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Category Archives: Minecraft

How to create various furniture in vanilla Minecraft – Sportskeeda

Minecraft players seeking to add some life to the interior of their bases can create furniture for the interior. Seen in the image above, players can create intricate furniture without adding any third-party mods.

Furniture can turn an otherwise boring interior into a detailed wonderland that can express the player’s creativity in a unique way. Players tend to focus on the exterior of their bases and forget to work on the interiors. Here are a few ways players can create intricate furniture to add some character to the interiors of their bases.

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Tips on how to create various furniture designs in vanilla Minecraft


Some amazing seat designs (Image via 5 things players need to know about hostile mobs in Minecraft

Alcohol Keg

A great little addition (Image via An awesome kitchen design with prismarine (Image via Redditor showcases their prismarine farm


A stunning bathroom design (Image via

Those looking for additional furniture designs can watch the video above.

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Edited by david.benjamin

Minecraft: 5 best custom survival maps – Sportskeeda

Minecraft’s Survival Mode can be daunting at times for newer players or the completely uninitiated, but custom survival maps turn up the heat significantly with their challenge.

Custom survival maps are individual worlds created by the Minecraft community to challenge players’ wills to survive. These maps often have incredibly dangerous terrain, mobs and limited resources that force players to conserve what they have and try to ration themselves in order to avoid death. For Minecraft players who have played Survival Mode extensively or simply those looking for a change of pace, custom survival maps can bring an intense and rewarding experience.

Here are five of the most famous and engaging custom survival maps.

Minecraft: 5 custom survival maps certain to challenge players

5) Wild West

Image via Mojang Image via MojangMinecraft players aren’t feeling the wide open western expanse, maybe they’d prefer the cold and lonely reaches of space. Ermin Caft’s Deadly Orbit pits players against the quickly-declining situation aboard the International Space Station. They will need to improve situations on the station before finding its few survivors and returning to Earth. Minecraft players can expect extreme food shortages, so much so that it is common to die from hunger.

Caft’s only rules for this map are to play on at least Easy difficulty and to play on Survival Mode, but the latter really goes without saying.

3) Stranded Raft

Image via Mojanghostile wildlife.

Caft has advised for optimal experience, players install the PureBDcraft texture pack, Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shader pack, and Karyonix’s GLSL shaders mod update.

2) Cube Survival

Image via Mojang Image via Mojang Edited by Gautham Balaji

How to build an iron farm in Minecraft 1.17 version – Sportskeeda

Iron is one of Minecraft’s most vital resources in Survival Mode world, and its use in countless crafting recipes means that players will need it in abundance.

Fortunately, the game’s community has been devising a means to farm iron for several versions of the game’s release. If done correctly, an iron farm saves an abundance of time and resources. These farms can vary in size, from massive undertakings to something as simple as a 5×5 footprint. They will of course yield differing amounts of iron, but a steady amount of any quantity is better than none at all.

Minecraft: The 5×5 iron farm method

Image via MojangMinecraft version 1.17 has brought plenty of new materials and blocks, but what is needed for this project isn’t anything flashy. To begin the undertaking of making their iron farm, Minecraft players will need a list of the following resources:

  • 36 Stone or any solid structural block.
  • Wool to be used as a temporary block. This can be swapped with most other blocks in Minecraft as long as it is easily broken.
  • One dirt block.
  • One lever.
  • Four block stacks of Oak leaves, otherwise Minecraft players can use tilled land or carpet to make a block non-spawnable.
  • One Shroomlight or Glowstone block, players may substitute with any light-producing block in a pinch.
  • Three beds.
  • 37 Stone Slabs.
  • Four chests.
  • 2 Hoppers.
  • 10 glass blocks.
  • 9 Spruce Trap Doors. These trap doors can alternatively be made of any other wood or even metal in Minecraft if desirable.
  • 7 standard rails.
  • 1 powered rail.
  • 1 Minecart.
  • 3 stone stairs.
  • 2 wooden stairs.
  • 36 fence pieces.
  • Proximity to Minecraft villagers.
  • A zombie or two.

Although this farm can be made on a 5×5 footprint, Minecraft players will need a 21×21 grid to make it un-spawnable. Once they have their grid ready, they can assemble the farm as follows:

  1. Head to the center of the 5×5 grid and place the Shroomlight or Glowstone in the center block.
  2. Place the three beds evenly spread over the light source evenly and vertically. The middle bed should cover the light-creating block.
  3. Place a Double Chest to the top-right of the beds but still within the 5×5 grid. Place a Hopper on the right side of this Double Chest. Then, place a second Double Chest on top of the right side of the first Double Chest so that it covers the Hopper as well. Lastly, place a final Hopper on top of the right side of the second Double Chest.
  4. With the beds facing upright, remove the block above the head of the leftmost bed. Place a Stone Slab in the hole that is left.
  5. Take the temporary wool block and place it on the block next to where the slab is placed. The temporary block should be behind the headrest of the middle bed.
  6. Build a three block-high wall around the chests and Hoppers. Be certain the chests are openable by using stairs above the chest lids for the wall.
  7. Build a one block-high wall around the beds, then follow that wall with a line of glass blocks on top of those same wall blocks.
  8. Begin to fill in the loose spaces within the grid, placing a reversed stair block near the one spot not covered by a wall or glass pane.
  9. Add another layer of blocks over the glass ones, the wall should now be a total of three blocks high.
  10. Use the six Spruce Trap Doors to cover the top opening of the structure built. This will make a spawnable floor.
  11. Place five fence pieces along the side of the trap doors length-wise.
  12. Place wooden stairs opposite of each other right next to the endpoints of the fence.
  13. Fence in the remaining perimeter, including over the Hopper. This will not interfere with the Hopper.
  14. Build the fencing to three blocks high on every side but the first lengthwise set placed.
  15. Place three trap doors in the middle of the three-block-high fences and activiate them so that they are open.
  16. Cover the fencing’s top with trap doors. Continue placing trap doors until it covers the entire floor area as a roof.
  17. Place three trap doors on the underside of the roof two blocks vertically from the Hopper.
  18. Place a lava bucket between the trap doors mounted on the fence and those mounted on the roof. If done correctly, the lava should be stuck between the trap doors. Holding lava in place is a Minecraft staple and should be a fairly standard procedure.
  19. Place two water buckets on the stair steps. The water should flow across the floor and towards the Hopper.
  20. Back on the base floor, from the opening in the wall, place rails to the perimeter of the 21×21 grid. At the end, place a dirt block and the Oak leaf block on top of it. Be sure the rail piece next to it is a powered one.
  21. Place a lever on the side of the dirt block opposite the powered rail.
  22. Open the bedside walls and wait for evening time, nearby villagers should flock to the beds.
  23. Surround the walls with spaded land, and fill the area not spaded with the Oak leaf blocks.
  24. This part will be difficult in Survival Mode. Minecraft players must wait until a zombie has lined up so that its hitbox is on the placed rails.
  25. Once the zombie is close enough to the Minecart on the powered rail, throw the switch and the Minecart will transport the zombie over to the sleeping villagers.
  26. Remove the temporary wool block.
  27. Iron Golems will begin to spawn at the top of the structure.
  28. Players may choose to replace the rail blocks with leaf blocks as well.
  29. Wall the Minecart zombie in with the villagers, and the farm is complete.
  30. Open the chests at the Minecraft player’s leisure and harvest the iron inside.

For a more detailed visual aid, the video below is a reference to this Minecraft iron farm guide:

Though this may seem like one of Minecraft’s more complex farms, it is as small and compact as they come in Minecraft version 1.17.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji

Impaling enchantment in Minecraft: Everything players need to know – Sportskeeda

Impaling is an enchantment that players can place only on the trident in Minecraft. The trident is a powerful weapon in Minecraft that players must go into the water to obtain. This weapon can only be obtained by defeating a drowned.

Drowned mobs are zombie mobs that have drowned underwater and been converted to a drowned zombie mob that lives underwater. Only a few of the drowned mobs carry the trident, so players will really just have to get lucky.

It is not guaranteed that every group of drowned mobs will grant players with a trident. There is no way of knowing which group of drowned mob has a trident in their possession.

The average amount of tridents that a player will get from fighting off one group of drowned is 1 – 2 tridents.

Players will need a potion of water breathing or a helmet enchanted with respiration in order to swim down to the drowned, defeat them, obtain the tridents and swim back up before drowning.

In this article, players will learn everything they need to know about the implaing enchantment in Minecraft, and how to place it on the trident!

Trident Impaling enchantment in Minecraft

What does it do?

(Image via bugs,mojang)mobs.

If a player already has a trident, but is looking for more, using a trident equipped with impaling will help fight off the drowned mobs faster and more efficiently.

Players will be able to slay a group of drowned mobs and look for tridents faster if they already have a trident with impaling attached to it. Mobs will die quicker with each hit, and it will not take the player long to defeat the group.

How to equip it

(Image via SeaOfPixels on Youtube)enchantment and an enchanted book of impaling to place the enchantment on the trident using the anvil.

Enchanting tables are crafted using four blocks of obsidian, two diamonds and one book. Players will need lapis lazuli and enchantment levels in order to use the enchanting table.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji

Best iPhone Game Updates: ‘Minecraft’, ‘League of Legends Wild Rift’, ‘Minion Rush’, ‘Toy Blast’, and More – Touch Arcade

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It’s time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. It’s a busy week ahead for me, but I somehow managed to put this one together. I don’t like missing weeks unless something rad is happening, as you know. So here are some games from all corners that got cool new versions in the last week, assembled for your reading pleasure. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is just here to fill you in on the things you might have missed. Let’s go for it!

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG, Free

Adam Warlock leads the charge in this latest update for Marvel Strike Force. The update sows the seeds for many cool new things, like new playable characters Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, and Moondragon. Gamora gets juiced up with an Empowered form, and she gets new ability upgrades alongside her sister Nebula. There are new costumes for a number of heroes including Loki, Black Widow, Iceman, and Deadpool. Naturally, there are new events to go with all of this. Aside from the new content, a bunch of bugs have been fixed and some UI improvements have been made.

World of Tanks Blitz PVP MMO, Free

World of Tanks Blitz is celebrating its seventh anniversary, somehow. Yikes, I remember reviewing that in my second year for TouchArcade. Was it so long ago? I guess so. Anyway, there’s some theme park in this update called Blitzland? Improved graphics quality, always nice. A new branch of American Tier VII-X heavies, with four fresh rides all-up. And two whole battle modes with intriguing names like Mad Games (they are upset, very upset) and Uprising (they are moving in an upward direction, very up). Sounds fun. Check it out if you like tanks or seventh anniversaries.

Toy Blast, Free

It’s the obligatory free-to-play matching puzzle game update of the week, and I’m not even going to pretend I looked around hard for this one. Hey, it’s Toy Blast! 50 new levels, fancy that! Something in the description about archaeologists and mummies. Hey, that’s like that old movie/game/comic that I liked! You’re either in this deep already and don’t really care too much about all of this because you just need more levels, or you’re never going to be this deep and wouldn’t notice if I made up the theme. You decide, friends.

Minion Rush, Free

Speaking of milestones for games that I reviewed early on in my time at TouchArcade, Minion Rush is celebrating an unbelievable one billion downloads. That is just… incredible. This game has essentially outlived the movie franchise’s popularity, and it just keeps going. Ugh, someone’s going to sass me in the comments about that statement. Oh well. So this update has a special event going where everyone works together to unlock a special gift. Don’t tell Gameloft I told you, but you’re getting that special gift no matter what happens. There are some new special missions and some new costumes including Ice Cream Stuart. A billion downloads. Why couldn’t Spider-Man Unlimited be the one to last this long? It had Swiney-Girl! Swiney-Girl!

Minecraft, $6.99

Caves and cliffs? Why Minecraft, you’re spoiling us. Wait a minute! Caves and cliffs were already in this game! Okay, let’s read more carefully. New mobs, blocks, and items? Axolotls and Glow Squids. Goats that will ram you off the edges of cliffs like the human-screaming jerks that they are. And if you use copper to build structures, they’ll now age over time! Will they turn green? That would be neat. Well, it’s not every day we get a substantial update to Minecraft. I suppose that merits a coveted UMMSotW award if anything does this week.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Free

Sometimes big updates have very little in the way of notes. Such is the case with this latest version of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, which adds the new expansion Once Upon a Pyre. That’s really all the game’s update description has to offer, but I can’t fill a paragraph with that so research, ho! This is the first expansion of the Price of Power set and includes 26 new cards to play with. It’s a free update, which is nice. And that indeed is all there is to it, so have at it if you’re that-way inclined.

Sky: Children of the Light, Free

There are a couple of things going on in this update, which arrives as the Season of Assembly comes to a close. First up is a new feature called Shared Spaces. You get to decorate a corner of the Treehouse as you see fit and share it with your friends as a hang-out spot. There are also new outfit items to celebrate the Days of Rainbow, which I’m going to go out on a limb and guess is related to Pride Month. Some colorful new fashion choices either way. I’m guessing the next update is going to be a bigger one, but we’ll see.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, Free

This game is already on its third season? Wow, those just blow by in this game. So what does Season 3 have to offer? A bunch of new Seasonal Gangs and Bosses, including Dark Spyro, Gnasty Gnorc, Dr. N. Gin, and Koala Kong. A new Bandicoot Pass with Leaderboard rewards. As you might infer from the above list of new bosses, there are some Spyro-themed Battle Runs with some cool Spyro-inspired costumes. There are new Missions to complete, some new Survival Runs, and a whole bag of much-needed bug fixes and optimizations. Hey, when will this game reach a billion downloads?

Fledgling Heroes,

A quick glance at Apple Arcade tells me that the colorful and charming Fledgling Heroes got an update this week. It has a whole new world to explore in the form of the Folded Fields. Apparently there’s a new flying friend about? There are new enemies to avoid and/or beat as necessary, along with some surprising hazards to mix things up. Remember, if everything is going to the birds, you might as well join them. Just remember that you’re one of the flightless models, eh? Rustle about for grub and enjoy your superior land speed. Maybe one day you’ll be a mighty chocobo.

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Free

League of Legends: Wild Rift gets its 2.3 patch, and it brings an assortment of goodies to be released over the next couple months. The biggest of the lot is that four new champions are coming to the game. Well, new in the sense that they are new to this game, but League of Legends fans will probably recognize them. Irelia, Riven, Lucian, and Senna will be joining the line-up soon. You can score the first two for free by playing the new Broken Blades event, with “can” being the operative word. Let’s see what else we have here. New skins, a new way to level up with your friends, and some reworked runes. Hey, that’s not a bad update at all.

That about wraps it up for last week’s significant updates. I’m sure I’ve missed some, though, so please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think something should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely get their own news stories throughout this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to summarize and fill in the blanks. Have a great week!

How to get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft, and how to use it – Gamesradar

If you’re wondering how to get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft, then you’ve clearly discovered Amethyst – one of the best new resources added in Minecraft 1.17. It’s beautiful, it can be grown, and it can be used to craft a Spyglass or Tinted Glass. Before you start searching for Minecraft amethyst though, make sure you know what an Amethyst Geode is, how you can recognize one, and where the Amethyst Buds spawn. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Amethyst in Minecraft 1.17.

Where to find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Amethyst

(Image credit: Mojang)

To find an Amethyst Geode in Minecraft 1.17, it’s best to just go underground and start mining. You don’t necessarily have to go deep though: Amethyst geodes can spawn between y: 0 to y: 70. Amethyst Geodes are not that hard to spot either. These mineral structures are very big and often cracked, which means that you might see the faint glowing light from a distance.

Keep an eye out for smooth basalt while mining. This is the dark outer layer of an Amethyst Geode. Break through this first layer to find calcite, and then continue to find the amethyst. Inside, you’ll find Blocks of Amethyst, Budding Amethyst, Amethyst Buds, and Amethyst Clusters. Let’s go over which is which:

How to get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft from Amethyst Clusters

Minecraft 1.17 Amethyst

(Image credit: Mojang)

If you mine amethyst in Minecraft 1.17, you get the Minecraft Amethyst Shard item. This is the type of Minecraft amethyst used for crafting. Amethyst Shards are dropped from the growing minerals called Amethyst Clusters. These are found growing inside the Amethyst Geodes.

It’s important to only mine the fully grown ones, as the smaller Minecraft Amethyst Buds won’t drop any Amethyst Shards. There are three growth stages before an Amethyst Bud becomes an Amethyst Cluster. Take a look at the picture above to distinguish them!

Amethyst Clusters drop two Minecraft Amethyst Shards when broken with a random tool, and four when mined with a pickaxe. The number of Amethyst Shard drops can further increase by using the Fortune enchantment. 

Budding Amethyst and Blocks of Amethyst in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Amethyst

(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft Amethyst Clusters and Amethyst Buds grow on Budding Amethyst blocks. You can recognize them by the cross-shape on their sides. Note that you can’t mine Budding Amethyst, but you can come back to find newly-spawned Amethyst Buds. 

The other solid amethyst block is called a ‘Block of Amethyst’, and can only be mined with a pickaxe. This block is purely decorative, and cannot grow Amethyst Buds. You can use Amethyst Shards to create more Minecraft Blocks of Amethyst if you want to use them as a building material.

Minecraft Amethyst recipes – spyglass and tinted glass

Minecraft 1.17 Amethyst

(Image credit: Mojang)

Besides being a posh new building material, amethyst can be used to craft the following items:

  • Spyglass. One Amethyst Shard placed on top of two Copper Ingots makes a Spyglass. Spyglasses can be used to zoom in.
  • Tinted Glass. One block of glass with an Amethyst Shard on every side will create two blocks of Tinted Glass. Tinted Glass is a building material which blocks all light (but you can still see through it). It can’t suffocate mobs, but it can be reused when broken.
  • Block of Amethyst. As mentioned before, this is purely decorative. You can craft a Block of Amethyst using four Amethyst Shards.

Time to dig up some Amethyst Shards and build that luxurious amethyst mansion!

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How to find and use Copper in Minecraft 1.17 – GamesRadar+

MInecraft Copper arrived in Minecraft 1.17 as a new block and ore you collect and craft. In its crafting form, Copper Ingots are used to create new Minecraft 1.17 items like the Spyglass or the Lightning Rod. Although Copper is relatively easy to mine, there are a few things you should know about it, such as its oxidation process and its ideal mining level.

This is everything you need to know about Minecraft Copper in 1.17: where to find it, how to get Copper Ingots, how to wax Copper, and how to use it.

How to find Copper in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Copper

(Image credit: Mojang)

To get Minecraft Copper Ingots, you need to find Copper Ore. This resource spawns in the form of a Copper vein, meaning that you usually find several Copper ore blocks clustered together. Bring a stone pickaxe or higher quality pickaxe with you, as Copper Ore mined with a wood pickaxe or other item won’t drop anything. 

Copper Ore spawns from level y: 0 to y: 96, but with a higher spawn chance around the middle layers. It’s therefore wise to start searching a little below sea level (y: 63). If it spawns between layers y: 0 and y: 16, the Copper Ore will take the form of Deepslate Copper Ore. The latter has a higher hardness level than normal Copper Ore and takes longer to mine. As it’s also quite rare, it’s best to just go for the normal Copper Ore type.

How to get Copper Ingots in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Copper

(Image credit: Mojang)

However, mining Copper Ore will only get you Raw Copper. You need to smelt this raw material in order to make Minecraft Copper Ingots. This is a fairly simple step which most Minecraft players will already be familiar with: just put the Raw Copper in a furnace and add some fuel (wood will do). Then wait until your Copper Ingots are ready. You can start crafting!

How to use Copper in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Copper

(Image credit: Mojang)

Now that we have our Copper Ingots, it’s time to start crafting. Copper Ingots can be used to create the following items:

  • Copper block. Use nine Copper Ingots to create a smooth, solid copper block.
  • Lightning Rod. Place three Copper Ingots on top of each other to create the Lightning Rod.
  • Spyglass. Place one Amethyst Shard on top of two Copper Ingots to get the Spyglass.

How to wax Copper in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Copper

(Image credit: Mojang)

Just like in real life, Minecraft copper changes its color due to oxidation. You can see the differences in the picture. If you don’t want your copper to change, you can wax it (this will preserve the current color, not reset it). Just equip a honeycomb and use it on the copper block.

Alternatively, you can use an axe on a Copper block to scrape it. This will reset the level of oxidation by one (weathered copper would become exposed copper). Finally, while you can’t really plan this, a lightning strike will fully remove the oxidation.

Let’s head back to those Caves & Cliffs and get ourselves a Minecraft Copper house!

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Beware – those new Minecraft mods could be harmful malware – TechRadar

Players eager to boost their Minecraft experience have been urged to exercise caution when installing add-ons and mods for their game after warnings from cybersecurity experts.

Researchers at Kaspersky have discovered a major rise in the volume of malware masquerading at Minecraft mods, particularly on the Google Play app store.

The malicious files won’t add to the Minecraft experience, but can make a victim’s smartphone or tablet unusable due to a deluge of annoying and intrusive adverts.

Minecraft malware

The add-ons identified by Kaspersky were said to be “were totally useless from a user perspective”, and after launching for the first time, simply hid their icons. The malicious apps repeatedly opened the device’s browser to display flash ads, as well as playing videos from YouTube and launching Google Play app pages, all of which could expose the victim to more threats.

The company notes that the Minecraft apps were “new, improved versions” of malware it had discovered in the past. This time around, the apps would open the browser every few moments, or display full screen ads, effectively making the device unusable.

Kaspersky says it has notified Google of its findings, with the malicious apps now removed from the store – but that’s no reason to let down your guard. Always make sure the apps and mods you download are from legitimate sources, and only use approved app stores for your downloads.

This is not the first time that Minecraft has been used as a lure by cybercriminals, with the game’s millions of fans acting as an appealing target for scammers and hackers.

In November 2020, security firm Avast flagged a number of malicious Minecraft-themed Android apps that were found to be charging unsuspecting users $30 a week after a free trial period expires.

The so-called “fleeceware” apps offered new skins, colorful wallpapers, or modifications for the game, but disproportionately charge users hundreds of dollars per month.

Where to find emeralds in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update? – Sportskeeda

Minecraft’s latest 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update part 1 was released on June 8th by Mojang. The new changes and features added have left players eager to start their new survival world.

The most fun and exciting part about starting a new Minecraft survival world is gathering rare and valuable minerals like emeralds and diamonds. Emeralds are essentially used as the currency for trading with villagers. Players can trade many items with the villagers for emeralds.

Likewise, emeralds can be exchanged for specific items, depending on which type of trader players decide to transact with. For example, an apprentice butcher can trade one emerald for five cooked chickens.

Different ways of finding emeralds in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

Emerald ores can be mined (Image via Minecraft) Emeralds inside the chest of a village house (Image via Minecraft) A fox with an emerald in its mouth (Image via ExplodingTNT) Edited by Ravi Iyer

Read More

What are the best uses of Smooth Stone in Minecraft? – Sportskeeda

June 14, 2021   Minecraft   No comments

Minecraft has received countless updates featuring new gameplay, mobs, items, and blocks in its decade-long history. As a result, what started with just some dirt, stone and logs now has hundreds of unique blocks.

While adding new content to Minecraft, the developers did not forget about the old blocks. Over time, Mojang has added new types of old blocks such as smokers, blast furnaces, mossy cobblestones, Smooth Stones, and more.

Smooth Stone was added to Minecraft in the Java Edition beta 1.3. It is one of the oldest blocks in the game, and players can smelt stone blocks in a furnace to get Smooth Stones.

Uses of Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Craft blast furnace

Blast furnace recipe (Image via Minecraft)Caves and Cliffs Part 1.

Armor stands

Players can turn smooth stone blocks into slabs using a crafting table or stonecutter. Then, with one slab and six sticks, they can craft an armor stand in Minecraft.

Armor stands are used for storing chestplates, leggings, boots, helmets, or heads. They are also treated as an entity and can be pushed with pistons, slimes, and more.

Players can use armor stands in Redstone contraptions as well.


Smooth Stone blocks in a pattern (Image via Minecraft)Sportskeeda’s newly launched YouTube channel.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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