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How to watch the Free Fire World Series 2019 – Dot Esports

The biggest tournament to date for Garena: Free Fire is just around the corner.

Twelve teams from around the world will battle it out this Saturday for their share of the $400,000 prize pool. The Free Fire World Series 2019 will be held at the Barra Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Nov. 16.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.


  • Eight rounds will be played on the two classic maps of the battle royale game: Bermuda and Purgatory.
  • The first round will be played on Bermuda, while the second will be played on Purgatory. This order will repeat until the eighth match.
  • A “Booyah!” will grant 300 points while a kill grants 20 points. Subsequent rankings will grant lesser points.
  • The team with the highest points after eight rounds will be crowned the champion of the Free Fire World Series 2019.


The first seeds from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, North America, Latin America South, Latin America North, Chinese Taipei and Malaysia, India MENA, Europe, and Russia will be making their way to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the World Series. As the host, the top two Brazilian teams will be participating in the tournament.

  • Dranix Esports (Indonesia)
  • Team Flash (Vietnam)
  • Corinthians (Brazil)
  • Arctic Gaming Mexico (North America)
  • Infinity Esports Mobile (Latam North)
  • Samurai Team (Latam South)
  • LOUD (Brazil)
  • Illuminate (Thailand)
  • Sbornaya ChR (EU/Russia)
  • LGDS (Taiwan/Malaysia)
  • Nawabzade (India)
  • Infinity_YT (MENA)


The tournament will be streamed on YouTube in 10 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, and Vietnamese. Fans can tune in on Nov. 16 to watch all the action unfold live at the Barra Olympic Park. A live performance by Brazilian DJ and record producer Alok will also be held at the World Series.

App Annie: customers to spend $75 billion on mobile games in 2020 – Game World Observer

What to expect from the mobile games market in 2020? App Annie has all the answers and graciously shares them in the latest report titled 5 Things You Need to Know for a Successful 2020 on Mobile.

The study looks at mobile in general. However, of the five trends that the analytical firm identifies, three are directly related to gaming. Before we delve into them, let’s overview the key numbers from the report.

Key numbers

  • over the first nine months of 2019, customer spending has grown 20% on mobile;
  • Q3 2019 saw users spend an unprecedented $23 billion in the App Store and Google Play;
  • in 2020, user spending will continue to grow, the total revenue is expected to reach around $105 billion;
  • $75 billion of this will come from games;
  • subscriptions will be the main driver of the revenue growth;
  • publishers will spend $240 billion on mobile advertising next year (up $50 billion from this year).

Gaming trends

Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass will pave the path for new innovative games and provide a new source of revenue for publishers.

App Annie analysts are confident about the future of gaming subscriptions. And for good reason, too. 95% of the top non-gaming apps by user spend in the US offer subscriptions. It logically follows that the game segment will successfully embrace this monetization model, even if the initial performance of Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass might not have rocked the mobile world.

Games will be the first to benefit from 5G

In the mobile market, core multiplayer games have become increasingly popular in recent years. In September, three of the ten most downloaded games of the month belonged to this niche (Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire). Moreover, these three are also the games in which players spent the greatest amount of time.

Low latency is of critical importance to this audience. That’s why App Annie believes that these titles will the first to take advantage of the widespread deployment of the next-generation networks.

Auto battlers have room to grow

This spring, auto battlers became a popular niche in its own right. The genre only born last January as a mod for Dota 2 has already spawned three big titles: Dota Underlords (Valve), Auto Chess: Origin (Dragonest Game / Drodo), and Chess Rush (Tencent) .

The hype around auto battlers has somewhat subsided by now. However, App Annie experts believe that the genre has a future. With some optimization, it can attract the attention of a wider player base in 2020.

The sutdy also suggests that games borrowing mechanics from several genres are more likely to become hits.

Rules of Survival celebrates its second anniversary with Score Royale, Hero Mode, and fresh login bonuses – Pocket Gamer

NetEase’s popular battle royale Rules of Survival is celebrating its second birthday in style with a special in-game event which is set to run from today until November 27th. It’ll feature 2 fresh game modes – Score Royale and Hero Mode – as well as some limited-time giveaways.

Score Royale sees two teams of 20 duking it out to be declared the winners. It’s said to put your tactics to the test, as a single mistake can lead to being ambushed by 5+ players at once. If you’d rather just mess about with friends without any stress, Score Royale also supports custom mode.

Hero Mode allows you to pick and choose from 10 specialised heroes to fight it out on Ghillie Island. Kinda like Garena Free Fire, each of these characters has their own unique skills and tactics, adding a bit more depth to matches.

Some of the new costumes arriving soon include the Demolisher and Hyper Sonic sets. These fresh looks will give you the ability to transform into, for example, a high-end sports car, which is pretty neat.

All supply items from past event will be available once again. On top of those, you can also expect a new ROSversary avatar frame and name card. During the event, airdrops will include diamonds for the bravest of players to fight over.

[embedded content]

During ROSversary, the usual daily login rewards will also start including diamonds. You’ll still get the normal rewards, too, so the diamonds are just a nice little bonus. You can also receive double rewards for logging in, which I’m told is a ‘once-a-year opportunity that no one can miss’.

Since launch back in 2017, Rules of Survival has amassed over 280 million downloads globally. We reviewed it at release, finding it to be both fun and a bit broken. I’m sure it’s come on by leaps and bounds since then, though.

If you want to find out for yourself, you can download it now from both the App Store and Google Play.

Nominate your Game of the Year for the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award 2020.

Garena Free Fire’s Free Fire World Series 2019 comes to a head this weekend – Pocket Gamer

The Free Fire World Series 2019 is set to come to a head this weekend as 12 teams from across the globe battle it out to become Free Fire World Champions. The last of the regional qualifiers – the Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019 season 3 finals – drew in over a whopping 1 million viewers at its peak, so you know for sure that this is going to be a pretty big deal.

The event itself will take place at the Barra Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’ll begin on Saturday, November 16th. If you’re not able to attend in person, the whole thing is being livestreamed over YouTube in 10 different languages.

[embedded content]

Up until November 18th, you’ll be able to participate in the Pick ‘N Win event. This challenges you to predict the winners of the event, which in turn will unlock daily missions for you to take on. Predicting a winner correctly will earn you some tokens, which can then be used to redeem special rewards. Tickets can be earned by completing the event missions.

Those who correctly predict who will “Booyah” each round of the tournament, as well as the overall champion, will earn themselves the game’s latest emote known as ‘Battle Flag’.

And here’s a full list of all the teams competing to become Free Fire World Champions:

  • Dranix Esports (Indonesia)
  • Team Flash (Vietnam)
  • Corinthians (Brazil)
  • Arctic Gaming Mexico (North America)
  • Infinity Esports Mobile (Latam North)
  • Samurai Team (Latam South)
  • LOUD (Brazil)
  • Illuminate (Thailand)
  • Sbornaya ChR (EU/Russia)
  • LGDS (TW/MY)
  • Nawabzade (India)
  • Infinity_YT (MENA)

If you’d like to find out more about Garena Free Fire, Dann put together a sizeable feature earlier this year where he argued that it may well be ‘the biggest and best mobile battle royale you’re not playing’. We’ve also got some advanced tips, tricks, and guides to help improve your game.

And if you’re yet to give it a go, you’ll find Garena Free Fire available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

Nominate your Game of the Year for the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award 2020.

Garena Free Fire 1.41.0 Update is Now Available for Download with Gameplay Stability Improvements – BleeBot

When it comes to mobile games, there is nothing more fun than playing a Battle Royale. Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royales for smartphones and what makes this mobile game stand out is the fact that it gives players incentive to fight each other right from the start and to not sneak around in the bushes as it happens in other games such as PUBG Mobile.

Nonetheless, today we are talking about Garena Free Fire because the mobile game has just received a new update and it’s arriving via OTA (over the air) channels to all Garena Free Fire fans. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything that Garena Free Fire fans need to know about the new update.

Garena Free Fire 1.41.0 Update

The latest update for Garena Free Fire is changing the mobile game’s version number to 1.41.0 and the only thing that Garena Free Fire fans need to do in order to access the update is to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and wait for it to pop up in the notifications panel.

Alternatively, the update can also be manually downloaded in the form of APK (Android Package Kit). This type of updates can only be installed on Android-powered smartphones that have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option.

What’s New?

Considering the fact that Garena Free Fire is played by tens of millions of people at any given hour, it should come as no surprise that the developers of the mobile game are putting a high priority on making the gameplay stable. This is why thee latest update is introducing a bunch of bug fixes and software improvements which are enhancing the overall gameplay stability of Garena Free Fire and lowering the chances of random crashes.



Arya Spetza helped bring BleebBot to a full-fledged tech news site by researching the latest technology gigs. She continues to assist in keeping the site covering all kinds of techy subjects.

Top 10 streamed games of the week: Death Stranding racks up over 11 million hours-watched during launch weekend – Influencer Update has teamed up with esports and streaming analytics firm Stream Hatchet to bring you weekly charts of the most popular games in the streaming space.

This chart documents the most-watched games by hours across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer and Facebook.

Each week we’ll be documenting the top ten most-watched titles across all the major streaming platforms so you can see which games are thriving among content creators and which titles are waning in popularity. We also have a chart documenting the week’s biggest content creators.

This chart covers the week commencing November 4th.

Most-watched games

League of Legends shows tops the chart for another week and it shows no signs of stopping. Despite a 12 per cent drop in views, Riot’s flagship title racked up over 31.4 million hours last week.

Fortnite takes its usual spot in second and sees a 15.6 per cent decrease, amassing around 19.7 million hours in the last week. It’s followed by PUBG Mobile in third, which saw an 8.55 per cent rise in views.

Grand Theft Auto V moves up one place to fourth even with a 7.2 per cent decrease in views. Rockstar’s online opus drummed up around 11 million hours watched across streaming platforms last week. Mobile title Garena Free Fire is still on the rise, racking up 11.6 million hours after an 11.6 per cent hop in views. 

Death Stranding is the new entry this week, coming into the chart at number six following its long-awaited release last Friday. It racked up around 11.3 million hours watched over the weekend, and that number looks set to rise during this week.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sees the biggest dropoff the week, losing around 40 per cent of its views. It’s closely followed by Minecraft, which also saw a 20.9 per cent decrease in views. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive drops one place to ninth following a 10.9 per cent decrease also. 

Dota 2 closes the chart for another week, and it also sees a 17.7 per cent rise in views. The Dota 2 Summit 11 Minor event took place last weekend which seems to have caused a spike in views for the title. 

Massively popular battle royale Garena Free Fire passes 1 billion USD in gross revenue – Pocket Gamer

Garena Free Fire, the massively popular battle royale, continues to be one of the biggest, most profitable games around. Earlier today, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted out that it’s now the latest title to hit $1 billion in gross revenue.

Turns out it was also the highest grossing game in Southeast Asia and Latin America during Q3 2019. If you’ve never heard of it prior to now, I’m not hugely surprised. Earlier this year, Dann put out a piece drawing attention to the game, claiming it’s potentially the ‘biggest and best mobile battle royale you’re not playing’.

What sets it apart from other, similar games is its ability to run on lower-spec devices, as well as its focus on hero-style character classes and abilities. Each round plays out over the span of 10 minutes, and the standard battle royale mode features only 50 players. This keeps matches feeling a whole lot faster than, say, PUBG Mobile.

Ahmad then goes on to discuss the game’s Esports scene, bringing up that the Free Fire World Series amassed more than 100 million cumulative views, with the final match of the Brazil qualifiers peaking at 1+ million alone.

[embedded content]

All of this is obviously super impressive, even more so when you consider that so many battle royale fans have never heard of the game. Last week, it was announced that Brazilian musician Alok would become the game’s resident DJ. He’s since been added as a playable character, fit with his own special AOE healing skills.

If you want to discover what all the fuss is about, you’ll find Garena Free Fire available for download now for free from both the App Store and Google Play. You never know, it may well become your go-to battle royale.

Nominate your Game of the Year for the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award 2020.

Why Are More Gamers Visiting Websites Like AndroidHackers? – TechMalak


With mobile gaming becoming more of a trend, an increasing number of people are looking to get better at mobile gaming.

To do so, more people are visiting sites AndroidHackers and others.

From games to mods and more, whatever one might need to get better at mobile games, AndroidHackers has it all.

Now you might ask what such websites do?

After all, mods and hacks have been around for decades when it comes to video games.

What These Websites Are All About

Mobile Game Mods

These platforms are primarily a place which offers players to download mobile games, modes, and other applications.

From FPS games to various arcade titles, there is something for everyone.

Here’s the official seal from AndroidHackers:

We have the best Android hacks and mods for your favorite games. All verified and working hacks/mods apps.

3 Things You Can Get From AndroidHackers

Websites like AndroidHackers provide:

  • Free mobile games
  • Applications
  • Mods/hacks

These three are essential when someone wants to have an ideal gaming experience. 

Mobile Games

When it comes to mobile games, adults, teens, and young children are playing them.

Everyone has a mobile devices, and playing mobile games is becoming more popular as more powerful smartphones are introduced to the market.

Mobile gaming has an impressive 10bn USD in North American revenue.

AndroidHackers features genres such as:

  • First-person shooters
  • Sports
  • Arcade
  • Board games
  • Multiplayer
  • Real-time strategy
  • Racing
  • Fighting
  • Adventure

For example, some of the most trending games include FIFA 20, Call of Duty Mobile, NFS racing, Escapist 2, Shadow Fight 2, Alien Blackout.


AndroidHackers Mobile

Each game comes with a different MOD which enables a player to use the proved hacks for a better gaming experience.

Each Mod or hack comes with a different set of attributes depending on the genre and game a user is playing.

For example, if you are playing FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Garena Free Fire, etc. then a Mod will help you to have auto-aim functionality and you can also see players easily with a wallhack.

However,  these are some of the possible MODs you can achieve  from

You can also save money on items such as vehicles, weapons, and character skins.

MODs will unlock every high tier cosmetics and weapons that will enable a person to win multiplayer battles.

Moreover, you can receive an unlimited amount of coins, gems, gold, etc. depending on the game.

This helps in levelling up quickly, while playing against the best opponents of a game.

Through gems, gold coins, and other in-game currencies, users can also buy a battle pass, and loot boxes for enhancing their gaming experience.

Apart from it all, most of these hacks don’t require rooting of an Android device which means it is safe to download and use it without harming your phone in any way.



Lastly, a gamer can also opt for select applications for their games.

In short, these applications eliminate the option of having to download a new hack or MOD for each game.

Once downloaded and installed these will simply crack all the games which are present in an Android device upon activating it.

Depending on the game, users will receive in-game items and currency for the ideal gaming experience.

Some of the popular apps include Lucky Patcher, SB Gamer Hack APK, Game Guardian, etc.

These are some of the reasons why the demand for websites like AndroidHackers is increasing on a daily basis.

They are just the new way of obtaining hacks and mods, versus what we had to do with our Sega Genesis, Nintendo, SNES, DreamCast and more.

 Get your games, hacks, and other applications today for the ultimate gaming experience 

Analysing the success of Free Fire, the other king of Battle Royal – Gamasutra

The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.
The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.

On the front of mobile battle royal, mobile declinations of the PC pioneers were thought to be unrivaled. But mobile only Free Fire, from Singapore company Garena has shaken up the market and is now dominant in both South America and South East Asia. In many countries, Free Fire is not only first in its genre, but is also at the top of the mobile revenue chart. The game ranks number one in Brazil with 36 million dollars in 2018, and number 2 in Thailand with more than 8 million that same year according Sensor Tower. also revealed that the game new installs increased by 81% every year since its release, making it the most downloaded mobile battle royal (excluding China). There is a lot to learn from the success of Free Fire on a game design and monetization standpoint. Free Fire can also set a great example for western game companies on how to adapt and localize to high potential developing markets. Here I want to share a short analysis on what I think are the reasons for the game’s success, starting with its edge on optimization (1); how it adapts the battle royal formula to casual gamers (2); its monetization strategy (3); and the way it handles operations (4). 

A Strong Optimization

The reach the game market of developing countries, Garena worked hard on making sure Free Fire ran smoothly on low end devices. According to Device Atlas, in Mexico and Brazil, the most popular device for 2019 Q2 were the iphone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy J2. The latter, released in 2016, offers a performance of 1.5 GB of RAM and has an internal memory that goes from 8 to 16GB. It’s fair to say that most Battle Royal games don’t run so smoothly on this kind of device. PUBG mobile and the recently released Call of Duty Mobile requires at least 2GB of RAM and require more than 1.5 GB of storage, while Fortnite requires at least 3GB of RAM. Other slightly less demanding competitors like Knives Out and Rules of Survival need at least 2GB to get installed. 

Meanwhile Free Fire takes about 900MB of storage on Android (store size) and can be played with only 1GB of RAM, making it an ideal choice for devices with low performance. But smaller size goes with less content. The game’s two maps are small, less detailed and diverse compared to its competitors. However, the resolution effectively adapts to a wide variety of devices. On a 1GB RAM phone, shadows and most light effects are either absent or less visible, the map generates at a slower pace, and the environment looks very pixelated. But the core gameplay elements of the game are only marginally impacted. Shooting, running, and jumping works on both high and low end phones.


                                                  Free Fire’s lobby on 1GB and 3GB RAM devices

Players can also edit the performance of the game in the settings. They can change the graphics, the framerate and whether or not there is shadow. 

A casual spin

Free Fire managed to resonate with casual mobile players by renewing the Battle Royal recipe. The first thing the game does is drastically reducing the number of contestants landing on the island from 100 to 50. Games are therefore much shorter: the average time you need to end in first place is about 10 minutes in Free Fire, instead of 20 minutes for PUBG mobile. Free Fire’s two maps are also faster to traverse and have lower number of locations. Other gameplay mechanics contribute in keeping the pace fast. Several times during a game, a drone will fly over the map, revealing the position of players it crosses on the radar. Also, buildings do not have any doors or windows, making them less suitable for slow, hide-and-seek games. Finally, in a recent update, the game features “high loot area” marked on the radar, encouraging even more early game killings. 

Free Fire also greatly lowered the skill threshold necessary to start playing and enjoying the game. Just like other mobile shooters, many players landing on the island are actually bots, especially during the early games. Easy kills against NPCs help to boost the player’s confidence and overall retention. Also, similar to PUBG mobile, player’s position is revealed on the radar when they start shooting. There is no icon appearing when an enemy is moving nearby, but the sound of the player’s pace is loud, making them easily spottable at a distance. 

But the mechanic that really sets it apart from other mobile BR is the heavy reliance on aim assist. Aim assist is nothing new in shooting games, and you can even find it in Call of Duty mobile. But Free Fire pushes it to another level with the aim literally following the players as they run away from you. The aim will automatically lock on the enemy to lower your chance of you missing him. Also when you zoom in with your gun, the aim will turn red when an opponent is on your line of fire, which helps to know when to take the shot. This is partially balanced by a relatively fast jump with little cooldown time, which can allow skilled players to dodge the shots. But overall, Free Fire is very welcoming game for mobile players and people who have never played shooters. 


                                                 Aim turns red when enemy is on line of fire

A hardcore monetization

At first sight, Free Fire has a very classic monetization scheme. First there is an elite pass that gets renewed every season. The player gets rewards by playing, and unlocks extra rewards by buying the elite pass. There is also a store where player may use “gems” bought against real currency to directly buy skins. Many weekly events are also present to encourage retention and player spending.

The game also has a casino feature to get store items through luck draws. This feature is put out quite bluntly in the Luck Royale menu. In Luck Royale you will find 3D boxes that clearly look like slot machines, with “megaluck” in fluorescent color on top of them. Each has a different currency you can use, whether it’s in game “gold currency”, diamonds that you need to purchase or event tickets. The slot machine gives you an estimation of your chance to get an epic item, each new draw increasing your chances of getting better loot. This feature is quite popular among Free Fire youtubers, who post videos about their draws. 

What makes the game stand out is its light RPG system. In Free Fire you start the game with a generic character. Once you are familiar with the base mechanics of the game, you will find that there is a set of 20 characters, each with one unique and easy to understand ability. One of them deals more damage at low PH, another one has increased accuracy etc. To this day, 10 characters are unlockable with ingame “gold” that you can grind, all the others need to be bought with real currency. Each character can have his ability upgraded to level 6. You can upgrade it by playing lots of games or straight out pay up to speed the process. In addition, the player may add two abilities from other characters to his own, which requires a lot of extra grinding and real currency to open the two other ability slots. 


                                                        Free Fire monetizes character ability upgrades

Aside from the characters, two other elements have real gameplay effects. In the store and in loot boxes, players may acquire gun skins. These skins value is not only cosmetic, they also change the stats of the corresponding gun on the island, from accuracy, damage, to rate of fire, giving their owner a significant advantage. Also, players can acquire equipment that will help them during the game. You can bring a bonfire that refills HP, summon airdrop an equipment crate, get a map that notifies you where the resupply locations are on the map… You can get some of them with ingame currency, win them during battle or buy them with real currency. The key point is that overall when stacked up, these elements can have a real impact on the gameplay. Free Fire thus breaks the myth of players landing on an island equally “naked”, where skill is the main factor for survival. Paying players may have a significant advantage over non paying ones. And this did not stop the game from being successful. 

Localized Operations

Free Fire roll out of new content and events is fast and localized. Each season lasts between one to two months but new skins and sometimes characters are added to the store on a weekly basis. Two things are worth noting on the skins. First, they strive to match the preferences of major countries in South America and South East Asia. There were specific skins and events for the Brazilian Carnaval back in March, events related to the Mexican Day of the Dead back in November of last year, one of the main playable characters is the Monkey King, a Chinese figure quite popular in South East Asia… To promote its content, Free Fire does not only have seperated Facebook and Twitter accounts for each country but also specific Youtube accounts (one for Brazil, rest of LATAM, India, Indonesia etc.). Each country follows its own marketing strategy, with specific influencers and events. 

Second, the mainline store content takes heavy inspiration from mainstream pop culture. Most of the cast of characters will probably look quite familiar for most players: the character Andrew looks similar to John Wick, Rafael looks like Agent 47 from Hitman, cloth skins may look like the Joker, or Fallout etc. Overall, Free Fire has no main theme, and its content and events can take inspiration from popular culture from all sides, whether it’s anime or live action movies. 

Finally, a noteworthy element of Free Fire strategy is esport competition. Mobile esport is not a big thing in the west. Only a few titles, notably Hearthstone and Supercell games have managed to create meaningful competitive events. In this field, Garena has been a major actor, organizing big events across South East Asia for games such as Tencent moba mega-hit Arena of Valor and FIFA Online. But first, Garena has organized several local events in countries where Free Fire had a big following. In Brazil, there is yearly competition called Free Fire Pro League, in which any team can participate. This year the final took place as an offline event in Sao Paulo, the Youtube video has a total of 13 million views to this day. The best team competed at the world championship in Bangkok for the Garena world championship to win a 100k dollar prize pool. According to esports chart, the Free Fire event set a record with a total of 1.7 million concurrent viewers on Youtube (against 174000 for the PUBG mobile 2018 event). The appeal around these competitions were supported with the help of many local influencers and youtubers, as well as free fire ingame events and social media promotion. And indeed, the point of these world competition seems first and foremost to build local communities around the game. 


                                                            Winners of the 2019 Free Fire World Cup

To sum up

  • Free Fire has a competitive edge in South America and South East Asia thanks to a game optimized for low end device and a gameplay adjusted to casual mobile players
  • The game is successfully monetized thanks to a fast roll out of cosmetic content but also because of its light RPG progression system, where upgrading your character(s) has actual gameplay effects
  • Garena has managed to build local communities around its game by promoting localized content and events, and by organizing regional eSports competitions

DJ Alok to perform at the Free Fire World Series 2019, receive in-game character – Dot Esports

Garena Free Fire has inked a partnership with Brazilian DJ and record producer Alok, who will appear as a playable character and will perform in the pre-match holding area of all Free Fire matches. He will also be performing live at the upcoming Free Fire World Series in Brazil.

The DJ will perform an “exclusive set” at the Free Fire World Series 2019, which is set to be the biggest esports tournament for the battle royale game to date. The tournament will be held on Nov. 16 at the Barra Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro where the 12 top Free Fire teams from around the globe will battle for a share of the $400,000 prize pool.

“As a huge fan of Free Fire myself, I am truly delighted to be a part of its universe,” said Alok. “I cannot be more excited to bring my music to the millions of players in the game and to further excite our fans.”

His in-game character will have an “Area of Effect” ability that will heal nearby teammates and allows them to run faster. Garena also promised that proceeds from the character will go to charity partners around the globe.