to their account or unlock any extra current. Nevertheless, the code will unlock the Dark Days Loading Screen. The Batman/Fortnite: Foundation will be launched in North America, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. The website also mentions that countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, and Latin America will have a limited number of comic books. 

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Fortnite Developer Epic Says ‘Open’ to Blockchain Games on its Store – LatestLY

San Francisco, Oct 17: Fortnite developer Epic said that it is “open to games that support cryptocurrency or blockchain-based assets” on its game store unlike its competitor Valve which has banned games that feature blockchain technology or NFTs from Steam, the media reported.

When asked about allowing games that featured NFTs, Epic told The Verge that there would be some limitations, but that it is willing to work with “early developers” in the “new field”.

Epic said that the games would have to comply with financial laws, make it clear how the blockchain is used, and have appropriate age ratings, the report said. VulcanVerse Observed a Significant Growth With Its Launch in the Online Gaming World.

It also said that developers won’t be able to use Epic’s payment service to accept crypto; they would have to use their payment systems instead, it added.

Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney has said that the company isn’t interested in touching NFTs, but that statement now appears to only apply to its games.

According to the report, Epic said it will clarify the rules as it works with developers to understand how they plan to use blockchain tech in their games.

“Epic Games Store will welcome games that make use of blockchain tech provided they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by an appropriate group,” Sweeney wrote on Twitter.

“Though Epic’s not using crypto in our games, we welcome innovation in the areas of technology and finance,” he added.

(The above story first appeared on LatestLY on Oct 17, 2021 12:27 PM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website

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Secret Fortnite update made vehicles much more deadly – Dexerto

A secret update to Fortnite made vehicles much deadlier than before and could make them a lot more viable for teams to play around.

The Fortnite v18.20 update brought a lot of major bug fixes and XP changes to quests. But, it also introduced the ability to stand on cars even while they’re in motion.

That might not be the most game-breaking change ever in the battle royale, but this patch could drastically improve the viability of cars in Fortnite.

Traditionally, cars in Fortnite have been huge clunky targets that give off obvious sound queues to other players. Unlike Apex Legends and Warzone, there isn’t much a car can offer in terms of offense.


[embedded content]

Fortnite car update

However, the 18.20 update has given the Fortnite community a whole new way to use cars. The unlisted change made it so that people could step on top of a car or on its hood and stay fixed on the spot while moving.

For squads of more than two people, this will also let everyone prop themselves on a vehicle, instead of leaving behind the unlucky few who don’t fit inside.

More importantly, those who stand on top can still have their weapons drawn — which unlocks the offensive capabilities of utilizing a car like never before.

This can come in handy for most cars, but the secret update really opens up the possibilities for pickup trucks.


fortnite cars update

fortnite cars update

Epic Games

Cars have felt strange to use in Fortnite’s fast-paced environment but that could change.

The changes to Fortnite’s cars could also have implications for reviving teammates. Warzone players already know how vehicles can contribute to a clutch getaway, and the same might be true for Epic’s battle royale too.

Since Fortnite players don’t slide off cars anymore either, it’ll be interesting to see if players will start driving downed players away from fights to safely rez them elsewhere.

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Fortnite Leak Gives Players New Hope for Naruto –

Fortnite players who double as Naruto fans have long been looking forward to the character’s potential arrival in the battle royale game, and thanks to a new leak from datamining efforts, hope for the character’s cameo may have been renewed. People have discovered a referenced to an unreleased Fortnite NPC that references a headband of sorts, a reference that’s immediately led to heightened expectations for Naruto to make an appearance.

HYPEX, the Fortnite dataminer who frequently shares discoveries like this one after looking through the game’s files, tweeted on Saturday that they’d come across an NPC referenced as part of the most recent Fortnite update. Though there wasn’t any other info included in the files about the NPC beyond the codename used to reference them, the name being “Headband” was enough to inspire assumptions about Naruto.

The character’s full codename is actually “HeadbandK,” HYPEX clarified afterwards, which does make the Naruto conclusions a bit trickier than if it were just “Headband” alone. Without knowing who this NPC might be, however, Naruto is as good of a guess as any right now.

While Naruto is still just a suspicion and a hope for some, other crossovers are much more guaranteed. Batman, for example is going to be making another appearance soon in Fortnite, though it won’t be the Batman people probably think of first. Instead, it’ll be the Batman Who Laughs variant, a DC character who will be coming to Fortnite as part of a crossover opportunity tied to the next Batman/Fortnite comic. The character will come with his own set of cosmetics, too, beyond just the skin itself.


Along with that skin, there are more to come in the future as well as part of some upcoming events. As usual, those skins have leaked ahead of schedule to show what they’ll look like, but Epic Games has not yet announced the arrival of each of them in the Item Shop. There’s reason to believe that a Fortnite crossover with Spider-Man could be happening, too, but like Naruto’s cameo, that one hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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In 2019, Fortnite almost transformed into Roblox (and it still could) – TweakTown

Fortnite could’ve become a lot more like Roblox with user-generated content sold in a specific in-game storefront.

In 2019, Fortnite almost transformed into Roblox (and it still could) 323 |

In 2019, Fortnite earnings dropped by 32% as per court documents. At the time, Epic was searching for ideas on how to reverse the dip and spark earnings growth. One idea saw Fortnite becoming more like Roblox, a billion-dollar competitor that servers up mini-games to users.

According to a recent countersuit in the Epic vs Google trial, Epic Games was exploring ideas to allow users to create monetized in-game content to sell in Fortnite’s storefront. “Internally, Epic also hoped to revive and reinvigorate Fortnite by pivoting its business whereby player-developers could create new content and Epic could share a majority of profit with those creators.”

It’s unclear what this new content would be–whether or not it was skins and cosmetics or larger things like mini-games, custom variants, or even maps–but in practice this would transform Fortnite from a game into a kind of platform similar to Roblox, or, say, the unpopular Creation Club store found in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and Skyrim games.

This could still happen at some point and we could see brands hiring third-party contractors to develop their own in-game content of some sort. Right now Fortnite is already a gigantic advertising billboard for the world’s most popular entertainment media and this trend could deepen even further.

The countersuit goes on to highlight how Epic Games’ breach of its Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA) was a calculated move:

After lackluster sales in early 2019, Epic began planning its intentional breach of the terms of the DDA in order to “draw Google into a legal battle over anti-trust” and “get[] around [Google’s] 30% revshare cut” as part of a campaign internally known as “Project Liberty.” Project Liberty was a highly choreographed attack on Apple and Google with two purposes:

(1) Epic sought a systematic change which would result in tremendous monetary gain and wealth, and

(2) Epic sought to challenge the policies and practices of Apple and Google which are an impediment to Mr. Sweeney’s vision of an oncoming metaverse.

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Fortnite Vote Ends, New Weapon Added –

Fortnite now has another new weapon in the loot pool following the conclusion of the latest community voting efforts. The most recent vote asked players to use their Gold Bars to vouch for either the Combat Assault Rifle or the Combat SMG, and now that the votes are in, the Combat Assault Rifle has been declared the winner. That means that whether you voted for that weapon or not, you’re now able to use it in-game.

Epic Games announced the results of the Combat Assault Rifle vs. Combat SMG votes on Saturday to say that the former had won the vote. That’s not too surprising since, between the two options, the Combat Assault Rifle seems to be the better all-around option, so it always seemed likely that it’d go this way.

Compared to the first vote that asked players to choose between two items that were more focused on utility as opposed to damage alone, this voting contest was resolved relatively quickly. That’s because the voting boards scattered around the Fortnite map now apparently require fewer total Gold Bars to end the vote and have one option declared a winner. The total required is almost half of what it was before, according to Fortnite dataminer HYPEX, so perhaps Epic Games felt that the last voting requirements took players too long to work through.

HYPEX also shared details on what the next votes will look like when they’re available. In the next vote after this one, players will be asked to choose between the Boogie Bomb and the Combat Shotgun. After that, the voting challenge will feature the Flint Lock pistol and the Proximity Launcher. Dates for those have not yet been announced, however, so it’s unclear when exactly they’ll start. Epic Games has periodically been sharing announcements on social media whenever these votes are available and when they’ve been wrapped up, so players should know soon what the plans are for this next community challenge.


With Halloween approaching, Fortnite players also have more of that type of content to look forward to. Additional DC content is coming as well with Batman Who Laughs cosmetics coming to the game soon alongside a new crossover comic.

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