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Category Archives: Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 release date: The Wild Update

Want to know more about the Minecraft 1.19 update? The Wild Update was revealed at Minecraft Live 2021, where we got details about all of the new additions, including frogs, fireflies, and mangrove swamps. This will be the first Minecraft update in 2022, and will be the next major update after Caves and Cliffs part 2.

This guide will explain everything that you can expect with Minecraft 1.19, so that you don’t go wild looking for details all over.

Minecraft Platypus mod is my new favourite egg-laying mammal – PC Gamer

There’s a cartoon called Phineas and Ferb that has an excellent song about a platypus called Perry. It says “he’s a furry little flatfoot who’ll never flinch from a fray” and “he’s got more than just mad skill—he’s got a beaver tail and bill.” Perry the Platypus is the tribute these unique mammals deserve, and now our web-footed burping friend has been modded into Minecraft.

You can pick up the mod, which has the rather straightforward name of ‘Platypuses in Minecraft!’, over at Curseforge, and it does add platypuses. Yes they are amazing looking, and the mod was created by Your_Jeans and a friend.

When you add platypuses to your Minecraft world, they’ll spawn in rivers and swamps, with the Perry the platypus variant being rarer. The mod has an admirable dedication to the makeup of our duck-billed friend, and so they have poisonous claws and adore crayfish. Thus crayfish can be used to tame them and get your own platypus pet.

But then the fun’s only beginning: your tamed platypus will now help you fight other mobs, and you can also somehow extract poison from them with a glass bottle. Finally, the most important thing: You can breed tamed platypuses with a salmon!

The mod’s been out for a while and this is not the first time platypuses have been put in Minecraft: there’s a server called Minecraft Ultimate that’s had them for a while, and ideas for a mob like this have been around for years. But this one has Perry the Platypus so that puts it over the line for me. Minecraft’s newest official mob is this dancing, gift-giving spirit, and it’s also had a bit of an amphibious moment with the addition of cutesy frogs. The internet petitions for some official platypus-surfing action start here.

Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures adds battle passes – TheSixthAxis

Mojang has revealed Seasonal Adventures for Minecraft Dungeons, the new structure for adding DLC content to their Diablo-esque dungeon crawler. Seasonal Adventures will bring a new battle pass progression system, new cosmetics to earn, and a new way to play the game when it launches in December 2021.


As with most battle pass DLC systems out there, Seasonal Adventures will have both free and paid ways to engage with it. There will be cosmetics and rewards handed out for levelling up, but paying players will be able to earn more, shinier content than free players.

The new rewards include new pets like a duck and a fox, new flairs that add visual effects to your actions, new emotes to dance and show off with, new cape designs and new skins.

These will be unlocked through Adventure Points that you’ll now earn from the various activities in game. That could be battling through the daily trial in the game, or taking on the new weekly challenges

While this style of DLC and monetisation will always be a tad controversial, Mojang has stated that Seasonal Adventures will be permanent additions to Minecraft Dungeons. Where most games that have seasonal content removes the ability to earn content from older seasons, Microsoft’s developers are shifting to keep that content in the game and reduce the fear of missing out that some players feel. We’re seeing it in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, will see it in Halo Infinite and now in Minecraft Dungeons. That’s great.

Another new facet of Minecraft Dungeons will be The Tower. This is a new challenge mode that tasks you with beating 30 levels of a mysterious tower. You’ll start on the first floor with a blank character build, earning new gear as you progress through level, hopefully being able to keep pace with the increased challenge.

Each floor of the tower will present new combinations of enemies and environments, so jungle mobs can mix with ice mobs, but there will also be new tower enemies. The floors aren’t constrained to certain conventions either, so they might have an outdoor feel to the arena you’re battling in with a huge river running through the middle.

The tower will be generated from a shared randomisation seed that is fixed for all players for two weeks. This means you can learn how a particular tower plays and optimise your run over time.

Here’s an example from Minecraft Live:

Minecraft Dungeons released in the middle of 2020, putting a new twist on the blocky Minecraft universe by blending it with the dungeon crawling of Diablo. In our Minecraft Dungeons review, Dom wrote:

“Minecraft Dungeons could easily have been “My First Dungeon Crawler”, but it’s so much more than that. It does a great job of taking the genre’s hooks – the waves of enemies, the pervasive drive for better loot – and makes them palatable and approachable for a wide-ranging audience. It’s perfect family gaming, but if you crank the difficulty up prepare for an epic beatdown, and the epic rewards to go with them.”

Source: Minecraft


Minecraft is coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC – Destructoid

And more Minecraft content is arriving in December

Microsoft keeps adding value to Xbox Game Pass, on both the actual Xbox platforms and the PC. So the addition of Minecraft on Game Pass is a thing, and is happening on November 2. It’s kind of a big deal, as you’ll actually get both the Java and Bedrock versions. It’ll also support cross-play, naturally, which Microsoft says will work across consoles, Windows 10, and Windows 11; with a unified launcher.

The company actually announced the Minecraft on Game Pass news during Minecraft Live this past weekend, but re-iterated that the date is holding as of this morning. It’s a smart move, seeing as Minecraft is a first-party game after all, and it behooves Microsoft to continue to shift people toward the Game Pass model. While they haven’t shared cold hard financial data (and haven’t for some time since the Xbox One era), they seem to be committed to the system, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive overall.

In other Minecraft-related news, Minecraft Dungeons will be getting new seasonal adventures in December, and Minecraft proper is getting Caves and Cliffs: Part II “later this year.” As a reminder, Caves and Cliffs: Part I was released around the time of E3 2021, and added more nuances to the world of Minecraft including animals and structural blocks.

Chris Carter
Reviews Director, Co-EIC – Chris has been enjoying Destructoid avidly since 2008. He finally decided to take the next step, make an account, and start blogging in January of 2009. Now, he’s staff!

Minecraft’s Deep Dark sculk brings a new way to farm XP – PCGamesN

Minecraft‘s Deep Dark has been delayed out of 1.18 to arrive with the 1.19 release date with The Wild, and the devs at Mojang showed off some new features for the new biome at Minecraft Live over the weekend. We got a good look at the sculk as part of the reveal, and it looks like this set of blocks will bring us a whole new way to farm XP.

Sculk catalysts will generate in the Deep Dark, and will generate sculk blocks wherever an enemy dies. The number of blocks generated is based on the amount of XP that mob generally drops, and those mobs don’t have to be killed by players in order to create sculk. Mined sculk blocks will then drop experience points.

You can imagine the farming possibilities, and as gameplay designer Brandon Pearce explains, that’s by design. “Usually when a mob dies, it doesn’t drop XP unless you, the player, actually kills it. So with this you might be able to create some sort of XP farm. There’s lots of opportunities.”

You can see sculk generation in action in the video below, starting at the 4:45 mark.

YouTube Thumbnail

You will, of course, have to watch out for the Minecraft Warden while you’re adventuring in the Deep Dark, and you can follow that link for details on what to expect.

Minecraft’s 1.19 update is The Wild – here’s what’s confirmed so far – PCGamesN

Minecraft Live 2021 has come and gone, but not without a whole lot of detail about what to expect from Minecraft‘s next update. Well, Minecraft’s next next update. The 1.18 release date with many of the Caves and Cliffs part two features is still coming this year, but now Minecraft 1.19 has been confirmed as The Wild update, launching in 2022.

The Wild will feature a major swamp update including mangrove trees. Mangrove trees will grow from propagules which can be planted underwater or on land, and they’ll grow up into big masses of root blocks with vines hanging down around them. You can harvest them for a new wood type. You’ll also find full-on mangrove swamp biomes.

Frogs will also debut here, complete with animated croaks. They’ll start as tadpoles (which you can put into a bucket), and grow into one of three variant frogs – snowy, swamp, or tropical – based on the temperature of the biome they mature in. Frogs will eat fireflies, which are also getting added in The Wild, and will hop toward lily pads when they can – they might also be tempted into a fall by dripleaves.

You can get mud by pouring water on dirt – true both in real life, and when it comes to the new mud block. You can place a mud block on top of dripstone to drain the moisture out and turn it to clay, or you can turn it into mud bricks for a new building material.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re also getting boats with chests in them – pretty self-explanatory. The devs suggest the wider rivers introduced with the new world generation features will be a perfect excuse to take your storage-enhanced boats out for a spin.

The allay mob, which won the vote this year, will be part of 1.19, too.

The Deep Dark features have been delayed out of Caves and Cliffs part two into The Wild update, and the devs at Mojang showed off how the sculk spreads with a catalyst block, and noisy shrieker traps that will summon the Warden.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Wild update is due to launch sometime in 2022.

Minecraft: How to Get Honeycombs – The Nerd Stash

Honeycombs have a wide range of uses in Minecraft. You can use them to create honeycomb blocks, candles and beehives which are all useful to have. Honeycombs are also used on blocks of copper to prevent them from oxidizing, which can help you decorate your survival world. You can even use them on copper blocks to reach two advancements if you are looking to complete all of the in-game achievements. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to get honeycombs in Minecraft.

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Minecraft Get Honeycomb

You can get a honeycomb from bee nests using a pair of shears. Bee nests are most commonly found in meadow biomes but can also be found in plains, sunflower plains and forests. Once you have found a bee nest, you will need to wait until the nest is full of honey. The holes on the front of the bee nest will turn yellow, indicating that it is ready to harvest. Using your shears, interact with the bee nest to collect the honeycombs. Honeycombs will drop out of the bee nest. If you would like to gather more, you will need to wait until the bees produce more honey.

Minecraft: How to Breed Axolotls

When you harvest honeycombs from a bee nest, any bees inside and around it will become angry and begin attacking you. You can attack them if you wish, but bees are required to replenish the honey and honeycombs in the bee nest. If you do not want to anger the bees, place a lit campfire under the bee nest or light a fire. The smoke from the fire calms the bees down. However, there is also a chance that the bees will fly into the fire and get hurt.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

How to get the Sweeping Edge enchantment in Minecraft, and what it does – Gamepur

Sword enchantments in Minecraft are both varied and very useful to have. If you have taken the time to gather the ingredients to craft a Diamond or Netherite Sword, you will want to have the enchantments to make sure you are getting the most out of it. The Sweeping Edge enchantment is exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft and can be used to deal extra damage if you use your swords in a particular way. Here is what the Sweeping Edge enchantment is and how to get it in Minecraft.

The Sweeping Edge enchantment is used to increase the damage dealt when you use a sweeping attack with your sword. It can be applied exclusively only to a sword and has three levels. The levels of damage increased per level is 50/67/75%. Now, whenever multiple mobs attack you, and you go for a sweep attack, your damage will be enhanced.

Getting the Sweeping Edge enchantment is the same as any other enchantment. You can find an Enchantment Book that gives the buff by exploring the world, trading, or fishing it out of water. When you have the book, go to an Anvil and spend the Experience needed to add it to a sword of your choice. Additionally, you can try your luck at an Enchantment Table, but those are more luck-oriented. Since we are talking about a Java-only enchantment, we will add that you can use “enchant @sweeping 3” in the console commands to enchant it instantly to the third level. To do either of the other levels, just change the number.

How to make a Compass in Minecraft – Gamepur

In the real world, compasses are used to point to the north. This can give explorers a general idea of what direction they should go should they get lost. In Minecraft, the Compass item points you to your original spawn. This is the area that you started in when the world was first created. If you built your home in that spot, the Compass is very useful for getting back home if you go out exploring. Here is how to create a Compass in Minecraft.

To create a Compass in a Survival world in Minecraft, you will need one piece of Redstone Dust and four Iron Ingots. Both items can be grabbed while mining or there is a chance to get them from chests in various areas of the map.

 When you have your four Iron Ingots and one Redstone Dust, go to a Crafting Table. If you are playing with the ingredient form of crafting, you will need to place the Redstone Dust in the center slot, with the Iron Ingots directly above, below, and to each side of the Redstone. Move the completed Compass into your inventory.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have the Compass, you will notice the red arrow rotating when you turn. As mentioned, this is pointing to the direct location of your spawn in the normal world.

Wilbur Soots’ Minecraft skin template – Dot Esports

Choosing a skin to use in Minecraft may prove to be relatively more challenging since there a ton of options. Most players tend to have a couple of skins in the rotation that swap around based on their mood, but there are also players who become one with their skins.

With close to six million subscribers, Wilbur Soot is a popular content creator within the Minecraft community. Unlike most content creators who prefer flashy and easy-to-notice skins, Wilbur Soots’ skins look almost formal. His sleek-looking skins can be the perfect candidate if you also enjoy subtle skins.

There are three skins that Wilbur Soots uses, and all of them feature his character in a different format.

If you’d like to use one of Wilbur Soots’ skins, you can start by saving one of the PNG files.

Wilbur Soots Skin Template One
Wilbur Soots Skin Template Three
Wilbur Soots Skin Template Two

After saving the PNG file for the skin you’d like to try out, launch the Java edition of Minecraft. You won’t be able to use custom skins in the Bedrock version, meaning it may be a decent time to make the switch to the Java edition if you want to use custom skins.

  • Launch Minecraft and click on the Skins tab
  • Choose “New Skin”
  • Select “New Skin” and click on “Browse”
  • A file explorer will come up, and you’ll need to find the skin file you installed previously

Once you import your skin to the game, you’ll be able to use it when you login. You can use the method above for all the skins that share the same file format. A quick Google search will let you jump into a world of options, and you can also check out videos on YouTube that rank the best skins, which tend to explain how you can get them in their descriptions.