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Minecraft is full of wonders to discover, from lush forests to rolling hills and even hot deserts. While many gamers are aware that there is a lot going on underground, with countless mobs and treasures awaiting discovery, the ocean also holds some secrets.

The ocean may not be the most habitable place for the player in Minecraft, but it can be a beautiful and often overlooked location to build a base. The ocean monuments that players can discover show that there is space on the waters for a fantastic underwater or ocean-themed build.

Building in the ocean is not the easiest endeavor in Minecraft


Before gamers decide to make the ocean their home, they should be aware that establishing a base on the ocean is a difficult task. For one thing, transporting a large number of blocks there can quickly become a chore. Furthermore, when under water, both digging and combat speeds are slowed.

The most obvious challenge is that players must find a way to restore their oxygen while underwater or risk drowning. Despite these challenges, an ocean build can be extremely rewarding.

Here are the top 5 ocean builds that players can create in Minecraft.

1) Ocean Survival House


While not at the bottom of the waves, this house proudly sits atop them in this fantastic Ocean Survival Base build by YouTuber Shock Frost.

This build differs from many others in that it is essentially mob-proof due to its orientation and lighting levels, which means players do not have to worry about fighting off creatures while harvesting crops or tinkering on their crafting table.

To get to this base, players will need a boat, but they can place a chest on the dock to conveniently store more boats in case of an emergency.

2) Underwater Pyramid


While Ocean Monuments are amazing underwater structures in their own right, players can also construct Spudetti’s Underwater Pyramid Base. This intriguing base features an entire floor for crafting and other essential needs, as well as breathtaking views under the sea.

While the builder has the flexibility to make it as small or as large as they want, the pyramid design ensures that the build is completed faster than other Minecraft underwater bases.

3) Deep Ocean Survival Base


Building an underwater base can be difficult at times, as demonstrated by Avomance in this Deep Ocean Survival Base. Dealing with the drowned soon paid off, as this base offers breathtaking views of the surrounding biomes as well as ample protection from the waves.

Players who build their own version of this base can customise it to their liking and easily expand it by adding more pods. This can provide extra space for their friends or simply more space to store all of their hard-earned possessions.

4) Transforming an Ocean Monument


The game can offer players an incredibly ornate structure in the form of an ocean monument. Draining the water and completely overhauling it, on the other hand, can be time-consuming. Still, as this build by YouTuber Grian demonstrates, the end result can be truly breathtaking.

Those who wish to take on this monumental task in Survival Mode will be in for a long journey, and few people can claim to call an ocean monument their home. This is one of the most time-consuming but rewarding Minecraft ocean builds you’ve ever seen.

5) Underwater Survival House


It is not difficult to build a house beneath the waves that meets all of your basic needs. Players can make this small rectangular survival base to meet all of their needs with this simple yet effective build by YouTuber TheNeoCubest.

The house has room for a bed, a farm, brewing and enchanting, and, of course, plenty of storage space for all of the Minecraft loot.

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