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Category Archives: Minecraft

Mojang is retiring the old Minecraft Dungeons launcher – The Verge

Minecraft Dungeons’ dedicated launcher on PC is being retired in favor of a new “Unified Launcher” that lets you launch Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition from the same place, reducing the number of places where you can play Minecraft on PC by one (via Windows Central).

Minecraft Dungeons is the hack-and-slash loot collecting cousin of Minecraft that, until this change, had its own launcher unless it was purchased from the Microsoft Store. As of January 18th, the non-Microsoft Store version of Dungeons on PC can only be launched from the new Unified Launcher (which itself is an update to the Java launcher). Mojang says the change shouldn’t affect save files and that either a Microsoft account (soon to be required to play on PC) or a Mojang account can be used to log in to the launcher.

An account screen from the new unified Minecraft launcher.
Image: Mojang

Here are the remaining ways and places you can play Minecraft on PC after the changes:

  • Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (sometimes just called Minecraft or Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) is managed through the Microsoft Store.
  • Minecraft: Java Edition is managed through the Unified Launcher, but you can also play without updating, for now.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition (the specialty version of the game for schools) is managed through its own launcher.
  • Minecraft Dungeons (a Minecraft spin-off) is either managed in the Unified Launcher or the Microsoft Store if you’re using Xbox Game Pass for PC or you bought it from there.

Consolidating where you launch two Minecraft games doesn’t do much to help confusion over the many different types of Minecraft, but for any person who enjoyed playing both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition, it’s now a little bit more convenient.

You can find out more information about the change and how to download the new launcher on Mojang’s Minecraft Help Center.

How to get a bunch of easy Minecraft Bedrock Achievements – Sportskeeda

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The state of Minecraft in 2021 – PC Gamer

It’s a great time to be a Minecraft player. The blocky sandbox continues to be a powerhouse of activity with Mojang Studio’s regular feature updates and patch releases and from the incredible worlds that sprout up from the Minecraft community.

Even though it’s been 12 years since Minecraft’s initial release, Mojang is keeping the block-building game in great shape with 2020 being a particularly great year. Last year we saw Minecraft’s biggest update since it first launched in the form of The Nether, and less than a couple of months later Mojang announced another major update for Summer 2021. We also saw Mojang try something new with the Minecraft universe in the form of Minecraft Dungeons, a whole new game that combined Minecraft’s visuals with a whole new genre and received positive reviews.

With Minecraft continuing to break its concurrent player count each year and Mojang trying to bulk up Minecraft’s reach with new games and projects, the sandbox shows no signs of slowing down. 

So, how is Minecraft right now?

Looking at the numbers, it’s safe to say that Minecraft is doing pretty well for itself. Last year in May, Mojang announced that Minecraft had sold over 200 million copies, and then made a second announcement saying that the sandbox had surpassed 131 million monthly active users. It’s by no means not a surprise, but it’s certainly impressive.

Mojang announced that Minecraft sales exceeded over 200 million, and then made a second announcement saying that the sandbox had surpassed 131 million monthly active users.

These successes were announced right in the middle of 2020, which turned out to be a pretty great year for Minecraft players. The block-building sandbox kicked off 2020 with the game’s biggest update to date: The Nether. The update gave Minecraft’s foreboding underbelly a hellish overhaul, adding four new biomes, lots of new creepy mobs, and more resource blocks, including a new ore even stronger than diamond. The update was received well, as players rose to the challenge of surviving the Nether and creative builders got to work constructing haunted mansions and ghoulish castles with the spooky new blocks.

Later in the year, Minecraft got its biggest glow-up ever with Nvidia’s ray tracing patch Minecraft RTX. Minecraft has always had a fair share of shaders and texture packs to give its world a certain sheen, but Minecraft RTX took the game’s visuals to a whole other glossy level. Who could have foreseen that Minecraft’s humble blocks would be leading the next generation of graphical overhauls?

With regular patches and Mojang hitting its stride with major updates, Minecraft is in pretty great shape as we continue into 2021.


(Image credit: Mojang)

What’s been happening recently?

  • The Caves and Cliffs announcement. Due to release next year, the Caves and Cliffs update will completely revamp how players will traverse these two terrains. More info below. 
  • Minecraft now has ray-tracing. Minecraft received its biggest glow-up since its release. Minecraft RTX ray tracing gives the blocky sandbox a remarkable visual overhaul and it’s available to all players using Windows 10.
  • Say goodbye to Minecraft Earth. Minecraft’s AR spin-off has come to an end as Mojang explained that the game was, “designed around free movement and collaborative play – two things that have become near impossible in the current global situation.” 
  • Minecraft in schools. Minecraft: Education Edition has been growing in popularity in classrooms as a way to give students new virtual spaces in which to learn. It’s a tool that helps educators teach their students in a number of different subjects including history, maths, and science.  


(Image credit: Mojang)

When’s the next big update?

The next big update is the Caves and Cliffs update and although Mojang hasn’t set a specific date, the update is expected to launch in Summer 2021. Minecraft’s gloomy caverns and snowy peaks will be getting a bunch of new blocks, mobs, and items with both areas getting more intricate terrain generation—expect plenty of tunnels, caverns, cave lakes, and underground waterfalls when you next dig beneath the dirt. 

The new update will also feature lots more crafting. Digging in the caves will now reward you with crystals, including the sparkly amethyst, and you’ll be able to craft a bunch of new equipment. A lot of the crafting is currently under wraps but one item that will have a welcome place in your inventory is a telescope, which is pretty cool.

It wouldn’t be a Minecraft update without a whole host of new mobs. There’s the Warden, a blind hostile mob that attacks based on movement. There are axolotls that reside in pools of water and can help you out in battle. Mountain goats that look incredibly cheeky and will boot you off their cliffs if angered. And finally, the player-voted Glow Squid who resides in the underground lakes and cave pools.

Minecraft’s updates don’t just chuck a bunch of new objects at you though, the Caves and Cliffs update will also introduce a new archaeological system where players can find buried ruins and special items when they dig. There’s even a new way of mining where you use a brush item to carefully dig out artifacts and try not to damage them.

The Caves and Cliffs update looks to be a bulky one and reception to the update has been positive all round.


(Image credit: Reporters Without Borders)

Are players happy?

Best of Minecraft

Many of Mojang’s announcements and updates have been received with a level of optimism by the community. Mojang’s reputation for releasing top-notch updates has been solidified with The Nether update, and many are looking forward to Caves and Cliffs when it releases this year.

Minecraft’s success in 2020 isn’t only due to the efforts of Mojang alone, the sandbox’s building community is a powerhouse of creativity and some of the best Minecraft creations of 2020 were made by players. We saw the release of the immensely popular Cops and Robbers 5, a series that perfectly highlights Minecraft’s ability to create games inside games. Other projects like Juan Sebastian Murcia’s Slums and Manors used Minecraft to highlight the social and economic differences seen around the world. One of the most impressive uses of the sandbox was The Uncensored Library, a stunning build and an important initiative launched by Reporters Without Borders that gives journalists a virtual space to write articles that would be censored in their own country.

This small selection of builds only released in 2020. There are thousands of other creations that Minecraft players have constructed over the years and I have no doubt that we’ll see plenty more in 2021.

5 best Minecraft Java Edition texture packs in 2021 – Sportskeeda

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Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop reveals her Minecraft addiction – The Stanford Daily

The riots on Capitol Hill marked a frightening moment in our nation’s history. The breaching of congressional offices, however, at least gave the public access to personal information on many of our policymakers ― things the U.S was in dire need of. Journalists at our D.C. headquarters were able to retrieve a report on Nancy Pelosi’s computer and discovered she has an addiction from which many Americans also suffer: playing Minecraft.

The report indicated that Nancy Pelosi plays Minecraft for a shocking 10 hours daily, scheduling gaming sessions around congressional hearings. Her most recent project: building a virtual model of the Star Wars universe. So far, she has completed construction of the planet Tatooine, including a replica of Jabba the Hutt that looks vaguely similar to Mitch McConnell. Pelosi is continuing to expand her Minecraft world by recreating the entire Galactic Congress and ruling it with an iron fist as a block-shaped Supreme Chancellor.

Moreover, Pelosi’s Minecraft addiction extends far beyond just playing the game. Upon receiving the report, The Occasionally immediately checked Nancy Pelosi’s Spotify Wrapped. Our logic: How can the U.S trust a speaker of the House with bad musical taste? Data analysts found that 29 out of her top 100 streamed songs fit into the category of Minecraft parodies, with genre pioneer CaptainSparklez as her most listened to artist of 2020. Her top three songs of the year are shown below:

  1. Minecraft On My Mind” — Reptile Legit
  2. Mobs Can’t Handle Us” — Minecraft Steve
  3. Diamond King” — Phantaboulous

Apart from Pelosi’s Spotify data, The Occasionally was also able to search her browser history, discovering that she spends plenty of time watching Minecraft tutorials on YouTube. In fact, over 80% of her Google searches were found to be directly related to the video game (the other 20% were centered around precisely how to stuff Trump inside of a peach). The report also indicated that she’s currently working countless hours at night trying to become a popular video game live streamer. Unfortunately, her job as a legislator has hindered her ability to consistently produce content.

The Occasionally could not reach Pelosi for the comment. We speculate that she is currently battling the Ender Dragon.

Editor’s Note: This article is purely satirical and fictitious. All attributions in this article are not genuine, and this story should be read in the context of pure entertainment only.

Contact Lorenzo Del Rosario at lorenzak ‘at’

How to make a lead in Minecraft – Recipe guide – Dexerto

FIFA 21 Team of the Year will be here before you know it, and, we’ve got all the info on release dates, new cards, and a whole lot more. 

The FIFA 21 cycle is starting to get up to speed now we’ve made the jump from FUTMAS – this year, known as Freeze – and moved into the new year. 

TOTY is not to be confused with Team of the Season, which releases in the springtime, this promo is all about fans voting for the best players in the game.

The promo typically produces some of the best, non-icon cards in FIFA, but, will it be the same this year? Here’s everything that’s been confirmed.

Team of the Year always delivers in FIFA – and FIFA 20’s squad was insane.

When does Team of the Year come out FIFA 21?

As noted, FIFA 20’s FUTMAS event held the key to TOTY cards in the form of nominees and voting. Fans got to vote for a squad of 11 players from a pool of 55 nominees, with EA tallying the votes. 

EA took a slightly different approach this season and opened the voting for Team of the Year on Thursday, January 7 after announcing it the day prior.

With voting previously starting on Jan 7, we still don’t yet know when cards will start entering packs, though we would guess it could occur around the week of January 18, giving players time to vote on who they want to see in TOTY.

FIFA 21 TOTY nominees

In terms of who might be on the side itself, it’s going to be some of the world’s best players, so it’s incredibly difficult to pick out a few predictions.

The likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Virgil Van Dijk, Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar should all get nominee nods, but expect a few others as well.

Last year, the inclusions of Frenkie De Jong, Mathias De Ligt, and N’Golo Kante might have raised a few eyebrows, but that’s what players voted for at the end of the day. 


The full list of nominees for FIFA 21 Team of the Year (TOTY).

FIFA 21 TOTY Goalkeepers

  • GK: Alisson Becker – Liverpool
  • GK: Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid
  • GK: Moraes Ederson – Manchester City
  • GK: Lucas Hradecky – Bayer Leverkusen
  • GK: Steve Mandanda – Marseille
  • GK: Keylor Navas – PSG
  • GK: Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich

FIFA 21 TOTY Defenders

  • CB: Francesco Acerbi – Lazio
  • RB: Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool
  • LB: Jordan Amavi – Marseille
  • LB: Angelino – RB Leipzig
  • LB: Alphonso Davies – Bayern Munich
  • CB: Stefan de Vrij – Inter Milan
  • CB: Matthias Ginter – Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • LB: Theo Hernandez –  AC Milan
  • CB: Mats Hummels – Borussia Dortmund
  • RB: Jesus Navas – Sevilla
  • LB: Jordi Alba – Barcelona
  • CB: Presnel Kimpembe – PSG
  • CB: Aymeric Laporte Manchester City
  • CB: Marquinhos – PSG
  • LB: Andy Robertson – Liverpool
  • CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid
  • CB: Thiago Silva – Chelsea
  • CB: Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool FC
  • CM: Houssem Aouar – Lyon

FIFA 21 TOTY Midfielders

  • CAM: Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United
  • CAM: Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
  • CAM: Nabil Fekir – Real Betis
  • CAM: Alejandro Gomez – Atalanta
  • LM: Robin Gosens – Atalanta
  • LM: Raphael Guerreiro – Borussia Dortmund
  • CDM: Jordan Henderson -Liverpool
  • CDM: Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich
  • CM: Mateo Kovacic – Chelsea
  • CDM: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid
  • CAM: Luis Alberto – Lazio
  • CDM: Mikel Moreno – Real Sociedad
  • CDM: Dani Parejo – Villarreal
  • CDM: Renato Sanches – Lille
  • CAM: Marcel Sabitzer – RB Leipzig
  • LM: Son Heung-min – Spurs
  • LM: Lars Stindl – Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • CDM: Thiago Alcantara – Liverpool

FIFA 21 TOTY Attackers

  • ST: Andre Silva – Eintracht Frankfurt
  • ST: Wissam Ben Yedder – AS Monaco
  • ST: Karim Benzema – Real Madrid
  • ST: Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus
  • RW: Angel Di Maria – PSG
  • CF: Paulo Dybala – Juventus,
  • LW: Jack Grealish – Aston Villa
  • ST: Erling Haaland – Borussia Dortmund
  • ST: Ciro Immobile – Lazio
  • ST: Danny Ings – Southampton
  • LW: Lorenzo Insigne – Napoli
  • CF: Joao Felix – Atletico Madrid
  • ST: Joselu – Alaves
  • ST: Harry Kane – Spurs
  • ST: Andrej Kramaric – Hoffenheim
  • ST: Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich
  • ST: Romelu Lukaku – Inter Milan
  • LW: Sadio Mane – Liverpool
  • ST: Kylian Mbappe – PSG
  • RW: Lionel Messi – Barcelona
  • LW: Neymar Junior – PSG
  • RW: Mohamed Salah – Liverpool
  • LW: Raheem Sterling – Manchester City
  • ST: Luis Suarez – Atletico Madrid
  • ST: Jamie Vardy – Leicester City

How to vote for FIFA 21 TOTY

Just like last year, the voting process is pretty simple, and it’s just a case of heading to the Team of the Year website. On the website, you will see an empty 4-3-3 template, in which you can fill in your preferred goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and attackers.

FIFA 21 TOTY card design

We already know what the TOTY Nominee card design looks like, as revealed in the promotional content above, but what about the Team of the Year cards themselves?

Unfortunately, the official TOTY card design has not been revealed as EA are likely waiting for the full team announcement to unveil the item. We’ll be sure to include that in here and also post it on Twitter as soon as it’s revealed.

Whatever it ends up being, it’ll be hard to top last year’s design, which was as majestic and elegant as a FUT card has ever been.


Card designs for TOTY in both FIFA 19 and 20.

FIFA 21 TOTY SBCs & Objectives

Although EA love to give lots of opportunities for players to unlock untradeable cards through SBCs and Objectives, don’t expect there to be many for TOTY, since those cards are so high-rated and powerful.

That said, there should be at least one SBC involving this promotion, maybe not for a specific card outright but a pack that guarantees one of the TOTY players. We’ll have more info for you here once the promo kicks off and EA reveals all the details.

What time does TOTY come out FIFA 21?

Currently, there’s no indication as to when TOTY comes out, and 2021 is following a different vein than the early event start of 2020, which started on January 15. We will be sure to update this piece with any further information as it drops, so make sure to check back often.

You can also let us know who you want to see given a nod for TOTY by tweeting us over @UltimateTeamUK.

Two schoolboys have recreated Stockport in Minecraft for a new gaming experience and it looks incredible – Manchester Evening News

Two schoolboys from Stockport have recreated parts of the town using Minecraft with impressive results.

Brothers Elliott, 13, and Ted, 10 together with their dad Paul have spent months building some of Stockport’s most iconic landmarks as part of a new interactive gaming experience.

Paul Jones, from Heavily, runs children’s party business TechTruck, which offers a mobile gaming cafe experience from the back of an adapted van.

But with ongoing coronavirus restrictions, he had to come up with a new way of providing the party service – by moving it online.

L-R- Ted, Paul, Elliott who have built the game using Minecraft

As a result, he and his two sons have developed a new game based on a book called The Puzzle Cube. Using characters and locations from the story, children play together online in a Minecraft world to complete a series of challenges.

A TechTruck host guides participants through the world of the Puzzle Cube to search for clues and solve the cryptic riddles – with plenty of familiar landmarks along the way.

The games have already proved to be popular, with recent parties having connected friends from Muscat, the United Arab Emirates and the UK via the online events.

Stockport pyramid recreated in Minecraft

Paul said: “We have a gaming business where we do children’s parties, but due to lockdown we’ve had to shut up shop in March and in the summer we realised the only way we could carry on would be to do it online. 

“That way we could still offer the parties during lockdown.”

The Stockport Pyramid recreated in blocks

Both of his young sons are avid Minecraft fans, so it wasn’t long before they were involved in building the game.  “My sons Elliott and Ted are massive Minecrafters, especially my eldest son, he’s Minecraft crazy and he’s helped me out in a huge way,” explained Paul.

“The game itself, you follow clues based on a book called the Puzzle Cube.  And as you go around the world you find lecterns that offer clues and hints about where to go to next.  Once you reach the end of a section you are given a piece of a puzzle that you throw into a hopper.

“My son has coded the game so that once you throw the piece into the hopper, you get transported to a different place.  There’s a bit of VT over Zoom that then explains the next part of the story and then you continue somewhere else.”

The Plaza as viewed from the Marketplace in the game

The book itself, a children’s fantasy novel by author Sarah Clark, features Stockport in the story, which led to the trio recreating some of their local landmarks as part of the game.

Paul said: “In the book there are two children who are trying to find their way back.  And we were influenced by wanting to recreate part of the book in our game.

“We know Stockport, my sons see the Viaduct all the time so they could pretty much build it from memory.

View from inside the Stockport Plaza

View of the Plaza from the stage

The Plaza from the back row

“At the moment we have the pyramid, the viaduct, and then we’ve got the Plaza which you can actually go in.  One of the clues is to go where the actors get changed to in the game you have to go all around the theatre, back stage into the little dressing room which gives you the next clue.

“We’ve also got the factory, which is a disused cotton mill based on Houldsworth Mill in Reddish.  It’s got all the looms – but they aren’t working any more.  But you’ve got to find your way around the mill to the top floor to find the next clue.”

Houldworth Mill recreated in Minecraft

The famous landmark, the Stockport Viaduct

But the game isn’t just a pixellated walkthrough Stockport – gamers are also transported to other worlds as part of the experience.

Paul explains: “You start in Stockport, then in a medieval castle, then a church and there’s a mansion at the end. 

“It’s all coded – it’s not like you just walk through the world. There’s different tasks and challenges – for instance in one challenge you have to choose from three doors and only one takes you to the next stage, the others transport you elsewhere.

“It’s really clever how Elliott has coded it and I can’t take the credit for it at all.”

The game has been a labour of love, taking several months to create – and it’s still a work in progress with a second game in the pipeline.

He added: “We’ve put hundreds and hundreds of hours in.  It must have taken since the start of summer until October and it’s still being worked on now.  So a really really long time.

“The games are an hour long each but we’ve found that people who have been on parties with friends have gone on to book a session for themselves.  So we don’t want people going throught the same experience a second time so we are building game two at the moment.

“We’re hoping to include the church, the old infirmary and the marketplace in this one but the world is our oyster really and we are open to ideas for what’s next.” 

TechTruck can be booked online. Hour-long parties for up to 10 children cost £99. Recommended age range is seven to 11.

Visit the website  here  for more details.

Art and technology combine for new Minecraft residency at Mackenzie Art Gallery – Global News

An immensely popular video game will be the vehicle for the creation of a new exhibit co-hosted by Regina’s Mackenzie Art Gallery.

The Mackenzie is partnering with Ender Gallery, an online exhibition space based on a Minecraft server, to exhibit artworks created within the creative, sandbox-style video game.

“So many arts and cultural events have had to find their online forms last year and this year. So I suppose this is an attempt to do that in a way that we haven’t really seen,” said Sarah Friend, artist and co-curator of Ender Gallery (“Ender” is the name of one of Minecraft’s digital realms).

“It’s fun, new and crosses different creative communities.”

Read more: City of Kelowna replicates city in Minecraft virtual world

Story continues below advertisement

Friend says the residency will be the first project hosted on Ender Gallery. Via Zoom

Friend, who is also a software engineer and is based in Berlin, approached her friends Cat Bluemke and Jonathan Carroll with an idea to create a virtual art space last year.

Bluemke is the digital operations coordinator at the Mackenzie and Carroll is the digital programs coordinator, .

“In talking with them the idea got fleshed out and turned into its current form in partnership with the Mackenzie,” Friend explained.

The first of four planned two-month residencies is scheduled to begin in March.

Anyone with a Minecraft account will be able to log into Ender Gallery to view the art pieces. Friend said discussions are ongoing about finding a way to display the art somewhere within the Mackenzie itself, and added that the Ender Gallery team is planning to document the exhibitions via video as well.

Story continues below advertisement

“Though Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, its not something that everyone has access to,” Friend said. “So we want this to be available to the widest audience possible.”

Read more: Welcome to Twitch U: Pandemic has some profs streaming lectures on gaming platform

The Mackenzie Art Gallery hired Digital Coordinators Cat Bluemke and Jonathan Carroll in 2019 to lead the creation of a Digital Lab and collaborative digital arts training initiative at the gallery. File / Global News

Applications for the residencies are being accepted until end-of-day on January 31.

Applicants will need to select their preferred residency period, a written proposal and a portfolio, among other things, but don’t need to be experienced artists or have extensive experience with Minecraft to apply.

Each artist will be paid a $1,600 fee.

“Proposals are already coming in. Some of them look like buildings, filled with different creations, that someone on the server can see and walk through. Other proposals are creations that tell a story as you view them,” Friend said.

Story continues below advertisement

“We even have proposals that would be something not built on the server, but installed on the server. Minecraft has a modding community where people create new game functionality within Minecraft, or new skins so that it looks like a different game.”

Friend said the residency follows a growing trend of projects highlighting the artistic potential of video games.

“I think we’ve only begun to see the amount of creative content that will come from that intersection.”

Attack on Titan Fan Recreates Shiganshina to Scale in Minecraft –

Attack on Titan fans are a determined group, and they will go the distance to celebrate one of the best anime series to ever debut. Of course, this passion extends every kind of medium from fan-art to cosplay. And as one Reddit user proved, there is nothing keeping the fandom from honoring Attack on Titan with a scale build on Minecraft.

Over on social media, the user FoxicalOW wowed fans with their own project from Minecraft. The fan spent quite some time doing a 1:1 build of Shiganshina in their own Minecraft world. The build is impressively detailed given its size, and FoxicalOW deserves all the praise for their pet project.

According to the user, their team ensured the scale was 1:1 with help from Builder’s Refuge. The service allows users to access a community server that’s loaded with build tools designed for these massive builds. Still, FoxicalOW and their team had to make some design changes to the Attack on Titan city. For instance, the user said the city’s walls were doubled in height to ensure the houses could be tall enough.

At this point, this map is not available for just anyone to use, but FoxicalOW says they plan to upload it soon. The current goal is to make Shiganshina available on Minecraft Java for PC users. And once it is open, fans will be able to stage their own Attack on Titan fan-films from the comfort of a shared Minecraft server.


What do you make of this Minecraft build? Which other Attack on Titan locales need this sort of treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

HT – PCGamesn

Minecraft does not load on one profile but does on the other – Nintendo Switch Forum – Page 1 – Nintendo Life

@Lsuui I’ll take a guess. I wonder if a Nintendo Switch Online family plan ran out? If you had a family plan(or possibly a free trial) that ended, and you only paid for a single NSO subscription, then only one user profile can access online play (the user that bought the NSO plan).

Changing cartridges, or going from digital to cartridge, or cartridge to digital should have no effect. Since the game progress is stored on Switch internal memory, the Switch doesn’t care where the game comes from, physical or digital.

I’m not sure you have a corrupted file problem,(unlikely, worst case scenario) but if that did happen, starting over would your only option. On very rare occasion a corrupted file can happen inexplicably to the best of us, but turning off the console while it’s auto saving can corrupt a save file.

You can also ask minecraft support.