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Rocket League is entering the X Games as an official event – PC Invasion

The biggest and most exciting event in the action-sports calendar is going down at the end of this month. This year, the X Games in Aspen, Colorado will include more high-flying and flipping than ever before with the addition of a Rocket League esports event.

The in-game festivities will begin on January 21 and will allow players to acquire a collection of X Games-inspired cosmetics. The X-Skis and X-Board Player Banners are the freebies available to players and can be claimed between January 21-24 or between January 28-31. Players will also be able to purchase the X Games Octane Decal, X Games Wheels, and Snowblind Topper from the in-game store during these windows.

Going for gold

In addition to the in-game experience, Rocket League is also making an appearance as an official X Games event with the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Games: North American Regional. The event will take place from January 23-24 and again from January 30-31. It will feature the best teams in North America facing off for a chance to earn official X Games medals.

[embedded content]

If it’s anything like the Call of Duty events that the X Games has hosted in the past, there will also be a big screen and live commentary at the event. However, COVID-19 might not allow for that. Fans at home can still get in on the action by watching RLCS X Games matches for the chance to earn X Games Fan Rewards. Doing such will allow you to earn the Knuckle Huck Player Banner, as well as the X-Boards and X-Skis Toppers.

All the jumps, flips, rolls, and goals can be watched via the ESPN app or live on Rocket League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. The show kicks off at 1 PM ET each day.

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Rocket League Beginner Guide – Attack of the Fanboy


Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. Rocket League currently is among the popular games being played right now. This is all because Rocket League became free to play and it’s a low-requirement game that you can run on pretty much anything. You should understand the basics of the game itself, as well as the controls and setting adjustments that can make you better.

Rocket League Beginner Guide

This game can be played on the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, but each one has different controls. You can reassign them but they are good for starters.

The controls are as follows (PlayStation/Xbox/PC/Switch):

  • Accelerate: R2/RT/W/ZR
  • Reverse: L2/LT/S/ZL
  • Steer: L/L/A,D/L
  • Jump: X/A/Right-Mouse/B
  • Boost: Circle/B/Left-Mouse/A
  • Powerslide: Square/X/Shift/Y
  • Air Steer/Pitch: L/L/W,A,S,D/L
  • Air Roll: Square/X/Shift/Y
  • Voice Chat: R1/RB/F/R
  • Focus On Ball: Triangle/Y/Space/X

Settings Adjustment

The settings you start out with at the beginning of the game are decent, but many have played with the settings and found the perfect combination you should be using. All of these changes can be made by going into your settings menu and selecting the correct tab to make these changes.

Recommended Settings:

  • Field of View: 110
  • Distance: 270
  • Height: 100
  • Angle: -4
  • Stiffness: 0.5
  • Camera Shake: Off

Interface Settings:

  • Nameplate Scale: 135
  • Nameplate Mode: Default
  • Team-Colored Boost Meter: On

Video Settings:

Can only be changed on PC:

  • Texture Detail: Quality or Performance
  • Max FPS: 120 or 240
  • Particle Detail: Performance
  • World Detail: Quality or Performance
  • Transparent Goalposts: On
  • Render Quality: High Quality
  • Uncheck all other boxes

Training and Freeplay

These two things are amazing if you are just starting out, I recommend you play them for a bit first and then move onto the actual gameplay. Because sometimes some people may get angered by your playing and you might end up getting insulted. The training scenarios you can do are:

  • Freeplay
  • Aerial
  • Custom
  • Goalie
  • Striker
  • Tutorial

Basic Movement

Basic Aerials

A basic aerial is performed by jumping, tilting your car back 45 degrees, and holding down your boost button all at the same time. This will cause your car to soar across the field, but this isn’t a skill that new players understand how to use.


A demolition is when you blow up someone else’s car, and all you have to do is save up your boost and run into another car while going full speed.


Flipping is performed when you press a direction on your steering mechanism and double-tap your jump button at the same time. Your car will flip forward and this is a useful skill to know in any situation. It is often used at kickoffs at the last second to ensure you are the one to hit the ball first.


If you tap your jump button twice it will perform a double jump that can give you a bit more air time. You can use this skill to block balls heading for the top of the goal.

A Few Tips and Tricks When Playing Rocket League

Make sure to select the right car, currently, the best car is octane because of its hitbox. Hitboxes matter more than you think, you can press here to find out about all of the hitboxes. Saving your boost is another thing you should do. Do not waste your boost when you don’t really need it, if you need to get to your goal fast just do double flips. Rotations are also important in the game, the point of them is that someone is always defending a goal. For eg., a player passes to his teammate to score and then runs off to the goal or half-court so he can defend if a counter-attack happens.

Also, remember that team play is everything in this game and your goal is to win and not to score as many goals yourself as possible, do not be goal greedy. Make sure to stop ball-chasing, if your teammates are going after the ball let them go, you can only make the situation worse by ball-chasing and can end up in you losing the match.

These are all the basic things that you need to know to really understand the game, try not to rage quit if your teammate does something stupid, just play along. If you are interested in seeing trading guides click right here.


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Rocket League unveils ESPN collaboration at X Games Aspen 2021 – Esports Insider

Rocket League developer Psyonix has teamed up with ESPN’s X Games to celebrate the upcoming X Games in Aspen.

According to the release, Rocket League will host a new Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Regional event for North America at the competition. Moreover, X Games-inspired items will also be made available in the title’s store.

Credit: Psyonix

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The RLCS X Games: North American Regional will take place online on January 23rd-24th and January 30th-31st. 

In addition, the regional competition has been confirmed as a part of RLCS X’s circuit, alongside being an official X Games Aspen event. The competition will see some of North American’s best Rocket League teams compete against each other, with the winning team earning special RLCS X Games medals.

The tournaments will be available to watch on the ESPN app and live on Twitch and YouTube, beginning on January 23rd. Viewers will have the chance to earn fan rewards if they tune-in on Twitch for the duration of the RLCS X Games.

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Rocket League’s X Games-inspired items will be available in the Item Shop for the next two upcoming weekends, January 21st-24th, and January 28th-31st. Some of the items include an Octane Decal, X Games Wheels, and a new Topper. In addition, two free items will be available to claim – including a new X-Skis Player Banner and X-Board Player Banner.

Psyonix and X Games previously collaborated in 2017 for the FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational with X Fest in Minneapolis.

Esports Insider says: Having worked with ESPN before, it made perfect sense for Psyonix to collaborate again – utilising the fact it is the tenth season of RLCS to be on-brand with ESPN’s X Games. It is also pretty neat that the RLCS regional counts as an official X Games Aspen event, which includes earning medals for the winners. 

Read The Esports Journal

How to use Quick Chat in Rocket League – Gamepur

Communication with your teammates in Rocket League is imperative if you want to climb the ranks. Playing with friends over voice chat is the best way to coordinate your plays. However, there is no in-game voice chat in Rocket League, and most people don’t have friends to play with 24/7. Thankfully, Rocket League has a great system that allows you to communicate quickly with your team. This guide will walk you through how to Quick Chat in Rocket League. 

Customizing your Quick Chat

The Quick Chat system allows you to shuffle through multiple simple text commands and choose which one applies to the situation. In the game settings, you can customize these commands to your liking. To customize these commands, head over to the main menu, select Settings, then click the Chat option. From here, you can change up your Informational messages along with the more flavorful, Reaction messages.

How to access the Quick Chat menu

You can customize your controls by going to Settings, Controls, then selecting View/Change Bindings. This guide will cover the default controls.


For each of these commands, you will need to press the listed button to open the category menu you want, then select the chat you wish to display. 

  • D-Pad Up – Information (Team) [Note that D-Pad Up can also be used to send a chat to the enemy in both pre and post-game.] 
  • D-Pad Left – Compliments
  • D-Pad Right – Reactions
  • D-Pad Down – Apologies


  • 1 – Information (Team) [Note that 1 can also be used to send a chat to the enemy in both pre and post-game.] 
  • 2 – Compliments
  • 3 – Reactions
  • 4 – Apologies

Psyonix And X Games Announce Rocket League Collaboration – Nintendo Life

Psyonix has brought us many strange crossovers within Rocket League these past five years – sometimes quite literally – but an extreme sports organisation wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. Having worked with the Summer X Games back in 2017, that collaboration is set to continue and a new tie-in event has just been announced for the Winter X Games in Aspen.

As part of the Rocket League Championship Series: Season X, Psyonix’s eSports league will now include the RLCS X Games: North American Regional, taking place on January 23-24 and January 30-31. Viewable via YouTube and Twitch, anyone who tunes in can also earn some X Games fan rewards, including new cosmetics.

Within Rocket League’s item shop, that’ll feature some new cosmetics based around the X Games, too. Available from both January 21-24 and January 28-31, this includes new toppers, decals and wheels, alongside two free items: the X-Skis Player Banner and the X-Board Player Banner.

Considering they also previously partnered with WWE back in 2018, these licensed sports tie-ins aren’t entirely unexpected. Compared to Rocket League’s Ghostbusters or Fortnite events though, it’s a peculiar one, but at the very least, the NA Regional should make for an interesting watch.

Will you be tuning in to see the North American regional? Are you still playing Rocket League? As usual, let us know below.

ETSU adds Rocket League esports team | News | – Johnson City Press (subscription)

Rocket League, a video game best described as soccer played with rocket-propelled cars, will soon have an established presence at East Tennessee State University.

ETSU announced Tuesday plans to add a varsity Rocket League team to its competitive video game roster this fall, making it the third team in the university’s esports lineup alongside Overwatch and League of Legends.

“For the past year students and fans have not stopped asking if we could launch a Rocket League team,” ETSU Chief Information Officer Karen King said. “Many of them are students that want to be part of that team.”

The university’s Rocket League team will begin with six players, bringing the total number of students participating in esports at ETSU to 28. The university has already started the recruitment process and will offer three varsity-level scholarships for its Rocket League team.

Rocket League was initially released in July 2015 and became free to play in September 2020.

“Since it’s become free to play, the popularity of that game has risen tenfold,” ETSU esports head coach Jeff Shell said. “A Rocket League team is really going to help us grow our fanbase, but the presence of the Rocket League team will be a major recruiting draw for ETSU.”

Shell said the team will have its season in the fall and will also participate in spring competitions in a collegiate Rocket League circuit that feeds into professional play.

ETSU announced in December 2019 plans to form a varsity esports team, which at that time included Overwatch and League of Legends. The university’s recent renovations of the D.P. Culp Student Center included the installation of a state-of-the-art varsity esports arena, which features a 32-foot video wall.

The university said its Overwatch team experienced a successful inaugural season, finishing 8-1 in its group and earning a spot in the National Association of Collegiate Esports playoffs, where they made it to the final 16 teams. This spring, they will compete in the New England Collegiate Conference.

The university’s League of Legends team will start its first official season of competition this Saturday at 4 p.m. against the College of Charleston.

ETSU President Brian Noland said the university’s esports teams help attract new students to ETSU.

“Being part of a team is a way for students to be part of our campus, to build friendships and to build lasting relationships at the university,” he said.

Fans can follow the university’s esports team on Twitch at

What is the Best Car in Rocket League? – DBLTAP

What is the Best Car in Rocket League
What is the Best Car in Rocket League | Photo Courtesy of Psyonix

What is the best car in Rocket League? With the endless amount of Battle Cars to choose from, players are wondering which car is the best in Rocket League. We’ve covered multiple cars that have been released through the Item Shop such as the Fennec, Nissan Skyline, and more. However, when it comes to performance with a car, we’re looking at something very different.

Besides the cosmetics and decals that help build your car to your preferences, we also have to consider turn radius, hit box, and overall design. These factors make a difference when selecting a car because the more often you use it, the more comfortable you’ll get with that car’s design. You don’t want a car with a funky frame or design, it’ll have major impacts on game performance.

While looking at cars, the best are typically those that have a reserved design, in which it looks like a typical car with a flat top, ensuring good control. Along with the flat top these cars will also have good turn radius, which is similar to sensitivity settings in FPS games. You need a higher sensitivity if you want to take your game to the next level, and a higher turn radius gives you more success as well. With that, these are our top 3 Battle Cars.

Although it’s the default car, it’s long been one of the most used, and best cars in the game. The turn radius, hit box, and overall control you get from the Octane is unmatched.

The Dominus’ is another car that gives you great control with the large front hood. Giving you more room to dribble or balance the ball for late game heroics.

The Breakout is similar to the Dominus but with more of a turn radius with exposed wheels, and less control over dribbling because of the reduced hood size in comparison to the Dominus.

While these aren’t the flashiest cars in Rocket League, they’ll always get the job done. So don’t always go looking too far for that perfect car. Sometimes the right car is right in front of you the whole time.

Rocket League and X Games Crossover Announced –

An official Rocket League and X Games crossover has been announced by Psyonix and Epic Games to celebrate the latter’s upcoming event in Aspen with brand new X Games-themed items and a Rocket League Championship Series x Regional event.

The crossover will begin on January 21, when X Games-inspired items will be added to the Item Shop, and be available until January 24. After this, the items will return between January 28 and January 31. As for the items themselves, they will be housed under the special X Games Tab and include the X Games Octane Decal, X Games Wheels, and Snowblind Topper. Of course, if you main Fennec, Dominus, or any other car, only two of these items are useful. That said, to perhaps make up for this, there will also be two free items: the X-Skis Player Banner and the X-Board Player Banner.

On top of the new items, RLCS will introduce the RLCS X Games: North America Regional, which will go down, online, on January 23-24 and January 30-31. According to Psyonix, this regional is both an official part of RLCS X and the official X Games Aspen event. Unfortunately, it’s limited to just North American teams, so don’t expect to see your favorite European players.

To watch the event, you can head over to the official ESPN App, or check it out on Twitch or YouTube like normal. And of course, there will be rewards for Twitch viewers, or more specifically, X Games Fans Rewards, which will include the Knuckle Huck Player Banner, and X-Boards and X-Skis Toppers.


As you may remember, this isn’t the first time Psyonix and X Games have come together. Back in 2017, the pair teamed up for the FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational that went down within X Fest in Minneapolis.

Rocket League is available, for free, via the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more coverage on the game, click here.

Rocket League Update 1.90 Patch Notes – Attack of the Fanboy


Update 1.90 has arrived for Rocket League, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This is just a small update coming to all platforms, so don’t expect any major new additions. Rocket League Season 2 is currently underway, and this update likely contains a few new items and bug fixes. There’s also an upcoming collaboration with the X Games, so this patch probably includes some of the in-game items and rewards that will become available when the event goes live. Here’s everything new with Rocket League update 1.90.

Rocket League Update 1.90 Patch Notes

There are currently no patch notes available for this Rocket League update The update was originally scheduled to go live later today, but Psyonix pushed the patch out early on all platforms. The update has only just released, so the developer will likely release patch notes later today. We will update this article accordingly once Psyonix releases an official list of changes.

Rocket League has an upcoming crossover event with the X Games taking place later this week, and there’s a good chance that this update includes some of the new in-game items and rewards that will be available to earn during the event. The X Games items will be available from January 21-24 and they’ll come back to the Item Shop a second time from January 28-31. There will also be a handful of free items for any player who logs in during the event.

Rocket League is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more information regarding this update, visit the official Rocket League site.

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Rocket League Is Teaming Up With X Games

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