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Minecraft is one of the biggest games of all time, both statistically and in map size. Titles of such magnitude, because of their vastness, can be quite prone to bugs, exploits, and glitches. Minecraft is no different.

While glitches are technically ”breaking” the game, they vary in their ability to affect the title in a negative way. Some glitches are quite harmless and can be fun if used with care. This article will list five glitches that players can try out in Minecraft 1.19.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 Minecraft 1.19 glitches that are a lot of fun

5) Boat X-ray glitch

A boat used for the x-ray glitch (Image via Mojang)hostile mobs in the region.

The boat X-ray glitch is one of the most well-known X-ray glitches for Minecraft 1.19. It involves using a boat to clip through a wall and looking through it to get visual access to previously hidden structures and resources.

To make use of the glitch, players need to use a pickaxe to dig a tunnel that is two blocks high and one block wide. After that, they need to place their boat and sit on it. The final step is to drink a potion of night vision and slowly push themselves into the side of the tunnel, essentially moving into the wall.

4) Block duplication glitch


This Minecraft duplication glitch by YouTuber ItsMe James works on all platforms and versions of the game. However, it can take time to set up as it requires the End dimension to be free of any distractions. Therefore, players will have to first defeat the Ender Dragon.

After that is done, they need to dig down towards 0,0 coordinates in the End and use water or other means to travel down to the lowest possible building height within the void.


After this, players can start building a 1×1 platform leading away from the primary End island. The platform should be at least 200 blocks long. Gamers can place the blocks they wish to duplicate at the end of the platform, after which they must go to the End portal and return to the platform through the original portal.

This time, players must break the previously-placed blocks they wished to duplicate, along with a decent chunk of the platform. If players then return to the overworld and come back again, they will notice that the blocks, as well as the platform are still there, aside from the blocks already being in the player’s inventory.

3) Infinite villager trading glitch

A villager trapped to make a trade (Image via Mojang)trading with each villager.

A Fletcher's trading menu (Image via Mojang)villager and the boat to disappear. However, the player on the server will still be able to trade until the villager’s stock runs out. When that happens, the first player can join back, which will respawn the boat and villager, along with every item in the villager’s inventory.

2) Hidden door glitch

Players can use a wall like this to hide their door (Image via Mojang)How it looks when a player gets in position to perform the glitch (Image via Mojang)glitch, this X-ray viewing method uses the crawling or “crouching” mechanic in the game. In order to activate the glitch, players need to be able to fit into a space of dimensions 1×1. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using a water bucket and simply swimming into a 1×1 area.

Another method is to use a trapdoor to push oneself into the 1×2 space, as many players do when trying to enter an End Gateway. Once the player has successfully entered the space, they need to place a slab in front of themselves, along with a piston behind it.


If a lever is placed alongside the piston, Minecraft players will successfully be able to use it to push themselves into a wall, and from there, they can enjoy an X-ray view of the terrain around them.

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