Rocket League Update 2.23 – Patch Notes & Release Date – EarlyGame

Update V2.23 has been released ahead of the ninth season of Rocket League. Here are all the bugs and issues the developers tried to fix this time around.

Rocket League V2.23 patch update
Rocket League update V2.23 is live! Here’s what you can get excited about. | © Psyonix

While we’re all waiting for the next Rocket League season to finally start, we just got another small update to the game. Sadly, the upcoming content is not out, yet… however, this patch gets us ready for the next big chapter in our favorite socCar game.

By the time you’re reading this article, RL patch V2.23 is already live. So, let’s waste no time and take a deep dive of what to expect from the current version of Rocket League. This time around, Psyonix tackled some annoying bugs as well as other issues that made the game less fun.

Rocket League Update V2.23 – Complete Patch Notes

As we already mentioned, the goal with Rocket League Update V2.23 is to prepare the game for season 9. We don’t know much about the upcoming season, as Psyonix has been very cautious with releasing official info.

At least we can look at some new patch notes, which – honestly – isn’t quite as exciting as teasers for the upcoming content. Still, we have the complete V2.23 patch notes right here:


  • Fixed a bug blocking the upload of new Custom Training Packs
  • Fixed appearance of trim on multiple Black Painted Car Bodies by making it darker
    • Dominus
    • Insidio
    • Imperator DT5
    • Jager 619 RS
    • Mantis
    • Endo
    • Centio
    • Animus GP
    • Guardian GXT
Rocket League Update V2.23 fixes Dominus color
The Dominus looks even better after the latest Rocket League update! | © Psyonix
  • [PlayStation] Fixed a crash scenario when playing splitscreen with four players
  • Fixed player chat restrictions so player join and leave messages will appear with any setting
  • Fixed a bug preventing a voice channel change when a player changes teams
  • Fixed Transparent Goalposts on ‘Utopia Coliseum (Glided)’
  • Fixed a bug causing the Total Challenges completed tracker to display an incorrect value if a Win Streak challenge is completed at the same time as any other Challenges
  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed appearance of thumbnail for ‘Franko Fone: Inverted’ Wheels
  • ‘Response Team’ Decal now appears correctly when used on Painted ‘Road Hog’ Car Bodies
  • Fixed appearance of ‘Lucky Cat’ Topper
  • Fixed appearance of Painted ‘MG-88’ Decals on Painted ‘Dominus’ Car Bodies
  • Fixed several localization and text bugs

Current Known issues

There are also some problems that the developers have on their radar, but haven’t been fixed with the latest update. Here they are:

  • [Nintendo Switch] Upon leaving any match the game will randomly freeze forcing players to exit out of the game and restart
  • Some Blueprint thumbnails may disappear when rapidly switching between tabs
  • [Custom Training] Replay may show car being moved across the field after a shot is mirrored
  • Some Boosts may be partially visible to splitscreen players even when it is not being actively used
  • [Nintendo Switch] Accounts with high density inventories (3000+ items) may experience a hang in the Car Customization Body tab
  • [PC] Game does not launch upon initial attempt to boot the game

And that’s it for Rocket League update V2.23. Don’t worry if you run into some trouble, like the game not launching or several other known bugs – this always happens when Psyonix releases a new patch for Rocket League.

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